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#330833 |>B<|PATRIOT

Posted by PATRIOT on 17 October 2013 - 05:11 PM

25 Years later im still married to the same Girl. Anniversary Time, so 7 days in Secrets Maroma in Cancun Mexico to renew bowels Oops I mean Vowels :kiss3:  See you all in about a week. Frag on all!

#337311 G0rt and Polish

Posted by Polish cow tipper on 03 November 2014 - 11:03 AM

Look who stopped by for a visit to see Polish....A great meeting with Bunker Member and B10 owner G0rt, I took him for some of the greatest pizza Connecticut has to offer, and no it wasn't Dominos~!
We enjoyed some good micro brews and pizza and then later G0rt brought out the good stuff...Bourbon~!
(G0rt is on the left, Polish on the right)


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#295224 Reputation thingi

Posted by 4nGel on 26 July 2010 - 03:40 PM

first i dont know how it works ,.. now i know. :Lightbulb:
right down at the end of every posting you can see a little green button, if you klick it, the author get one reputation-point

in which case should we use it?

somenone deserve to get a reputation, if the author make a rleay realy and very very good post?

thanks for more tipps and suggestions, how to handle this button :)...
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#337823 TBT Special

Posted by Snoid on 14 December 2014 - 06:30 AM



December 2014
Community News & Information Vol. 125

Special Edition

Written, edited and published by:Snoid

Regular contributor:Bean



:ded_moroz:     - Community Statistics -  :snowman:





Total Posts: 302,713

Total Members: 4,722

Newest Member: TheocS

Most Online: 194

Spammers Stopped: 58,236



It's been six months since The Bunker Times was last posted so the Snoid and Bean decided to fire up the press and put out a Holiday Special. What's on the menu? The main course is Bean's fantastic work on The Weapons of Wolfenstein ET. Meanwhile the Snoid has been doing a little personal investigation trying to determine whether after over 10 years, Wolfenstein ET is still a viable game and how communities are handling the decline in regular players... and that is where we begin.


- Editorial Comment -



When the Snoid was first introduced to Wolfenstein ET and the Bunker Community, it was, arguably, at the height of the popularity of this game... 2006-07. I was 54 years old and had finally found the perfect (in my mind) game. It involves skill, perseverance, strategy, teamwork, and the willingness to put on different uniforms to accomplish the goal. In addition to that, I was lucky to stumble into the right group of people. In 2006 there were countless servers and the communities / clans including those using the various mods of the day... to those specializing in certain types of maps from "sniper maps" or "epic maps" to smaller "scrimmage maps." Today, most of the servers still running Wolfenstein are barely holding on. The fraggers who continue to find enjoyment and fulfillment in playing this game are looking for a place that still has enough players to form up decent size teams... but not just that. It has to be when they want to play. 


From my journey to a number of server clans over the past two months, I can tell you there are very few that are populated 24-7 like it was back in 2006. The ones that have players on line most of the time are communities that have larger communities. F|A is one example and according to Game Tracker, one of the most active communties. Some of the servers I visited were hardly ever populated, unless they used bots, while others, like Bunker, had great turnouts for planned frag parties, but not so much at other times. Spontaneous frag sessions still happen... but not usually at times (7:30pm or later) when the Snoid is looking to play. Sadly, the Snoid, and some of his friends, then go to other servers.


It appears those communities who want to continue offering this fantastic "open source" game will continue to do so as long as those running the servers feel it's worthwhile.  We here at Bunker continue to look at various ways to make it happen. One of the latest efforts is to schedule certain players to log on and "sit" waiting for others to show up and then build upon those playing when others log on to see if anything is going on. It has had some success... but more people are needed to "sit" and help build enough players to form teams of at least 5 or 6. The Frag parties are still very successful. The latest on B1, Dec. 13th, was very active from noon until around 7 pm Chicago time, with a number of different people cycling in and out. You can also thank Game Tracker for helping to populate B1 during the latest Frag Party because many players check there to see where the populated servers are... which is another way to introduce our servers to new players.


The Bunker parties will continue on B1, B2, and B4 as long as the server owners/administrators are willing to keep them up and running. The Snoid is very grateful to those who keep all four of the Bunker servers running and urge those members who read this, to help keep our servers active. Some great friendships have been made over the last decade... and the Snoid doesn't want that to end... yet.









As the size of guns and artillery pieces grew, soldiers needed different ways to move them around the battlefield. They put them on wheels or on tracked, self-propelled vehicles. To move them on water, they put them on battleships. But what if they needed to move a really, really big gun on land? In that case, they looked to the technology of the railway.


While many nations built railway guns, during World War II the Germans deployed a rail weapon that is very familiar to players of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory: The map Rail Gun features such a weapon, where the Axis team must use a couple train tugs to supply ammunition to the rail gun, and fire it in order to win the game. It’s a classic ET map that’s perfect for this time of year, due to its wintery atmosphere and snowy landscapes.




The German weapon portrayed in the Rail Gun map was called Dora, and was built by Krupp, the famous armament company. It was one of two guns of nearly identical design, referred to as Gustav series of rail guns, named after Krupp’s senior director. The guns were first designed before World War II to defeat France’s Maginot Line of fortifications.  When the Germans invaded France in 1940, they simply bypassed these fortifications instead, so the rail guns were not used in that campaign.


These railway guns were huge! They could fire an 80 cm shell a distance of between 39 kilometres (effective range) and 47 kilometres (maximum range). They weighed 1,250 metric tonnes, their barrels were 32.5 metres in length, and they required two sets of parallel, curved, specially-built railway tracks to manoeuvre.




The Germans deployed the first Gustav rail gun, also called Gustav, in the Crimean Peninsula against the Russians. While there it fired 48 rounds, destroying several forts, ammunition magazines (one that was constructed deep in bedrock), troop concentrations, and even a ship! Depending on the target, either high-explosive or armour-piercing ammunition was used. Its exploding shells could create a 9-metre wide and deep crater, or pierce 7 metres of concrete. Below is a photograph of one of Gustav’s shells, on display at the Imperial War Museum in London, England.




The second Gustav rail gun was named Dora, after Krupp’s senior engineer’s wife. This is the rail gun depicted in the Enemy Territory map. She had a less prestigious military career than its brother Gustav. She was deployed near Stalingrad during the great siege of that Russian city in 1942. Circumstances prevented her from being used during that campaign, and any other subsequent campaign. She never fired a shot in anger.


So what happened to these rail guns? Were they located by Allied air forces and destroyed by fighter-bombers? Nope. Did paratrooper commandos hunt them down and disable them with demolition charges? Negative. Did an armoured thrust catch them by surprise, resulting in their capture? Nein. Both Gustav and Dora were scuttled (intentionally destroyed) by the Germans before advancing Allied armies - Russian and Anglo-American - could capture them. Their broken remains were later found in forested areas by Allied soldiers. A rather sad end to such super-weapons!




Whatever your beliefs, the Snoid and Bean wish you all a joyous Holiday season and happy and prosperous New Year!









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#337258 New Bunker Member :)

Posted by Zozz on 25 October 2014 - 06:37 PM

It's been a few months now, but I thought I would share this with all of you.


My first baby, a girl named Aria, was born on July 27th at 3:24a (EST) measuring 20.5 inches and weighing in at 7lb 5oz.



Here are a couple pics.  The first one was taken a week or so after she was home.  The second was taken a couple weeks ago.



IMAG1950.jpg     1013141546.jpg

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#331848 Make It So, Make It So, MAKE IT SO!

Posted by kael on 03 December 2013 - 02:47 PM

Shutup Wesley!!





Happy Holidays Crew!!

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#325808 TBT110

Posted by Snoid on 02 April 2013 - 04:07 AM



April 2013
Community News & Information Vol. 110

Written, edited and published by:Snoid

Regular contributor:Bean

Staff writer:Position Open


- Community Statistics -



Total Posts: 291,771

Total Members: 4,602

Newest Member: Mateos

Most Online: 152

Spammers Stopped: 15025





Loose Lips Sink Ships!


Creators of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory maps put a lot of work into their maps, often decorating the walls with wartime posters. It’s a good way to add some additional realism to the game. It can also set the historical mood for some maps. Also, it simply adds some colour and variety to otherwise-drab stone walls.


The two posters pictured below are only a couple that appear on the map titled Lighthouse, which is in the rotation on Bunker 4, and possibly other Bunker servers.





The British creator of that map (Mrfin) really took a lot of effort to spruce up the walls of the Allied spawn all kinds of posters. As well, the mapper even included a prominent photograph of His Majesty King George VI (who reigned during the war).


During World War two, Allied countries issued all kinds of war posters, which fell into several different genres: Some were intended to boost morale. Others asked citizens to conserve important war resources like metal or rubber. Many asked people to donate money towards war bonds and the like.


The two posters above, however, were meant to remind people that information could be used as a weapon. There was a fear that Axis spies were everywhere, eavesdropping on public conversations and gathering that intelligence to convey back to their superiors in Germany. In this particular case, citizens were reminded that information on the timing of ship departures, or the special contents of those ships, could be used by Axis forces to select prime targets for their U-Boats. The result: Lost lives and resources, to the detriment of the Allied war effort.


Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory players can also benefit from this lesson: Strategize with your teammates in “Team Chat” only! Too much information in open chat can have negative results for your team, such as lost (virtual) lives, failed objectives, and frustrated teammates. Loose lips sink ships!








Q:  Bunker players know you as "ontheqt."  Who are you when you're not "ontheqt" and where do you live?


A: My real name is Ron.  I live in southern California - San Clemente.  For those not familiar with San Clemente, it is located on the Pacific coast of California and is about halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego.  I'll be 59 in August so I'm pretty ancient by gamer standards. (Welcome to the club)




Q: What kind of work do you do and why did you become interested in it?


A: I work with space systems, especially satellite communications.  When I was very young, I was interested in music, radio, and tape recorders.  Somehow this interest convinced me that I should major in Electrical Engineering.  In college, I worked at the college radio station (WSBF-FM, I’m on the far right in the photo below taken while I was in college) and also became interested in computers.  In those days they had just come out the with Intel 8008 microprocessor.  My microprocessor knowledge led to my first job working on a satellite communications system for the military.




Q:  Is that a government job or do you work for a privately owned company?


A: Until last year, I worked for a privately owned company. We were just purchased by a publicly traded company.


Q:  Are you married with children?


A: My wife, Patricia, and I will be celebrating our 30th anniversary this year (photo below taken 30 years ago).  We have a son (James -27 years old) and a daughter (Katherine - 24 years old this fall).  James majored in Electrical Engineering and also works with satellite communications systems at a rival company. Katherine majored in Biology and is working at a research lab investigating the value of maggots and leeches in medicine.




Q:  Does your wife work too and if yes where?


A: My wife is a homemaker these days.  She used to work as a word processing specialist (we met at work) and then later started her own floral design business, specializing in Ikebana arrangements.


Q:  When did you discover Wolfenstein and have you always been interested in video games?


A: I started playing RTCW in 2002. My son had just started playing RTCW and he talked me into trying it.  He quickly moved on to other on-line games that year but I became hooked. Originally I played on the ASC RTCW server (ASC stood for Another Stupid Clan).  The server only had one map - Beach.  I started playing ET when it came out in beta version. It too had only one map to start - Fuel Dump.  Some people think there was a campaign to start. That actually came later.

Q: Name some of your favorite video games from the 70's 80' 90's etc.


70's - Pinball (I know, not video), PONG, Space Invaders, Asteroids
80's - PacMan, Donkey Kong, Centipede
90's - MDK (loved that game!), Mario Kart

Q:  I see that you joined the Bunker Community in 2008.  How active have you been here, what servers do you usually play on, and do you also spend time with other clans / servers?


A: With Bunker, I started playing in 2008 on Bunker 1.  I stopped playing Bunker but came back last year due to the prompting from TetasGomez and Koa Kahiko.  You'll see me on the Bunker 1 server almost every day if I'm not traveling.  I've also frequented the Bunker 4 server regularly lately.  I've known many Bunker players for several years (many before they were even in Bunker) and have played ET on other servers with them.

I have played on a lot of servers in the past. Most are no more these days.  Of the still active servers, I have spent most of my time on Bunker, F|A, and Old Farts.


Q:  You were nominated for the Bunker tag recently and a vote on the (AF) Administrative Forum sealed the deal.  Congrats!!  Are you happy with this recognition?


A: It's awesome!  I really appreciate the opportunity to be a member of the Bunker community. Thank you Mongo for the nomination and thank you all for making me feel so welcome.  I look forward to expanding my Bunker friendships.

Q:  What are your favorite maps?


A: Anyone who has spent time on TeamSpeak with me knows that I have an obsession for the map KungFuGrip.  I was so excited when Jecoliah added it to the B1 rotation (Thanks Sakura for posting the request!).  I was even more excited when Jecoliah expended the time and effort to fix the really bad conversion job that had been done by whoever converted the map from RTCW to ET. Thanks again Jecoliah! My next goal is to get Jecoliah to add it back to the rotation and get Bunker members to give the map a chance. (Many of my favorite maps are voted out consistently... sigh)

As far as more traditional maps go, my favorites are driven by the number of players on the server.  My personal preference is to play teams of 8 vs. 8 or less.  With that in mind, my favorite maps include (in no particular order) Gold Rush, Caen2, Oasis, Special Delivery, and Aldernest.

Q:  Do you have a favorite class or do you like playing all classes?


A: I like playing all classes except Covert Ops (because I'm so bad as a Covie).  When I started ET, I only played Engineer.  I probably played Engineer almost exclusively for the first 5 to 6 years of ET gaming.  This was because I played in League Competition and was my team's engineer.  These days I probably play Medic about 50% of the time, but my class selection is usually driven by the map being played, team composition and the objective status during the course of play.


Q: One of things Bunker Admins are trying very hard to do is make our community and servers open and welcome to new players.  We feel that it is extremely important since ET is nearly 10 years old and some players leave when they become interested in newer games.  As someone who has seen the demise of a clan or two, what kind of advice would you have for us, if any?


A: I don't know if I have any new revelations or answers, but here is my opinion.  I've seen several Clans and communities disintegrate. It seems to me that the root causes usually boil down to either poor leadership, loss of focus, egos/immaturity, boredom, or some combination of all these things.  I think the keys to success are leadership, maturity, commitment, effective communications, active participation/interaction, and continual recruiting.  Of course, these key actions are easier said than achieved.  Leadership comes from initiative, actions, and valuable results - not length of membership.  Snoid, your dedication (as well as other contributors) to creating and maintaining "The Bunker Times" is a great example of leadership, commitment, and effective communications.


The most basic requirement for all of us to remember is that people are here to play a game and have fun!  Hence, here are my "SEVEN F's" to rockin' servers:


1) Fun! - The servers and Bunker community have to be a haven for gaming enjoyment.

2) Friendly - The servers and Bunker community need to be friendly.  There is no room for egos, attitudes, or antagonism.  All players need to feel welcome.  I really appreciate that many Bunker members as well as other regulars that are not Bunker members have made me feel welcome and are just fun to game with. I love talking to active players in TeamSpeak.  We get to know one another.  A little friendly taunting is fun too.

3) Fair - Keep simple rules that enhance the players' gaming experience, keeping in mind that these are pub servers and not competition servers.  Ensure you have mature admins that enforce the rules if necessary but aren't more interested in admin'ing than playing.  My experience on Bunker since last year is that the servers are fair.

4) Frequented (by Members) - Bunker members need to realize they have a responsibility to keep the servers active and to participate as gamers.  Players seek servers that are active with people gaming (not bots).  I've seen that many Bunker players have embraced this responsibility.

5) Fresh - ET has been around for a very, very long time by gamer standards.  It gets harder every day to find a way to keep things fresh.  Changing maps and rotations helps a little.  Bunker parties and competitions help too.  I think having a Bunker community created plan for embracing and integrating newer games (while still keeping ET active) is needed for the long haul preservation of the Bunker community.


6) Focused - Members need to always remember that it's all about fun gaming and friendship.

7) Funded - It takes money to run servers.  One of the best examples I ever saw of reminding members was on the Team Judge forums.  They kept an active "funding thermometer" so that all the members could see the status of server funding.


Q:  Have you met any Bunker members face to face?  If yes who?


A: I have never met any Bunker members face to face. That's definitely my loss because there are so many very interesting people of all ages from all over the world.

Q:  Do you have any hobbies or interests other than online gaming? Tell us a little about them. 


Music - I love going to live music concerts.  My taste in music runs from classical to jazz to blues to rock and beyond to some pretty eccentric choices.  I'm just as likely to be listening to Beethoven's Fourth Concerto as to Andrés Godoy as to Joe Bonamassa as to Led Zeppelin as to The Ramones or even Die Antwoord.

Beer - I love drinking world class beers and visiting breweries. 

Traveling and Exploring - My family and I love traveling to places that we have never visited before.  Countries we have visited include Scotland, England, Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia. Last year we explored and hiked in Costa Rica. A lot of our personal travel is made feasible due to my work travel.


SnorkelingDon’t get to do this often but I love snorkeling when I get a chance at a worthy location.


Q:  You say you've done some traveling for your work. Where have you been and are you a frequent flyer?


A: I have traveled a lot for work, including throughout the U.S., Mexico, Canada, China, and the United Arab Emirates.  My flown miles on just Delta airlines is equivalent to traveling around the globe 92 times, so yes I am a frequent flyer.

Q:  Any interesting experiences during your travels?


A: One of the unusual things about flying a lot is that sooner or later you may end up on a plane with someone famous.  My frequent flying encounters have led me to be on planes (by mere coincidence) with President Jimmy Carter (after office), Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Drummer Legend Bill Bruford (Yes, King Crimson, other), and Actress Dawn Wells (Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island - she sat next to me!).  These encounters seem to be less frequent these days due to the increased availability of private jets for these people.


Q: What would a perfect day be like for you?  (Where would you like to wake up, describe breakfast lunch and dinner and activities during the day and then how you'd end the day).


A: I love this question! I’m going to suspend limitations as well as stick to a PG answer.  All of these events are to be enjoyed with my family.




Awake in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica with my family.  We have Café Milagro coffee on the beach while the sun is rising. Maybe cast a line in the waves and see if I get a fish to bite.





We teleport to Australia. Go snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef near Cairns.


Teleport to Mt. Cook, New Zealand and hike the Tasman Glacier in that area.




Teleport to the Isle of Islay, Scotland and tour the Laphroaig distillery, capped by a wee dram of Laphroaig single malt Scotch.




            Teleport to Maui, Hawaii and enjoy lunch at Mama’s Fish House.  Koa Kahiko, Puali and their families join us for lunch.




            Teleport to Africa and go on a tiger photo safari.  The tiger is my favorite animal.




Teleport to a gaming arena where I meet all of my Bunker and other gaming friends.  Play ET. Own SoccerKill and Xplosive.  Bunker member Winnie makes Mac&Cheese for all. EzFrag serves Etouffee. I make Margaritas for B!o and others to enjoy.


            Teleport to Belgium.  Tour Cantillon and Tilquin Breweries.  Have a select tasting of Cantillon and Tilquin beers. Hop over to the Abbey grounds at Orval. Take a stroll while drinking an Orval beer.








            Teleport to Monterey, CA and tour of the aquarium.  Enjoy dinner at Passion Fish in Monterey, CA.




            Teleport to England. See Led Zeppelin in concert at the Royal Albert Hall.  The opening band is Janis Joplin. Drink Traquair House Scottish Ale during the concert.  TetasGomez (without his dogs) is seated next to us.


            Teleport to Mauna Kea Observatory and star gaze throughout the rest of the night.




Q:  Sometimes a vehicle says a lot about a person.  What kind of vehicles do you own?


A: My choice of vehicles is pretty boring these days.  We own Toyotas (Avalon and Rav4).


My first car was a Dodge Challenger (Anyone here ever watch the movie “Vanishing Point”?).  I also had a Honda motorcycle.

Q:  Do you see yourself still playing Wolfenstein ET when you're 70 years old?  Why or why not?


A: If there is an ET server with some good players, I’ll be there.  I like the challenge of the game and trying to hold my own with all the younger players. (You're an exceptionally good player for someone of such advanced age... ;)

Q:  Is there anything you'd like to add that I haven't asked about?


A: I make a vicious Margarita.  Get on TeamSpeak and TetasGomez will tell you about how a Margarita came to my rescue one day.

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#341873 whine .. oh sweet whine :)

Posted by QuQu on 10 February 2017 - 07:08 PM


pls pls indeed ...

Who knows the show, knows what Shane is about.


But other ( and why i linked this to here )  -  god pls, i cant take it.


There was not so long ago, when B4 was almost dead.

We had regulars : Geek, Owen, Chap, Major .... + some more, and my figure ( aimless and useless ) 

4vs4 max, on sunday mornings  - but what a fights they were . Probably the best ET games i had.


Now, all of a sudden  - there is new ppl every day.   Or daily .. - dont matter really. 

Yes, u have ppl vs ppl...   10vs 10  .  But what sht it is  - god please, please i cant do this anymore, im sorry .


They all new cant be new as new. .. but why  i see non-object play flooding B4 . Campers, med-nobs,   - u name all sht of races , they all found  way to us.

To ruin great game plays. Great battles.  



I really hope, that 20% of u, read this in near future and think what is that game all about.

U dont need to ruin games for other. U really dont .

There are still servers, where to connect and mine ur own field/arty ur own standing point ..what more :)

Click "connect B4" when u have some idea, how to defend or how to attack.

As Bunker rule says : its a privilege to be here, not  a right 


But as topic says, its a whine.

So nothing changes.

Till admins make a change .    And that takes a time to all of us to gain consensus to "fuck all" who we dont like :D

I hope that day comes soon, its just a joke to even join to game nowadays.


Sure, i can do obj alone most of maps, but when i see team actions (while dead)  - it just pisses  even more rambo-engi off :)



So pls god pls, dont turn B4 just another useless  idiot server.  

And all who are able to read, pls make war - not jerk off in corner

 Agreed ?   :)

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#341613 Welcome back AAXXSS

Posted by Zozz on 15 November 2016 - 07:33 PM

Yeah sorry for the downtime everyone... apparently there was a problem with the VM running the site.  Sudden took care of that, but then we ran into a database error.  All should be good now.  :)

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#340260 How to install ET (Windows 7+)

Posted by Rhino Cracker on 14 October 2015 - 12:48 AM


some time ago I've started writing some collected information about ET for beginners including an installation guide.
I did so because over time the problems installing and using ET have stacked and I really didn't find it easy to properly install it (including key submission, etc.).

Some of the problems I encountered:
- no more etkey creation
- no punkbuster for et
- no widescreen support by default
- not easy to find a clean and unmodified installer for et containing ET 2.60B
- no master-server (meanwhile this has been remedied)

I've released this guide on our old clanpage and also some time ago, ququ asked me whether I could share it with this community.
Today I've finally translated the major part of it - the installation guide - to English.
And meanwhile, everything has been translated to English.
So... here it is:

Because it isn't very easy to get and install ET in recent time, I tought I'd create a collective thread for all those who want to install it (especially on Win7 and newer) and who have problem doing so, also to possibly create a relatively comprehensive guide to troubleshoot newcomer problems.

I've treid it on Windows 7 (Professional 64Bit) right now, and after some expected obstacles, it works relatively well.

These are the problems (known to me) by installing ET:

ETKEY: To identify players, ET uses the so-called ET-Key. Similar to the CD-Key of RtCW, it consists of numbers and letters and should be a relatively unique combination. It's being saved in "...\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\etmain\etkey" (without an extension).
Former it has been created by first connecting to server with PunkBuster enabled. Meanwhile the ETKEY allocation system has been stopped and you have to get one by another way. If you don't do so, you will have the following problems:
- Many servers reject players that have no or an empty ETKEY.
- ServerAdmins can reject players, that have an ETKEY which is younger as their time set (I don't know if this feature is still working after the stop of the ETKEY allocation system).
- Your XP saved on the server can no longer be assigned to you and your (especially in the beginning) hardly earned skill-levels are getting lost.
- If someone want to give you admin rights on the server, he can only do so if you have an ETKEY.

Where you can get such an ETKEY is described in the Installation Instructions at item 3.

PunkBuster: Anti-Cheat-Software which continues making problems in ET, but which is being used to transmit your ETKEY to the server even when turned off partially.
EvenBalance (creator of PB) has discontinued the support for ET. Fortunately the community made their own on (or recycled an old one).

How to install PB meanwhile is described in the Installation Instructions at item 2.

ET-Master-Server: It was down for a long time. It's providing the game with the Ingame-Server-List.
To get a Server-List anyway, you had to use server-browsers like QTracker, ASE or HLSW.
meanwhile it's running again and so it also works again.

No Sound: Unfortunalely it's a relatively frequent problem. I never had it by myself and therefore I cannot provide a troubleshooting guide. But in this subforum (btcclan) there has been a few which solved this problem. As far as I know it occurs either because the Windows-7-volume-control for ET.exe is set very low or ET has been installed without admin privileges.
If there exists a general troubleshooting guide, I'd be happy to add it below.

No appropriate WideScreen-Support: ET (despite some MODs) doesn't support WideScreens, deal with it!
Because meanwhile the most might have a screen with a resolution of 1920x1080 and ET doesn't have this option to select in its list, you have to add it by hand. Therefore you set r_mode on -1 (=custom) and the parameters r_customheight and r_customwidth.
After this ET is running with the correct resolution, but is displaying a 4:3 image streched to 16:9 (it's very distorted). Definitely that cannot be fixed completely (despite by the said MODs).
Many "profi-gamers" are using the parameter cg_fov to enlarge the horizontaly visible area so to don't loose track of the enemy so easily in close combat or to be able to see enemies standing besides.
Exactly this value can be used to partially correct the streching. It's set to 90 by default. When you set it to 107-108, (according to my picture comparisons) squares in the middle of the screen in the order of magnitude of the crosshair, are besing displayed as real squares again. Unfortunately this setting (at values despite 90) keeps distorting the border areas of your screen very fast very strong, because the Quake3-Engine is calculating the visible area spherically (you will see what I'm talking about by playing with this value).

The stuff with the resolution and the Field.of.View is done best by an autoexec.cfg (see Installation Instructions, item 6).

Hints/Informations for Newcomers:

Minimizing: ET cannot be minimized without additional applications. There are miscellaneous ET-Minimizers that do the job (much better as a press on [Windows] or [Alt]+[Tab] does in newer games: It's acting in real-time!).
I'm using etmin.exe by myself (see Installation Instructions, item 4).
It minimizes ET by the key combination [Alt]+[Z], but blocks the key combination [Alt]+[Tab] as long as ET is running. (ET.exe, not etmin.exe!)
But it seems like it doesn't work for everyone. I can't say under which circumstances it doesn't work (I'd be happy if we could find it out in here).

Console: You can open it using [~] (on an english keyboard; please feel free to investigate which key is below your [Esc] key on your keyboard by your own). Though "^" is also the color-code-prefix for ET - which is written (hidden) in the beginng of the console by opening it (because you have pressed the button; I'm not sure if this also applies for non-german keyboards). If you now type in "/connect bla.blubb.de", "^/" is being treated like a color-code and the command is not being understood. Therefore: Alwqays delete the "^" in the beginning of the console after opening it.
If you really want to use color codes, you have to enter the "^" by using the key combination press [Alt], press and release [4(NumPad)], press and release [9(NumPad)], release [Alt], because an addition press on [^] would close the console and delete the text you've typed in (very annoying...).
In the console [Ctrl]+[V] is working, but not [Ctrl]+[C].
If you type in "cg_" (without "/") and press [Tab], you will see a list of parameters beginning with cg_ including their values.
A value can be changed temporarily by example by typing in "/cg_fov 107" or "/set cg_fov 107". It can be set permanently (so that it is being saved into etconfig.cfg) by using "/seta cg_fov 107".
If you type in a text without a leading "/" while being connected to a server, it is being displayed in the main chat (like /say).

Directory-Cleaning: Once in a while it ocurs that ET needs ages to start, doesn't start properly, the menu after start is completely strewed with sounds and additional menus, or textures are missing.
In this case you should delete everything ET has downloaded during its lifetime. The best way to do this (according to my expierience) is to sort everything in etmain by the date of creation and delete everything that has been added after the installation (nearly all PK3s; you will see which ones to keep by date). Additionally you delete all MOD-folders added afterwards. The needed files are usually being downloaded while connecting to a server.

Why are textures missing (surfaces are covered with a black-yellow pattern instead of images)? Therefore one has to describe how ET is treating its files:
PK3-Files are renamed ZIP-Files. If you start ET e.g. with the ETPUB-Mod, at first the etmain directory is being precossed. In the process all PK3-Files are being virtually extracted (like you'd press "extract here" in WinRar). of course the files are not being extracted literally, it's more like the creation of an index of the containing files to tell in whcih PK3 ET can find which file if needed. Afterwards the etpub directory is being processed.
The order of extraction is alphabetically. And here comes the problem: If you have 2 PK3-Archives, both containing an image file with the same filename in the same path (inside of the PK3), ET will only be able to find the file that has been scanned at last. Hence it is possible that a wrong texture (from a wrong PK3-File) is being used, that doesn't match to the model it should be fitted on at all, which is looking cruel.
Additionally the most servers are only allowing to access PK3-Files which are also placed on the server (I think it's caled pure server check; without it everyone would be able to remove textures from a modified PK3 and "cheat"). If the server doesn't have the PK3-File which has been loaded at last and which has overwritten the proper texture, the access on the wrong texture is besing denied and the object will have a black-yellow pattern.

autoexec.cfg: Some MODs (I don't want to tell names, but it would be a shame to name and shame NoQuarter for it) preventing the execution of autoexec.cfg on start, even if you explicitly tell ET to do it by using a link file (which usually isn't necessary at all).
In this case you have to manually execute "/exec autoexec.cfg" (for complicated scripts after every start of ET).
Some very hard cases even deny the execution of the correct autoexec.cfg in etmain, because they have an own script creating an autoexec.cfg or other problems. In this case renaming (e.g. to "_autoexec.cfg") and additional manually executing is the only help. But please notice: Only the file called "autoexec.cfg" is usually being executed automatically after start.

Installation Instructions:

1. Download and install the actual ET 2.60B.
(NOT into C:\Program Files or another directory with restricted access rights!)
(Alternative Download-Link: http://www.wolffiles...filebase&fid=17)

2. Download and install PunkBuster for ET.

3. Generate an ETKEY: Either generate one on etkey.org and save it, or use this ETKEY-Generator.
The file ETKEY has to be placed in "...\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\etmain\" or in "...\AppData\Local\Punkbuster\ET\etmain\" (like described on etkey.org) - I don't know in which case you have to use which directory, you have to try.

4. (optional) Download etmin.exe and let it run while you're playing the game to minimize it using ALT+Z.

5. Run ET.exe, create a profile and make all settings. The settings made at this time are being copied to later downloaded mods - everything you change later has to be changed for every mod seperately.

6. Create an autoexec.cfg file for 1920x1080: Open NotePad.exe, enter the following lines
seta r_mode "-1"
seta r_customwidth "1920"
seta r_customheight "1080"
seta r_fullscreen "1"
seta cg_fov "107"
and save it as autoexec.cfg in "...\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\etmain\".
Additional Suggestions:
- You can add etmin.exe into your autorun to make it start after windows starts, so you won't have to start it manually every time you play ET. (suggested by ququ)
- After your work is done, make a backup of your ET installation directory. You can copy/paste it later if you re-install windows without having to re-install ET. You can also give it to friends - but you should delete the containing ETKEY file and the configs containing your name, etc.. (suggested by ququ)

Well, that's it so far. Please feel free to post any suggestions, problems and ammendments in here!
(The original thread (which might be updated by me some occasionally) can be found here: http://forum.btcclan...php?f=2&t=8169)
Changelog (Bunker):
2015-10-16: Added suggestions by ququ, formatted caption
2015-10-23: translated rest to english
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#335600 TBT 123

Posted by Snoid on 06 May 2014 - 01:01 PM



May 2014
Community News & Information Vol. 123

Written, edited and published by:Snoid

Regular contributor:Bean



:thumbup:    - Community Statistics -  :yahoo:





Total Posts: 300,558

Total Members: 4,704

Newest Member: SolfesT

Most Online: 194

Spammers Stopped: 40,558







Early on the first day of the Bunker 1 spawnkill trial, On-the-QT and I were playing a spirited “1 versus 1” match. I joked to QT, saying that either he or I could become famous: One of us could be the first legal spawnkill casualty in Bunker history. I forget what eventually happened in the match – whether it was QT or I who acquired that dubious honour. (I know what you’re thinking: In a “Bean versus QT” match, Bean is going to die a lot more than QT, so the victim was probably me.)


That got me to thinking: Who was the first soldier killed in action during the Second World War, and under what circumstances did it occur? It must have transpired at the outset of the German invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939, because this was the first real action of the war. (Britain and France declared war on Germany two days after the invasion.)


Naturally, the question is tricky. Some questions have clear and definite answers: In today’s age of information, with satellite images, all-seeing drones, cameras everywhere, and other digital tracking devices, answers are more readily available. But in 1939, the technology was a tad more limited!


To answer the question, the entire research team here at the Bean Files was immediately dispatched to conduct research. They spent countless minutes away from their normal lives, not resting until they were satisfied they had gathered sufficient information for their loyal Bunker readers.


The first wartime casualty of the Second World War is believed to be Corporal Piotr Konieczka of the Polish Army, pictured below.




Konieczka was killed in action at 1:40 in the early morning hours of September 1, 1939 in the village of Jeziorki, Poland. He was part of a machine gun nest that was attacked by the invading Germans. He fired his machine gun at the advancing enemy, but was wounded by return fire. His comrades fell back, but Konieczka heroically maintained his ground. His position was overrun and he was killed by bayonet.


Konieczka was one of seven million Polish citizens to lose their lives during the Second World War.






Q: Who are you and where do you live?


A: My name is Tomasz (Thomas) and I live in the city of Ruda Slaska in Silesia voivdship, Poland.




Q: Are you married with kids?


A: I am divorced and have a daughter. I can’t say she’s a “Mini Me” because she’s actually as tall as me.





Q: How long have you been a Bunker member?


A: A member since Dec. 11th, 2005. Is it really true? People don’t live that long. :pinch:


Q: How old were you when you first started playing Wolfenstein ET?


A: 33 heheh 33 omg 33 – old fart from the beginning. :acute:


Q: How did you learn about Wolfenstein?


A: Bronka and I were bored and so we tried to play all games with multiplayer. After a month, my younger brother told me about ET… and that was it!  We were hooked.  The first games we played were on Polish servers, then kernwaffe and others.  The we discovered Bunker.


Q: Do you still like Wolfenstein ET as much now as you did then?


A: Definitely yes!


Q: What is it about Wolfenstein ET that you think is so great and unique?


A: One thing which is an advantage and disadvantage are the people who are playing. I still play ET because of great people I met in Bunker.  ET is not the newest most advanced game with the best graphics and some people may get bored with the same maps and objectives… but I think the people can make it exciting. Some people can ruin it as well… so what can I say?  Bunker rules!


Q: So what’s changed?


A: In the beginning every Bunker server was full almost all the time. To be honest… it was just a big slaughterhouse for me. :D One shot from a panza – and 22 guys have to wait to respawn. J I prefer small teams like now… 10 to 12 vs same. You have to use your brain to accomplish the objective and you don’t need to be the best shooter or most skilled player. I always prefer to play for the objective.


Q: Do you play Wolfenstein ET as much now as you did in the beginning?


A: I defeated my ET addiction.  :wallbash:  I was close to rich “I have no woman” status on SL a couple of times.


Q: What are your thoughts on the status of the Bunker Community?


A: I think it’s not bad. We still play and chat. After all, it is a web community. If you look back in time,  every web enterprise was born,  it grows, and then declines. Who uses IRC today?


Q: Do you have any ideas on how to keep Bunker alive and healthy?


A: Don’t smoke or drink too much and practice playing on the Bunker servers every evening. :icon_lol:


Q: Do you think the current Bunker administrative team is doing a good job?


A: Great job! But too much applause can break you guys. :punk:


Q: What did you study in school?


A: I have a law degree and also studied philosophy. But I’ve been working as a foreman in a coal mine. I don’t like to be stuck in one place.


Q: Do you travel? Where?


A: I’ve been in many countries in Europe and once in Africa.


Q: Do you own a vehicle? What?


A: I have a car. It works good and doesn’t break down too often. I like bikes. I had a Honda vt 1100 (chopped) but sold it. I’m now looking at buying a Honda vtx 1800 (Power Cruiser) After that I want a BMW r1200 gs adventure.


Q: What country that you haven’t been to would you like to visit?


A: Australia! Two reasons. First – There is nothing far and Second – I’m dreaming of sailing the Great Barrier Reef or go to some “No Man’s Land in the Pacific Ocean. I also want to see Cuba before it changes.


Q: Have you met any other Bunker members? Who?


A: I know Bronka well and I’ve met Suddendeath, KarlOtto, Coco, Peyote and some guys from Poland. I hope to meet others.  Here’s a link to a video of Me, Sudden, Karl Otto, Coco and Peyote from 2009.




Q: Do you have any hobbies?


A: Tits and motorcycles.  :laugh2:  I also like hiking, sailing, working at home and in the garage and reading… especially scientific, historic, philosophic and science fiction. My favorite books are:

  1. Master and Margerita – M. Bulhakov. I named my daughter Margaret because of this book.
  2. The name of the rose – U. Eco best criminal ever.
  3. The Foucault pendulum – U. Eco – I like all of Eco J
  4. The Good Soldier Svejk and his fortunes in the world war – J Hasek – I love Svejk :thumbup:
  5. Summa technologiae – Stanislaw Lem. – If you don’t know Lem – you know nothing. Almost all Lem’s books are incredible despite how much time has gone by.
  6. Hussite Trilogy – A. Sapkowski – Best mix of history, fantasy and very good writing. :turned:



Hiking in the Tatra Mountains with my daughter




Sailing the Adriatic Sea with my girlfriend


Q: Do You play any sports?


A: Hmmm… maybe poker will be good enough… Strip Poker! That’s it!


Q: What class or classes of soldier do you prefer to play? Why?


A: Engie… Because I know the guys playing engie really know their jobs. :yes4:


Q: What are some of the other games you play?


A: My first game was…


1. tutti frutti  https://www.youtube....h?v=KKupkpi9oXY

2. squirm   https://www.youtube....h?v=aBVo64iLZn4

3. speedball   http://https://www.y...h?v=UQbsVPxtHHc

4. Quake and Wolfenstein era

5. Today I have only installed ET and from time to time the latest Civilization. I have to buy a new PC and I have to try Battlefield 4 and RTCW New Order.


Q: Any words of wisdom to your fellow Bunker members?


A: Make love not war!






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#330985 Unaproprite names

Posted by djbo on 25 October 2013 - 06:31 PM

Very short answer... It's not cause ppl on the internet lower standards that we also have to do so. Furthermore like said... We pay for this shit so we will damn well decide what's acceptable or not on this server and forum regardless of what you or any other person might think. It's cause of ppl like yourself that lower standards on the internet (cause you feel save) that stupid things like this are becoming normal... "hé who cares... I'm a real macho... I'm in control... I'm the boss... And whenever they get wronged in real life it become unacceptable and everyone is against you... 


So in short... Name is not acceptable... end of the discussion... Period.


Voila, topic can be closed the same time and if you continue to behave like an ass I'll be more than happy to ban your ass. The world doesn't revolve around your ass, we still decide what goes and I don't give a shit about your free speech. I do care about you obvious low standards and your need to be an ass


If you have a problem with this than either adapt or get the fuck off, if thats to is difficult for you than I'll be more than happy to help.


Edit: And I'm 47 and not a infantile of 24. Grow the fuck up or preferably just get the fuck off.


Voila, first time ever I've used swearword on a forum... Imagine.

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#327096 TBT112

Posted by Snoid on 26 May 2013 - 05:46 PM



June 2013
Community News & Information Vol. 112

Written, edited and published by:Snoid

Regular contributor:Bean

Staff writer:Position Open


- Community Statistics -



Total Posts: 292,872

Total Members: 4,613

Newest Member: Ahaillady

Most Online: 152

Spammers Stopped: 19,928







Bunker Gaming Community – What’s in a Name?



Since 2004, Bunker Gaming Community has brought people together from all four corners of the globe, from all walks of life, and from all ages. But what’s in a name?


Simply put, a bunker is a type of fortification built at least partially underground. They mainly defended occupants against air attack, but also from naval or ground based enemy forces. The term was first used in 1939 describing fortified German artillery emplacements on the Western Front, and the word itself is German in origin.


Bunkers come in two general forms.


The first type of bunker is the kind built entirely underground. Its sole purpose was to put distance and protection between two things: First, the attackers (usually aerial). Second, the people and resources that are to be protected. Examples of this type: The Cabinet War Rooms in London, from which Churchill smoked his cigars and directed the war effort (pictured below); the Fuhrerbunker in Berlin, where Hitler and his cronies did the same, minus the cigars. This type of bunker was not intended to house weaponry to fire back at the enemy directly; depth and protection were their mainstay.





The Allied bombing campaign of Germany meant that the Germans had to develop many of these types of bunkers to protect their civilian population. Sometimes they also moved factories underground to maintain production levels. Built of reinforced concrete, they provided shelter for hundreds, thousands, and sometimes tens of thousands of civilians.


The second type of bunker is that which is built partially above ground, and intended to be used to fire back at the enemy, while also protecting the occupants and their ammunition. Hundreds of these existed during World War II. They were built anywhere the enemy was expected to concentrate attacking forces. Below is a photograph of a generic example.





Examples of this type are are parts of the Maginot Line in eastern France (defending France against the Germans), the Atlantic Wall in northern France (defending occupied France against the Allies), and the Siegfried Line in western Germany (defending the German Reich against the Allies).


Below is a cross-section diagram showing how part of the Maginot Line worked.





The Germans constructed some really interesting bunkers in their attempted defence against Allied air superiority and its concentrated bombing campaign. They built massive flak towers with gun control radars and underground munitions storage. The largest one of these was in Hamburg and called the “Holy Ghost Bunker.” It was similar to the one in Berlin, pictured below.




“That’s all fine and dandy, Bean,” you might be saying to yourself right about now. “But why, man, did the ancient founders of Bunker choose that name?” Well, gentle readers, the answer to that question is shrouded in the mists of time.


But here’s what we know. The military nature of an actual bunker, and their frequent appearance in Wolfenstein maps, proves an obvious reason. As recently discussed in our forums, one of the founders of Bunker (a fellow going by the name of Tabasco, a.k.a. H20, a.k.a. Cybermarine) simply liked the name.


Tabasco and others were part of another clan: HSX (Hell Spawn Xtreme). It was Tabasco’s wish for a long time to create a community called Bunker. When he met up with Sudd3nd3ath and Belzebub, they created Bunker together and launched it into the world of Wolfenstein.


In addition, apparently there was an old gaming clan called Bunker, which had recently gone defunct. It made sense to use a name already connected with online gaming, capitalizing on its momentum. For example, if Apple went bankrupt tomorrow, many companies would rush forward to claim the name!


Diplomatically speaking, Tabasco soon found himself at odds with the rest of Bunker’s leadership, and he moved on. Bunker Gaming Community, contrary to popular belief, has nothing to do with the phrase “bunker mentality,” which is defined as “a paranoid sense of being constantly attacked by others.” Or does it?





Q: Tell us a little about yourself. Where do live, how old are, etc.?


A:  I was born in Cornwall (South west coast of England) due to my Dad having a civil engineering job there. But at 1.5 years old he got an even better job in Edinburgh. My Mum&Dad and two sisters are Scottish - therefore I consider myself Scottish too (but that I am 1.5 years English!)




For the last 6 years I been living in a rented one bedroom east of Edinburgh. I'm 49 years old.


Q: What kind of work do you do?


A: I've been unemployed, mainly, for the last 10 years. I couldn't keep going at work due to short term memory problems and not managing to do the full time job - which I had kept for the previous 6 years.  So I'm now receiving Incapacity benefit. From 1996 to the start of 2003 I worked in a guest house (a Georgian terraced building in Edinburgh)




It was a supported work experience to start with for the first 1.5 years - then I was offered a full time job (supported) as one of the people helping to fully run the guest house.


Q: Do you travel and if yes, where have you been?


A: In my twenties I had an old car, so a friend and I drove around Scotland for two weeks. It was a big adventure, as the car wasn't very powerful (hilly roads up north!), it was over heating a bit, the rear drive shaft rubber coupling broke - I had one spare with me;-0 and fitted it myself at a small highland village garage late on a Friday afternoon - the guy lent me some tools, and I gave him a five pounds note as thanks. And also during the tour, and especially on the way back to Edinburgh, the steering joints were seizing - very stiff steering  - so it was bit hyper getting the wee car us back safely!







In the background is Eilean Donan Castle




This is a "Highland Cow" we passed along the way.

That's a lot different than the cows in Wisconsin!!!




That's me at "Smoo Cave" Durness, which is on the northernmost coast of mainland Scotland.




Me windsurfing at Gairloch.


Q: Do you have any hobbies or other interests, other than Wolfenstein?


A: Since a young child I've been interested in Motorsport - and of course the great Jackie Stewart and Jim Clark (amongst others) being very successful Scottish racing drivers was great too see!







I also liked "karting" when I was younger and in better shape.  Here's me and a friend.






Another hobby I had was putting computers together - to upgrade my one and to sell. Other interests are with cycling - but now I just cycle to food shop, appointments, and see relatives. I can't afford to travel now.


Q: Are you married or have a partner?


A: I'm not married but I've had girl friends. Here's a picture of a very special friend, from Venezuela, I had from 2002 to 2004.





I also have an interest in keeping my computer running. I work on it myself and here are some of the latest upgrades.






Q: So how did you become interested in Wolfenstein and when did you learn about the Bunker Community?


A: Harry, the caretaker at the guest house where I worked, who is from the New York area, was studying computer programming. In 2002 near the end of my employment at the guest house, he mentioned to me - whilst I was doing the quiet late shift - that I should buy the great Wolfenstein dvd game, as it had a great online multiplayer link in it, and why don't I play it on the quiet late shifts on the work pc. I said to him I can't afford dvds and might not be allowed to do that on the work pc. So, it was then that   he said he was helping in the development of a free version of this game called Wolfenstein Enemy Territory!    So when I was 37, my girlfriend and I got the first pc at our home - a pentium 2.  It was great to do this gaming free download and take up many hours of my unemployment (due to health reason), whilst my girlfriend was out to her work. I searched for a server and discovered Bunker.


Q: Why did you choose the name "Defender?"


A: I chose the name Defender, because, with my skills not good, and with a slow pentium two pc and slow broadband - I didn't stand much chance out there attacking and trying to learn the objectives at the same time. I chose being defender as the best way for me to get more enjoyment, and to help out the team back at base!


And here's something I think is interesting.  I think the voice over - for objectives and encouragement on some maps is my old friend from the guest house, Harry!!!  I'm sure of it. Some of you may have noticed me stating typing "yes Harry" when I heard him give out a few orders for objectives, lol!

I'll continue playing most evenings (some afternoons) UK time on Bunker4fun (and maybe parties at 2) as much as I can. Maybe now and again pop onto the great Bunker 1.
- OP ED -
Although I am still looking for someone to write monthly updates on the status of the gaming world, I received a one time contribution from Saevio on the new Wolfenstein game. I believe it is written well, and is a good point of view from a player perspective.  So I am including the "Op Ed" (Opinion Editorial) in this TBT issue. Despite some ongoing controversy, which I will not write about here, I want to thank Saevio for his efforts and time writing this article.

Wolfenstein: The New Order - A critical look





Bunker's facebook page reached out to me via JeyAem to show me an article about the new Wolfenstein. I just kind of shrugged, but then I saw that it gave a lot of people "hope". I'd like to critically analyze Bethesda softwork's prior behavior concerning video games and then conclude with an analysis on what I believe this new Wolfenstein will be.

I will, for this matter and case, very quickly bring you to what I believe is why you still play ET: Fast-paced, objective based combat with a respawn system. Very smooth engine that doesn't feel sloppy and allow for movement that feels very good and fluent.

I will not go far too in-depth about competitive gaming here. ETQW, Wolfenstein and Brink's competitive communities failed, and not because of prize money (which was really good), but just the fact that it took way too long for a promod to develop, especially with the limited possibilities given to mod developers. I will henceforth only look and analyze gameplay.

it's about movement and shooting - Developer's Diary #2, BRINK

Let me start off by saying that there is absolutely no gameplay to be seen in the trailer. None of the assumptions or statements I make is set to be correct, it is only conjecture based on experiences of the past and logical thinking.

This game is going to be released for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 and further next-gen consoles. What does this tell us? The developers will have to either port the console version to the PC, or the PC version to the consoles, depending on where their focus is. Where is Bethesda's focus? They are mostly known for the "The Elder Scrolls" series (Skyrim being the latest title) and the "Fallout" series, both First-Person-RPGs with subtle shooter elements (more present in Fallout than in Skyrim). They also released BRINK, Rage and Dishonored.

It is rather obvious that Skyrim and Fallout were designed for consoles, starting in an inventory system that didn't really put the efficiency of a mouse to use and could equally well be operated with only your keyboard. On PC, there were mods made for both Oblivion and Skyrim so the inventory wouldn't be horrid to use.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, original shopkeeper interface

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, "QD-Inventory-mod"

Apart from gameplay mechanics that weren't properly laid out for PC, Bethesda's spokesman Pete Hines had the following things to say towards Joystiq about PC gaming in 2011, while developing Skyrim:

'From a technical standpoint, the PC is a headache,'

'It just is - a million different possibilities of hardware, drivers, etc...As you saw with Rage, all it takes is some bad video card drivers and years of hard work comes off as 'buggy', when in fact it's a really solid, stable game.'





Keeping these things in mind, I wouldn't say it's too farfetched to say that the focus of Bethesda lies within console gaming, not PC gaming, and the game will be catered around a console. Aside from gameplay implications (people die in a few bullets because tracking is not fun on a gamepad, if you've ever tried, you'll know), it also means that Bethesda is catering to the market that flows more money - console gaming. Bethesda has proved in the past that they don't really care for what the small, dedicated community wants - they want the big market, which is only logical for a company within an economy. ET2 will simply give less money than CoD10^2. Our fast-paced, aim-based Quake style shooters haven't died out because no developer had the idea to make one, it died out because it's no longer a profitable market.

Even if the developers did try to make amends between a fast-paced, ET style game and a slow-paced, can't-shoot-while-sprinting ironsight shooter, they proved in the past that it just isn't profitable. Here's a quote from the Brink Q & A, when Brink was in development. A Splash Damage representative called Richard Ham joined Crossfire and answered some questions.

"Q: Just to make it clear, I don't expect you to create ET2. I just want to have a fast-paced and smooth game experience. Free running as alternative to trickjumping? Damn, I'm fine with that as long as you implement it in the right way!
A: It seems perfectly reasonable to me to say that another one of those user-controlled 'hardcore match' settings could easily be 'disallow ironsights', along with user control over spread modifiers. it's options like that which make me (perhaps foolishly) believe we can make a game that crosses over between pub and pro play... :-)"



(note: Richard Ham doesn't mean "pro play" as in professional gaming, he means "pro play" as a high skillcap game, such as ET)

There was no such option in the final game. According to Richard Ham, most of the "ET-like" things had to go through to Bethesda and they had to approve of it. Bethesda wasn't fond of Brink being ET2, I assume they won't be fond of Wolfenstein: The New Order being ET2 either.

In conclusion, I would say that it is not far-fetched to say Wolfenstein: The New Order will not be anything like ET. I think you shouldn't get your hopes up for an ET2. However, that said, Bethesda always polished their games up (even if it had to be done post-release with patches, like BRINK), and their games are all entertaining to play. I believe you won't be disappointed in this game as long as you keep an open mind and don't compare it to ET, since that will most likely, just like ET:QW / Wolfenstein / Brink, bear disappointment.





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#341788 Youtube

Posted by ETAngel on 17 January 2017 - 06:59 PM

Hi guys
The most of you know me already from the battlefield (I am the one who always dies ^ ^). Today I do not want you to ask to let me live but I would like to inform you that I have a youtube channel with let's play's of the best game in the world: Wolfenstein enemy territory! Why do I tell you this? This is easy. Most of the videos I have made on bunker4fun and also all the still come. I would be very happy if you supported me. Maybe with a like or a subscription. It is completely free and so you always stay up-to-date if you want to pursue my work. It's a very big hobby for me. Every single video takes more than 8 hours of my leisure time in purchase but it just makes me so much fun. I hope you too. https://www.youtube....vJKNtrYcSoFaslw
 See ya on battlefield!        - translated by google  :laugh2:

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#333734 New rule for those who do not seem to understand common sense

Posted by djbo on 10 February 2014 - 08:30 PM

We have decided to make a modification to the rulebook as of now. It's a simple 2 rule action.


Rule 1: The bunker admin is always right.

Rule 2: When the bunker admin is wrong than we fall back to rule 1



Think this covers it all, no need for any other rules.



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#333538 850 Meters

Posted by peyote on 05 February 2014 - 12:42 PM


View on Vimeo.


Veяy amusing!

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#333409 Bunker 1: silEnT mod active

Posted by Zozz on 01 February 2014 - 04:13 AM

As a result of the vote located here we have migrated to the silEnT mod for Enemy Territory.


Admin levels should still be intact, however, it is possible you may have lost your saved XP.  XP should continue to save normally after you begin playing.




We've done what we can to make this as close to ETPub as possible.  If you come across something you feel doesn't seem right, please post here and explain the problem (provide as many details as possible).  We will do our best to fix any issues.





  1. Knife throw is completely different.
  2. You can shoot while poisoned.
  3. Scoreboard does not show killrating.
  4. Explosives seem to have lower radius or lower damage, hard to tell exactly what without testing?
  5. Panzer map has higher movement speed and gravity.
  6. Seems to take more time to get levels.
  7. Adrenaline does not reduce damage taken.
  8. Possibly higher kick when getting hit?
  9. There was a window that I'm 99% sure I could fit through in ETPUB, but not with SILENT.  Possibly different collision boxes?
  10. Spawn timers seem different.
  11. If swimming in river, can't throw a nade out of the water.





  1. Fixed knife throwing (I think).  Throwing is instant like pub - damage should be more in line with pub now.
  2. Fixed shooting while poisoned - disabled now.
  3. Fixed kill rating display on scoreboard.
  4. Checking on explosive radius and damage.
  5. Panzer map should have no change - will double check.
  6. XP gain should be exact same - settings mirror Pub.  Maybe keep an eye on it?
  7. Adrenaline damage reduction is set to 50%  - will test.
  8. Higher kick while getting hit?  Push back?
  9. What window?  What map?
  10. Checked settings on maps while playing and they matched what the configs have.
  11. Don't think this can be fixed - see: http://mygamingtalk....pic/2292-nades/

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#332407 The time has come

Posted by -=BRASIL=- on 22 December 2013 - 02:02 PM


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#328901 Heya =)

Posted by Qualo on 04 August 2013 - 05:43 PM

Hellou Bunker players,

finally took the effort to register on this site - actually not that much of a deal but I'm kinda lazy, like reaaaally lazy :D


So I guess I should give a little introduction 'bout me right now:

I've been playing ET for quite a while now, since the beginning of 2006... or was it 2005...? damn, can't even remember -.-

Over the years I played pretty much every mod for some time and also spent an insane amount senslessly hopping around on Trickjump servers

- still being a n00b though ;D

I've been a member of the Flame-Guards community for most of my ET career, but since FG shifted to battlefield  and there's no ET server left ( :cray2: )

I was roaming around until I got stuck on #B4Fun - mainly due to the nice people there and the great server settings :dance4: .

Tbh, I knew bunker servers for a long time already but only ever visited B1 late at night, when all other (european) servers were empty :P

Oh yeah, and yesterday at the B2 party I came to know that nitmod is actually really nice to play too ^^


Sooo I hope Bunker servers will stay online in the late days of ET as I intend to stick around - although I don't play that often anymore: One day I need to finish my masters degree course

and I made the experience that ET can badly interfere with that xD


What else to say? Oh right, I'm from the ONLY country with decent beer (--> Germany) :D :D


Cya on the servers and @screw: I'll be back! :P

Greetz Qualo

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#328570 TBT 114

Posted by Snoid on 28 July 2013 - 06:11 PM



August 2013
Community News & Information Vol. 114

Written, edited and published by:Snoid

Regular contributor:Bean

Staff writer:Position Open


- Community Statistics -



Total Posts: 294,188

Total Members: 4,625

Newest Member: Furqan

Most Online: 194

Spammers Stopped: 24,995








Behold! This month’s Bean Files is special in two ways: First, it’s a collaboration of sorts between Bean and OntheQT, which is explained below. Second, it uses video in addition to the usual text and photos.


First off, view this video. It’s a powerful excerpt from one of the best episodes from the old HBO series “Band of Brothers,” which was based on actual events.




(If you don’t get shivers in the last three minutes of the video, I’m sorry to inform you that you’re not human.)


The video depicts fighting in and around Foy, near Bastogne (Belgium) in December 1944. The Americans were attempting to relieve besieged American forces, trapped by a massive German offensive, known as the Battle of the Bulge or Ardennes Offensive. This was one of Hitler’s last ditch attempts to drive back the Allied armies from the Fatherland.




Recently, QT travelled to this region. In between quaffing pints of fine Belgian ales (research of for his new blog, www.firkinbeer.com, of course) he also visited locations connected with the battle. He shared the photos with me, to form the basis of a Bean Files article.


For the most part, the Western Allies had stormed across Europe after D-Day in the summer of 1944, liberating town after town, counting down the days until they reached Berlin. December 1944, however, saw a lull in the Western Front, while the Allies worked out supply lines for the upcoming final push. Hitler seized this opportunity, launching a major counteroffensive in a particularly weak section of the front lines. His objective was to sweep westward to capture the large port of Antwerp. This thrust would also isolate British\Canadian armies in the north from their compatriots from the United States in the south.


The German armies met with success at first, driving the Allies back except for a pocket around the town of Bastogne. This beleaguered US army held on until the German counteroffensive petered out a couple weeks later. Then the allied advance continued, relieved the Bastogne pocket, and continued their march towards Berlin.


The video first depicts the planning and the attack from a wooded area of the front. This wooded area is also featured in earlier episodes of the show. QT explains that this wooded area still exists, as shown in his photo below, but Belgians must replant the trees every 20 years. During the war, the tops of these trees were heavily damaged by shell bursts.




The church in Foy, which held the MG nest that fires at the Americans early in the attack (at about the midway point of the video) still stands. As shown below in QT’s photo, the mock-up in the video is a pretty faithful reproduction of the real thing. QT mentions that the original belfry was destroyed during the war, but rebuilt afterwards.




At the end of the video, Snoid… err, I mean a generic German sniper interrupts the Americans’ victory celebrations. The sniper’s building is also still standing. QT photographed it, including a close-up of the sniper’s window, which still shows the damage from stray shots.






During the Battle of the Bulge, the Germans asked the US army in the Bastogne pocket to surrender. Here is a copy of the request:


To the U.S.A. Commander of the encircled town of Bastogne.


The fortune of war is changing. This time the U.S.A. forces in and near Bastogne have been encircled by strong German armored units. More German armored units have crossed the river


Our troops near Ortheuville, have taken Marche and reached St. Hubert by passing through Hompre-Sibret-Tillet. Libramont is in German hands.


There is only one possibility to save the encircled U.S.A. troops from total annihilation: that is the honorable surrender of the encircled town. In order to think it over a term of two hours will be granted beginning with the presentation of this note.


If this proposal should be rejected one German Artillery Corps and six heavy A. A. Battalions are ready to annihilate the U.S.A. troops in and near Bastogne. The order for firing will be given immediately after this two hours term.


All the serious civilian losses caused by this artillery fire would not correspond with the well-known American humanity.


General McAuliffe was the US commander of troops in Bastogne. His response to the German request is somewhat shorter and to-the-point: “NUTS!” Below is QT’s picture of the preserved bunker from where McAuliffe issued this quirky response.




Finally, Belgians in this area have ensured that the sacrifices of American soldiers during the war will not be forgotten. Below are QT’s pictures of the Bastogne memorial to General Patton, and the Mardassan Memorial that honours the liberating troops.






Thanks again to OntheQT for sharing the photos and providing additional information associated with them.





Q: Let’s start off with some basics. What is your age? Where do you live? What is your current situation… are you going to school, living on your own, working? Etc.



A: My name is Rustin Gann. I am 18 years old, I live in Hendersonville, Tennessee. I will be attending college in the fall and I will be living at home for the first couple of years. I will continue to work at Rite Aid, a drug store chain.

Q: Where will you be going to school and do you know what it is you’re planning to do once you’ve graduated?





A: I will be going to Austin Peay State University. My major is in communications with a concentration in sports broadcasting. I want to broadcast for a sports team after college, preferably the Nashville Predators or some team in Seattle.

Q: If you were able to predict what you’d be doing in 10 years, what would it be? Example: Married with two kids, working as a sports announcer, own two cars and paying off a mortgage on a house? Etc.

A: I see myself living in a modest home paying rent/mortgage married with maybe one child (another will come later). If everything goes as I plan I will be broadcasting sports for a living.

Q: Do you have any brothers or sisters?



From left to right: My older brother, father, and me



From left to right: My step-father, me, and step-brother at high school graduation



From left to right: My step-brother, little brother, me, and little sister one month before my mother passed away


A: I have 3 brothers (2 half-brothers and 1 step-brother, ages 23, 15, and - 8)- and 2 sisters (both half-sisters, both age 7). Only the two youngest brothers and one of the sisters live with me.

Q: Do you have a girl friend?



Me and my girlfriend at Prom 2013


A: Yes. We have been dating for three years, and if everything goes right, we will be together much longer.

Q: Is the school you’ll be attending this fall in your home town? If not, where is it and how far is it from your home town?

A: The school that I will be attending is about a 45 minute drive from my hometown. It is located in Clarksville, Tennessee.

Q: Are you going to try to stay connected to the Bunker Community while in school?

A: No doubt. I have been involved in the Bunker Community since the mid-2000s. Back then, I was about 10 years old and playing under a different ET key and a different alias. Been playing with Bunker for about 8 years so far, and will be for many more years to come. I can see myself playing this game until it dies or I die, whichever comes first.

Q: When did you first learn about Wolfenstein ET and who told you about it?

A: Both my mother and my father played ET when I was between the ages of 8-12, so I started playing in Bunker, Free Beer XP Save, and GAT communities/clans. After a while, I was solely playing on Bunker.

Q: Do you have any close friends who play Wolfenstein ET?

A: I have a friend that used to play, but stopped when his software screwed up on him. I got him back into it but he couldn’t get his software to work. (We have very smart people here who will help him.)

Q: What are some of your other interests, other than Wolfenstein ET? Are you involved in sports? Hobbies?

A: I play pretty much any sport. I play soccer, football, hockey, field hockey, rugby, and basketball. I like to study sports statistics and I love to discuss conspiracies.

Q: What do you like about the Bunker Community?

A: I love how everyone is involved. I love reading the Bunker Times, I love playing the game itself, I like everyone who plays. The only thing I hate is cheaters who come on and target me immediately. Haha

Q: Is there anything that could use some fixing?

A: In my opinion, everything is good as it is. I cannot think of anything that could be improved off the top of my head.

Q: When you’re playing, do you have a class of soldier you prefer?

A: I play the class that my team is in need of the most. I don’t really have a preference of class.

Q: What are some of your favorite maps?

A: The original six maps, Dubrovnik, the newer versions of Siwa Oasis, and the list goes on.

Q: What is your favorite weapon?

A: I like the MP40 more than the Thompson; I do not know why exactly… just do. But my favorite weapon is either of the sniper rifles. (K43 or Garand) - :good2:-

Finish the following sentences…

I think B!O is one of the best Bunker players.

When I have a question about Wolfenstein ET, or about something involving the Bunker Community, I usually message B!O.

My 5 member dream team would include myself and four others… B!O, Snoid, - :mosking: -  Falkes, and Motion.

Q: When is the best time for you to play Wolfenstein ET on B1?

A: The best time for me (when I work at night) is after 10:00pm (22:00) or (when I'm off that night) whenever the server has a good size number of players.

Q: Do you play on all the Bunker servers and if yes, when?

A: I don’t play on B10 or B2 very much… I'm active on B4 when there are no bots or maybe a couple of bots… but B1 is my home.

Q: Do you think you have a special talent that could be a benefit to the Wolfenstein Community?

A: Honestly, I do not believe I have anything to give that would benefit the community… if anyone else thinks I do let me know because you see something in me that I do not.

Q: What other online or console games to you play?

A: I play PS3 and Xbox 360. I play mainly sports games on those consoles.

Q: Is Wolfenstein ET your favorite game? Why / Why not?

A: ET is definitely my favorite game because I have built a family here. I have played for a long time, and have gotten a chance to get to know some people. The only thing that could top everything off is if I could attend a Bunker Party.

Q: What do you use to play Wolfenstein ET? (PC / Lap top etc)

A: I use a PC to play ET. I think it would be difficult to play on a laptop.













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