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  • Submitted: Jan 23 2015 08:27 PM
  • Last Updated: May 01 2016 01:33 PM
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  • 31 Jan 2015 Download z_m_bunker_menu_etmain v1

Download z_m_bunker_menu_etmain v2

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This is a start menu for Bunker and it works when you click game start icon, unless you have lots of other things on the start icon.

This (menu File) .pk3 is made from files from pak0.pk3 and pak2.pk3 from the original game which is free downloadable.
The version is the one I downloaded from Bunker's website and was version 2.60B.
Thanks to the original game's producers and everyone else who has been involved with the Developed on.

Note how close the game and come to a webpage was different in menu files I looked in
but I got the best info from B4's menu that they use on their NQ server. Thanks to the person who did it.

The file should be in the folder etmain to work but there may be others who have a different name
on their menu files so that their file is loaded later, this file is not shown.
You can have a menu from a server, a background from another and a mouse from a third.

File name.
I wanted a filename that people can see and not a cryptic name as some other clan / communites use.
You see where it should be and what it does.
My idea is not to challenge other clan / community so that my loaded last, it is more for Bunker players
who want quick command and possibly new players who can see and get some info on our servers and our forums.

Disturbances and info about the mods 2.60B.

B1 Silent.
Have not found anything, my menu is invisible.

B2 Nitmode.
It is loaded if you choose Nitmode in mods and even if you disconnect from a Nitmode server.
Ingame I have not seen any interference or influences. "Bunker menu" botton dosent work.

B4 NQ.
Have not seen anything but when I go there I have to download their menu and it might take over, and this is just fine.

B10 ETPub
It loaded Mouse pointer that I made but other menu is intact off and the ingame.

If you want to use this menu with Legazy so it must be located in a different place than etmain.
On my installation adds things in different places and I guess it is normal but there is a place called ET-Legazy and there are etmain and Legazy folder.
If you place the file in lagazy folder which you can see PAK3 ***. PK3 so does my menu work but overwrites Legazy menu. (*** = Legazy different versions).
I have not tested much in Legazy but it only seems to work when you start the game, but that's the thing so everything looks ok.

Why is not this file working?
Normally, I have seen that menu files named with a starting z *** but that's not the whole truth what I tried and experienced.
Fix for various maps can also be named z *** and others but now I have also seen other signs which I not have on my keyboard.
This file is called z_m_bunker_menu_etmain.pk3 so if you sort a to z, and find a file after using a name that does not seem to be a map remove it and put on the desktop.
There may be files that z_weaponB2.pk3 or another but they are probably no menu * .pk3.
If that does not work, when I checked sorts windows 0-9 and then a to z.
If you have a file over 0, then send it to the desktop.
Probably so start the filename with a character that you do not recognize in a file namn.pk3 you do not normally seen.
Bad Clan / community use these tricks, although I must say that these are some good but do not see the big picture with ET for survival.

I hppe this file help some people.

Feedback send to me |>B<|Mongo

What's New in Version v2 (See full changelog)

  • v1 and nothing
  • v2 I add some text and connect thing to B1, B2 and B10.

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