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  • Submitted: Aug 26 2012 12:27 AM
  • Last Updated: Jan 07 2018 04:55 PM
  • File Size: 5.89MB
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Previous Versions

  • 05 Apr 2013 Download Nitmod 2.2.1

Download Nitmod 2.3.1

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N!tmod 2.2.1 has been released!
Major changes:
  • Added: !finger now gives client game version
  • Added: "minimize" command (windows only, for the moment)
  • Added: ETPro crosshairs (up to cg_drawCrosshair 15)
  • Added: ETPro style Extended ASCII characters support (from ETPub)
  • Added: N!tmod Socket - An extra socket to reduce engine's socket traffic -- THIS FEATURE HAS BEEN "DISABLED" IN CURRENT BUILD
  • Added: flag 2 to g_dualSMG - Drop both primary weapons when players go into limbo mode
  • Added: Player's hit regions stats during intermission
  • Added: in custom commands, [ i ] (without spaces, forum doesn't let me write it without spaces...) will now be replaced by the slot n° of the player who called the !command
  • Added: g_realbody flag 2 - body hitbox height lowered to shoulders
  • Added: g_realbody flag 4 - Dead/Prone/Playdead hitboxes height lowered
  • Added: g_realbody flag 8 - Crouch hitbox lowered to shoulders (more than original ones)
  • Added: n_LogCurrentTime - If enabled, real time will be printed in logs instead of server uptime
  • Added: (LUA API) et.G_PlayerCount(type) function
Forum Support


Posted by N!trox* on 28-Mar-13 16:37:14 :

I'm fed up with people complaining about not having access to 2.2.1... There is no documentation for NxAC, that's why I didn't want release it to public.
I don't have enough time to write the doc or work on the mod now so here's the download link for the latest build: http://etmods.net/fo...filedl.php?id=3
This download used to be allowed only for members of the beta testers group but since i have no free time, everybody can have it now.
Next time, talk better!

What's New in Version 2.3.1 (See full changelog)

  • Fixed: "cvar" script action was not working correctly (http://etmods.net/forums/viewtopic.php?pid=4586#p4586)
  • Fixed: When in limbo and following another player, v6 (vsay player class) was wrong. Now, if the player is dead, it will announce their latched class
  • Fixed: Antilag debug (g_antilag & 2) was not displaying any bbox for player with slot 0
  • Fixed: !shuffle moving spectators into team (and some other potential bugs)
  • Fixed: console flood when watching demos recorded on servers with NxAC cvar scans enabled
  • Fixed: some intermission awards were not displayed correctly
  • Fixed: automute bug (sometimes the wrong player was muted)
  • Fixed: level 5 medics always had 10 extra HP when picking a medpack. Now the 10 extra HP are only given if the medpack was dropped by a level 5 medic
  • Fixed: If a player was spectating someone, the slot number displayed in !finger was invalid
  • Fixed: "Highest fragger" award is now given to the player with the least deaths if more than one players have the most kills
  • Fixed: Old map records were not displayed during intermission when now new records were made
  • Fixed: default "commands.db" file (created when no such file exists) was corrupted
  • Fixed: n_LogCurrentTime had no effect in LUA API log lines
  • Added: NxAC now automatically creates the folders it needs to work correctly
  • Added: Violations are now reported to the adminchat
  • Added: NxAC Screenshot query: server side "getss" command: /getss [name|slot#] (JPEG Quality 10-100)
  • Added: server's temporary screenshot file is now automatically removed if file transfer has been aborted
  • Added: When a screenshot is received, player informations are saved in a .txt file next to the .jpg file (same name,
  • And much more...

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