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Download keisko config

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Create a folder in etmain folder and name it scripts (etmain/scripts)
Move keisko_config.cfg and 180.cfg into etmain/scripts folder.
Edit keisko_config.cfg and enter your name (line 1), save the file.
Run the game, join the server.
Press ` key and type: exec scripts/keisko_config.cfg
Your done.

Note: Play at least 1 week with this config to get better result.
Note: This config works on all mods such as Etpub, Etpro, NQ etc.. all you need to do is: Press ` key and type: exec scripts/keisko_config.cfg (do this 1 time for each mod/server).

Mouse 2 for Weapon Alt, which means you can throw knife, re-load, snipe etc..
O button is re-load the config again.
Mouse 3 Kill yourself.
Mouse 4 turn 180.
Mouse 5 Auto Arty
f5-f6-f7-f8-f9 change class
/ m n ] for same quick vsays

Please notice, you can increase crosshairsize if its too small for you, you can draw the gun etc.. but i suggest you to, do not change anything and play at least 1 week to become a little keisko

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