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Download Eagles 2 Ways Beta 3

- - - - -

Basic Information :
Remake in March 2006 by Loffy, of Drakir's map "Eagles" from April 2004.

Original author:

Rikard "Drakir" Lindgren(lindgrenrikard@hotmail.com),web-page : http://www.drakir.tk.

Map Information
The Allies attack, and the Axis defend.
The main objective for the Allies is to steal 1 document, take it to the bus
drive the bus over a bridge and dynamite the bridge.

:allies: Allies must:
a) steal document,
b) steal the Bus Fuel (Both fuel and docs are up in the castle.),
c) take document and fuel to the bus,
d) build the bridge (near airfield),
e) drive bus to airfield,
f) take another fuel-can (more fuel!) to the plane, and
g) dynamite the hangar (to escape with the plane).

:axis: Axis will fight hard to prevent all this.

The bus can be damaged.

Special thanks and Credits to:

In the 2004 version of this map (eagles beta 1),
Drakir thanked the two clans 'M8D International' and 'CSC' and Shaffer.
In this March-2006-b3-version,
I want to thank the admins and the players at the server Tonto's Place,
for playtesting and great fun.


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