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  • Submitted: Sep 18 2012 08:32 PM
  • Last Updated: Jan 08 2018 05:08 PM
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Download Bremen truckmod + waypoints

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Forever, Players have been complaining about the Axis do not have a Chance to win the Bremen Map due to the Truck is Indestructible.

I have always wanted to either find a script fix or fix it myself but I have never been able to find an existing Script fix.
And I tried a few tricks to see if I could fix it through the script but I figured out it would take a map Recompile.

Luckily, the Map Creator (Dersaidin) had released the Map Source Files. So, I had hope that I could fix it in Radiant.
Unfortunately, I had to fix a few problems as the source files were not exactly the Bremen_Final map.

For instance I used a different sky (skybox was missing in the source). Looks good though, Most players may not even notice.
A few missing textures and texture paths I had to fix as well.

And, the Wall between the Garage and the "Key Building" was an Axis Constructible. So I turned that into a normal wall.
A few other minor things as well.

Also, it always bugged me how the Street Texture was so obviously "repeating" so I increased the size displayed for that texture.
I think it gives it a more realistic appearance.

Anyway, I may have missed something so you guys give it a thorough Run-through, OK!

Also, if it becomes too hard for the Allies to win, I can make adjustments to Spawn Times, Map Time-Limit and Atry/Airstike intervals.

Modified by Jecoliah: September 18th, 2012.
Used Released Map Source Files to Make Truck Damagable.
Website: www.bunker.aaxxss.com
All Credit to Original Map Creator, Dersaidin.



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