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Download Quotidian Beta 2

- - - - -

After a week of re-imagening Quotidian and finding ways to improve the overall gameplay and feel of the map, without altering the original objectives and routes to get to those objectives, I bring you the second beta of Quotidian.

List of changes:


Allied spawn has been relocated inside a building, this way the admins will better be able to determine if there is any SK/SC. There is still arty protection at the imediate exit of the allied spawn, to prevent arty spamming the exits.

Added a bunch of barrels, crates and wooden stuff to give the allies a chance to survive when they take the barricade road to the CP house.


Added several new buildings. This should make the roads look less barren and gives new possibilites to hide and suprise the enemy.

You can also enter this building.


The Backway alley door is now destroyable with a satchel. This gives the allies an alternative route to the CP house. The allies can also chose to sneak around to the trucks without the axis noticing.
BUT BEWARE! Axis spies have been said to lurk in the buildings! If you try to sneak around before the road barricades have been blown, the axis team will be warned!


The axis engieneers are now able to construct defences for the fuel trucks. This should make it easier to defend them.
A barb wire has been added to the north fuel truck fence to make it harder for the allies to TJ their way onto the truck.
Allied spies have noticed that the windows in the room above the north fuel truck have grown weaker though, so it is possible to break the windows completly and jump through them.


The tri-count has been improved and optimized. This should result in much higher FPS.
The CP area has proven hard to optimize, so this place still has 20K tri's.


If the allies take the train route to the CP, they should notice that they will be able to take the wooden board and crawl that way up.

To make it easier for the axis to defend the CP from 4 different fronts, there has been added a Machine Gun at the broken house next to the CP building.

A health and ammo kit has been added next to the axis only door.

I hope that this will make playing the map more fun than it is now. =)

P.S. If you get any good ideas that could improve the map, be sure to post in the mapping forum and I will look into it.


The axis are about to leave the city with their fueltrucks. Their destination is
the Fueldump from where they will be able to better protect all their black gold.

The allies have to secure the trainstation and fight their way through the city,
capturing keypoints as they progress before finally destroying the two fueltrucks.


:allies: Allies:
1) Capture the trainstation, secure it by destroying the road barrier.
2) Construct the Command Post in order to activate another spawn.
3) Destroy the Sewer Grates.
4) Destroy the Depot gates.
5) Destroy the South and North Fuel Truck.

1) Stop the allies from advancing, do not let them destroy the road barricade.
2) Construct the CP in order to get another spawn.
3) Do not allow them to breach the Depot Gates
4) Do not allow them to breach the Sewer Grates
5) Do not allow them to destroy the fuel trucks.


Whenever you ride the traintugs, be sure to send them back if you wish to use them again at your spawn.
If the axis seem to defend the road barrier too good, try to steal one of their uniforms in order to take the alley route.
Having the CP post constructed is vital for success for either team.
Be sure to keep an eye on your Fuel Trucks, as the allies are able to sneak past the defences.

Avoc would like to thank:

Splashdamage and ID, for creating a wonderful game that has a steady fanbase all these years.
2bit, for teaching me all the basics in map layout/designing.
Sage, for all the wonderful scripting.
Splashdamage forums; for always providing valuble help.

Sage would like to thank:

Avoc for the "stuff" xD
Splashdamage for the game, the forums and especially for all the bugs and errors.


RayBan, for the construction sack models, Roq Flame, Candlelight and Candle Model.
TrueCombatElite, Most of the costum textures are from the amazing ET full mod true combat elite. Try it.
Destroyed House Prefab, found it via splashdamage.com/forums
The Sewer Caustic effect has been salvaged from a map originally made for the TCE mod.
The Sewer splash and water effects were from another ET map, the name evades me :(

Version History:
>> Beta 1;
Released 18th January 2008

CHANGELOG for the beta 1:

Final details
Command map icons added
Vo-sounds added
Various sounsd added
Tank Combat finished
Fixed some minor bugs
And stuff...


Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots

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