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Download UJE the beast beta 3

- - - - -

Axis objective map:

Axis are loosing the war bigtime so they had to come
up with a new idea.
This time they bring the almighty beast into war.
They have to escort the beast to the labs where
the allies took the zombies for testing.
once the beast destroyed the main gate the axis can
try to free the zombies by blowing up the Forcefields.
Allies have to prevent this all.


Axis objective

* Escort the Beast till it destroys the Main entrance of the lab
* Destroy the 2 Generators that keep the Forcefield active.
* Fix the Commandpost
* Build the bridge

Allied objective

* Stop the Beast
* Prevent the Axis from blowing up the Generators
* Build commandpost
* Prevent the axis from building the Bridge


More [UJE] maps:

You can see the info about our other maps on our website


[UJE]Clan site www.ujeclan.com


for campaigncycles the map is called UJE_the_beast


My Credits always go to the people who keep the game alive like:
Avoc for his Sky
ischbinz for making the beast work
Lt1 and Black Rayne Studios for the inside models
and i think Kic for making the NM trees .

Thanks guys for keeping the game alive.



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