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Download Sneak config

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Some things you should know:

1. I use 800 DPI on my mouse.
2. All mouse accel/smoothing must be disabled.
3. MarkC Windows mousefix is applied.
4. Windows sens is default (6th notch).
5. Resolution: 1920x1080
6. Fov: 105
7. I play with mouse in left-hand
8. to exec config: first type "/cvar_restart" in your console then type "/exec sneak"

Please change the name in the config before using, to whichever name you wish. It's setup where if you press "p" it will set your name and execute the sniper config and class changer (just incase it didn't get exec'd from the config - happens sometimes). The "o" key will do the same thing but it's designed to let you switch to another name.

Arrow keys for movement, CTRL for jump, KP_DEL for crouch, KP_INS for prone. Pressing KP_PGUP will toggle the sniper settings on and off.

F5 = Medic/Fop Toggle
F7 = Panzer/MG42 Toggle
F8 = Sniper/Sten Toggle

If you cannot run 1920x1080 you should change the "r_mode" to the appropriate value or change the "r_customwidth" and "r_customeheight" to your preferred resolution and leave "r_mode" at "-1".

If you have a weak pc this config may not work for you, the details are turned up. If you have no side-scroll function on your scroll wheel you will need to rebind the lean keys. Otherwise, bind left scroll to press "Q" in your mouse software and right scroll to press "E".

The "]" key is for playdead.

Press "B" and your binocs will open and fire, release when done. You must be pointed at the location where you want the artillery to do this.

Global Chat: "/"
Team Chat: "."
Fireteam Chat: ","

END: pistol
Delete: alternate fire
PageDown: knife

Side mouse buttons:
MOUSE5 (Logitech g500) is set to pull the needle out.
MOUSE4 is set to pull out the SMG.
MOUSE3 (scroll wheel click) is set to kill yourself.
MOUSE2 is set to reload your weapon.

KP_DOWNARROW: used to jump east wall in supply @ the rock.

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