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Download Clean-ETMAIN v1.2

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Developer: =RDA=GuNer

OS Requirement: Windows XP, Vista, or Windows7
Other Requirement: ET client 2.55 or 2.60b

  • Aggressive deep scanning action
  • Removes unwanted clan menus
  • Restores default ET menus
  • Prepares players for new clan menu installs
  • Removes trash etmain files
  • Reduces disconnection drops
  • Eliminates the hassle of purging or reinstalling
  • May fix mod problems caused by .pk3 errors
  • Removes partially downloaded temp files
  • Removes profile.pid so cvars don't reset

Clean-ETMAIN is a fast and simple utility that cleans up the ET game folders by deleting junk pk3 files, mini-mods, annoying custom menus, and excessive server files. It will also reduce the number of total files in your etmain folder since too many files causes game instability and corruption. It also has the option to delete the profile.pid file. The utility is safe, and does not delete stock ET game files, large maps, or major mod files. It does not install anything on your computer. You can run it as often as you like.


As a clan admin for ET, I got tired of our members complaining that other clans were taking over our menus.
These other clan menus blocked our menus from working right.
Most players do not know how to delete these menus manually. So I made this utility to solve that problem.
I issue it to everyone in our clan. All they have to do is run it and reconnect to our clan servers and the menus are fixed!

Players have a right to a clean game!

  • Download and extract to your computer
  • Remove any flash drives or portable media
  • Double-click on Clean-ETMAIN.exe
  • Select "yes" or "no" to clean ET
  • Done!
  • For player clients only
  • Will cause minor re-downloading from various servers (expected)
  • Make sure any software scanning the hard drives are paused before running
  • If you get a message on windows 7 or Vista saying "there is no disk", disregard and click "continue"


This is an executable file created mainly from windows batch scripts. The utility works by searching for the signatures of custom menus. It scans character names, file sizes, and locations. Since server owners have to use these characteristics to make an effective "take-over" menu, the utility will find and delete them easily. It uses a combination of path deletion and advanced search scripts to remove files beginning with "~" "z" and ending with .tmp .pid in the ET directories. It also looks for small .pk3 files under 1mb excluding game essential.


There is always the possibility of batch scripts triggering an AV alert. If it does, simply disregard.
Know that this utility is safe and contains no malicious software.


The author of this software is not responsible for any missing or deleted custom files in the etmain, etpub, or ecsmod folders, as the whole point of this software is to remove such files. If it is your desire to regain deleted custom files, simply reconnect to the server where you got them from. Other than that this utility does not change the ET game or operating system in any way shape or form an so the author is not responsible for any loss of data, problems, system instability, corruption, differences, changes, or inconveniences resulting before, during, or after the utility is used. User assumes full responsibility for its use.

What's New in Version v1.2 (See full changelog)

  • Removes small trash files in ETMAIN and other mod folders
  • Removes typical file menus installed by server owners
  • Now searches multiple drives and ET folders
  • Removes .tmp files that waste space
  • Remove .PID files which undo custom configs
  • Fixed the false AV alert



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