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  • Submitted: Jun 02 2013 06:03 PM
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Download ZOMG 2.02b

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world gen

This is a standalone world generator for Minecraft. Its from the year 2009, as such the generated maps need to be converted, so that they can be used in new Minecraft versions.
In my opinion it creates the most interesting landscapes. Unfortunately only on a small scale.


Posted by ZomBuster on 15 November 2009 - 11:24 PM


ZOMG 2.02b

New stuff:
-custom filename
-some more bugs fixed
-Treasure chests. Randomly placed underground filled with loot (or garbage, it's random!)
-Added more cosmetic variables
-RANDOM variable to make everything random!
-Now uses mclevel
-prebaked lighting
-lots of different stuff
-absolutely no easter eggs

This newest version has a bunch of new stuff like user input, caves and more!

-config file for easy input
-multiple map sizes
-more stuff

Posted by Pyrolysis on 29 January 2011 - 01:01 AM

I've gotten it to work fine in beta.

1) Generate a world in minecraft.
2) Mess around with the config file and then generate a map, which I called A in a .mclevel file.
3) Open up MCEdit, open map generated by the minecraft client in .dat format
4) Click import on the task bar at the bottom of MCEdit, choose the ZOMG A.mclevel file. This will make the whole ZOMG generated map appear as a movable/placeable selection in MCEdit (lag almost guaranteed if you're making a decent sized map), which you can place/bump etc.
5) Once it's placed where you want it, click "import" on the sidebar.
6) It'll say "copying (x number, always in the many millions) blocks" and will probably lag LIKE HELL, but eventually it will place your selection.
7) Hit Ctrl + S and it will save the previously .mclevel file into the new .dat file, because .dat was the original filetype of your minecraft-generated map. It will say "lighting (x number, probably a lot) chunks" and will appear as if it's frozen, but it's not really, it's just unresponsive while it works through being inundated with processing tasks. Will probably take a while.

After this, you can open up your ZOMG generated map out of the minecraft launcher in beta as per usual.

What's New in Version 2.02b (See full changelog)

  • custom filename
  • some more bugs fixed
  • Treasure chests. Randomly placed underground filled with loot (or garbage, it's random!)
  • Added more cosmetic variables
  • RANDOM variable to make everything random!
  • Now uses mclevel
  • prebaked lighting
  • lots of different stuff
  • absolutely no easter eggs


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