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Download 1944 Nordwind 2.1 Final

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All credits goes to +KOMMANDO+, the maker of the 1944 Wolfenstein Enemy Territory awesome map series, even if they're all bugged the level design and the objective are various and well placed.

If you spot any bug/glitch/exploit, if you're unhappy with a change or several I made, if you still find it non-equilibrated, just post feedback here, it will be very welcome!


+KOMMANDO+ (Original 1944 Nordwind map)
Mateos (Since 1944 Nordwind 2)

Map Objectives

The Axis have launched their counter offensive to the Allied advance. The Axis Operation Nordwind seeks to capture a gold deposit located in the village. They plan on repairing a Jagdpanther and escort it to the deposit, steal the Gold, and escort the Gold-Truck to their base.

Posted ImageAllied Objectives
  • Stop the Axis from stealing the Tank from the Allied Tank Depot.
  • Disable or obstruct the Axis-held Tank to prevent it reaching the Truckyard.
  • Stop the Axis from stealing the Gold from the deposit.
  • Stop the Axis from escaping with the Gold via a Truck.
  • Protect the Warehouse Gate to keep in safe the Axis Command Post.
  • Prevent the Axis from establishing a Command Post inside the Warehouse.
  • Set up a Command Post inside the Tank Depot to gain new positions.
Posted Image Axis Objective
  • Steal a Tank from the Allied Tank Depot.
  • Protect the Tank and escort it to the Truckyard, clearing any obstructions along the route.
  • Steal two crates of Gold from the deposit.
  • Escape with the crates of Gold using the Truck in the Truckyard.
  • Destroy the Warehouse Gate to access the Axis Command Post.
  • Establish a Command Post inside the Warehouse to gain access to a forward spawn.
  • Prevent the Allies from fortifying their position with a Command Post inside the Tank Depot.
It is recommended to run it on servers with less than 64 slots and without Double-Jump :) Bots will not use the Backway, but I'm in the process to update the waypoints for 1944 Nordwind, then port them again to Nordwind 2 and 2.1 (when finished it will have a different BSP name).

Contact: mister_mateos[AT]hotmail.fr

Special thanks to
+KOMMANDO+, for his awesome 1944 series.
Harry clan, to have accepted me in, and for supporting me.
#Kemon, [UJE]Rebel, ailmanki, Avoc, Kic, Magic, Shagileo, Tardis,
and all other Splash Damage members who have helped and supported me.
2Bit, Marko, Chruker, Ifurita and some others for their tutorials and prefabs.
id Software & Splash Damage, thanks for ET!

And special thanks to dFx, for all his help since the begining, and his Decompilateur!

Further development

Full change can be view here

Materials Credits
Command Posts by 2Bit
Generator model by Black Rayne Studios
Tapir model by [SLUT] Shagileo, textured by [SLUT] Shagileo & Pegazus

Useful Links
Ifurita's T-Junctions Optimization Tutorial:


This level may be electronically distributed only at
NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST
include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN

What's New in Version Final (See full changelog)

  • Second public release
  • Removed a custom texture and replaced it by a vanilla one.
  • The whole road is made of patches as of now, to smooth out the lightmap generation on it... Thanks Q3Map2.


Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots

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