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Map Objectives

Allied intelligence has discovered that the Axis forces are temporarily storing a large shipment of gold at a supply depot near the German border.
The Allies have to drive a truck into the supply depot to steal the big ass crate of gold using a crane.
The Axis have to defend the Depot and protect the gold for 15 minutes.

:allies: Allied Objectives
  • Breach the Forward Bunker Gate with dynamite.
  • Breach the Depot Gate with dynamite.
  • Escort the Allied truck to the Depot crane.
  • Construct the crane controls on the upper level of the Depot warehouse, and operate the crane to load the gold onto the Truck.
  • Escort the Allied truck out of the Depot and escape with the gold.
  • Breach the West Depot Wall with dynamite.
  • Breach the East Depot Wall with dynamite.
  • Build a command post at the abandoned cabin, and do not allow the axis to do the same.
:axis: Axis Objective
  • Stop the Allies from breaching the Forward Bunker Gate with dynamite.
  • Stop the Allies from breaching the Depot Gate with dynamite."
  • Ensure that the Allied truck does not reach the Depot crane."
  • Stop the Allies from constructing the crane controls on the upper level of the Depot warehouse, and don't let them operate the crane.
  • Do not allow the Allied truck to escape with the gold.
  • Stop the Allies from breaching the West Depot Wall with dynamite.
  • Stop the Allies from breaching the East Depot Wall with dynamite.
  • Build a command post at the abandoned cabin, and do not allow the allies to do the same.
Basic Information

I've been working on a different version of Supply (not Supply Depot), giving it a Winter style and fixing through the source what the ETPro mapscript included in supply.pk3; Also, compared to Supply Depot 3, there's snow only outside, and I use less custom materials


Ginc (Original Supply Depot maker)
Mortis (Supply map scripts)
EB (Supply Depot 3)
Mateos (Supply Depot (Winter Edition))

Special thanks to
PartyCafe, Harry clan and Team Element 666, to have accepted me in, and for supporting me.
#Kemon, [UJE]Rebel, ailmanki, Avoc, Kic, Magic, Shagileo, stealth6, Tardis and all other Splash Damage members who have helped and supported me.
2Bit, Marko, Chruker, Ifurita and some others for their tutorials and prefabs.
id Software & Splash Damage, thanks for ET!

Further development

Changelog Winter Edition:
  • Lowered ambient sound volume from various values to 127.
  • Winter Theme, but only in exteriors and using default materials as much as possible (To compare with Supply Depot 3).
  • Moved the Crane Controls like in Supply Depot 3, to avoid putting solid invisible stuff everywhere and prevent the satchel exploit.
  • Various script fixes incorporated: Spawn/Gold bugs, annoying alarm/radios muted, SK protections, Grenade/Mortar stairwell glitch, ...
  • Several options incorporated, but disabled by default; Admins can easily enable them by commenting/uncommenting certain lines!
  • Truck may stop earlier on one/both Gates.
  • Ammo Cabinet @ Farm Spawn (Model, Command Map icon, Hint).
  • Radio musics can be enabled, the audio files and entities are included.
  • Allied CP Health & Ammo cabinets; To Compare with SD3, there's no "broken model":
  • they appear when CP is built, so nasty people can stay there to stop Allies...
  • When you start to build CP, models will appear as underconstruction to prevent people to die...
Materials Credits


- blitz_sd_s2.tga - Based on blitz_sd.tga, used blitz_sd_s.tga (Because of different Trucks).
- hightree1_snow/hightree2_snow/tree_temperate_high_snow.md3 - Based on their temperate counterparts.
- leaves_temperate1/2/3_snow - Their skins.


- barrel_snow_gb.jpg - From Supply Depot 3.
- cathedrale_c13_s.jpg - From cathedrale_c13.jpg, edited by a friend.
- supply_we_sky.jpg - There were a similar file in core files, but the gray was too dark IMO; Took a picture of the sky IRL.
- wood_m02_s.jpg - Based on wood_m02.jpg, used the snow from s_cathedrale_c24b.jpg
- box_m04a_sd_s.tga - Based on... box_m04a_sd.tga, snow from box_t_m04a.tga; Just to have the same texture in snow theme, without the Axis Eagle.
- s_town_c91_decal.tga - Based on s_town_c91.jpg, used to add snow at the bottom of buildings.

Useful Links
Ifurita's T-Junctions Optimization Tutorial: http://www.splashdam...ial-T-Junctions

For Omni-Bot files, just copy/paste/rename supply waypoints to supply_we.

As said in Changelog, there's built-in features disabled by default, they're accessible in the top of the supply_we.script, I've added commentaries so you can easily edit and place them in your mapscripts mod directory.

Thanks to Mortis for the authorization, all the props and models are by this way at the same place, same size, same angle as original.




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