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B1 Reunion Party

21 Nov 2017

Posted by Mongo in Community News
:party: :bomb: @ :b1:                       :yahoo: 

|>B<|Bunker 1 Reunion Party

Saturday, December 9 Time 12:00pm PST, 3:00pm EST, 21:00 Central Europe Time
Prepare yourself with fast food and drink. Old whit :beer2: and young with :pepsi: .

So tell all your old :Oldfart: and new player friends to come and play.

IP: / bunker1.aaxxss.com

Teamspeak 3 info http://www.gametrack...99.64.243:9234/ Check and update before the event.

Your local time https://www.timeandd...71209T12&p1=234
Countdown https://www.timeandd...1 Reunion Party

Come on all party animals and make this a funny :fun: event.
Thank you neurosis for the initiative of this Party. Link original post http://bunker.aaxxss...one-interested/

Best Regards

Mongo :jester:

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B1 reunion - Is anyone interested?

14 Oct 2017

Posted by neurosis in Community News

Motion Lotion and I have been talking about trying to get a B1 reunion game together.  Curious if anyone would be interested in setting aside an evening to come play and hang out with some of our old friends.


We still see some of the old regulars playing on other servers so we know that some of you are still around. 


I don't play as well as I used to so friendly banter and fun making is welcome. 


We'll try to message a few people to see if we can gather some interest.  Anyone?

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Blir det något Party (Party ?)

22 Dec 2016

Posted by Mongo in Community News
Will there be any Christmas party at the Bunker?
Tried question before the 2x2 but received no response.
I'll be there if you want a Party but please respond from Bunker people and all great regulars.
If a Party Should be we Should have it on B4.
If we Download it to much we go B2 and later one night we go B1 and B10.

I think ScewLoose want a Part he is a Dancing queen I think. Admin like him dance like ABBA.

Best Regards Mongo.

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B4 Party

26 Jun 2016

Posted by OldChap in Community News
Bunker4 party
Sunday 2016-07-03 19h00 CET

Let us test the "new" server and see if it can handle a party.


Let's all have a bit of Bunker 4 fun :D

Time table: http://www.timeandda...160703T19&p1=69

I hope to see you all :D

PS. sorry about the timing for the football fans in France and Italy/Spain which will play at that day. But the game starts at 21.00, so there will be 2 hours of happy gaming until that football game is played ;)


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