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Google Chrome 66 now supports Oculus Rift but it's disabled by default

19 Apr 2018

Posted by Falkes in Community News



Several months after Google Chrome gained WebVR support, the browser now supports Oculus Rift devices out of the box, sort of. While support is in the latest stable release of the browser, you’ll have to enable functionality in the flags menu. The new flag was found by a Reddit user and several others in the thread confirmed that the feature does work. It should be noted that it’s only supported on Windows 10.

The flag suggests that it will only enable Oculus Rift to work with Chrome so if you’re sitting at home with another device you shouldn’t expect it to work after enabling this flag. If, however, you do own the Oculus Rift, flick the switch and try out Google’s WebVR Experiments and report back on how well they work!

Enabling the functionality is straightforward, just open a new Chrome tab and in the address bar type chrome://flags and search for Oculus and set the resulting option to enabled.

Google is playing a game of catch up on the VR front; Mozilla enabled WebVR support way back in August last year and boasted support for HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift out of the box. It might take a decent while yet until all the popular browsers contain support for most VR headsets but we’re definitely getting closer.

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Another Windows 10 bug in build 17134 may again delay the April 2018 Update

19 Apr 2018

Posted by Falkes in Community News


The Windows 10 spring update, or 'April 2018 Update' build 17133 was supposed to be the version that shipped to everyone starting nine days ago on April 10, but "reliability issues" blocked it from being the absolute RTM build, despite a cumulative update (17133.73) being released that could have fixed those issues. In an unprecedented move by Microsoft, a second RTM candidate (build 17134.1) was released a couple of days ago, but it seems this too has a bug that needs squashing.

Several users are reporting on Reddit that the setting: "Set defaults by app" is crashing when people try to launch it, as shown above. You can test if it is affecting your system on builds 17133 and 17134 by heading to Settings > Apps > Default apps > Set defaults by app > Set defaults by app.

I personally was unable to reproduce the bug on a (relatively old) ASUS P5K-E Intel i5-4440 system with 16GB of DDR3 RAM, I am running build 17134.1 that I upgraded over 17133.73. It's unclear from the comments what sort of systems are affected or if those experiencing it upgraded or clean installed, since those details are scarce from the Reddit thread.

What we can determine from those that responded is that at least one user said that the bug appeared after upgrading to build 17134; the bug also appears on French, Italian and English systems so it isn't language specific, and as of writing, I am unable to find it in the Feedback Hub, so I hope that someone who actually has the bug (I don't) will report it.

Microsoft has yet to comment through its various channels to acknowledge the bug, although (hopefully) this might be something that can be fixed with a cumulative update.

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Google Chrome 66 released, now available for download

18 Apr 2018

Posted by Falkes in Community News


The web browser is arguably the most important piece of software on your computer. You spend much of your time online inside a browser: when you search, chat, email, shop, bank, read the news, and watch videos online, you often do all this using a browser.

Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier. Use one box for everything--type in the address bar and get suggestions for both search and Web pages. Thumbnails of your top sites let you access your favorite pages instantly with lightning speed from any new tab. Desktop shortcuts allow you to launch your favorite Web apps straight from your desktop. Chrome has many useful features built in, including automatic full-page translation and access to thousands of apps, extensions, and themes from the Chrome Web Store.

Google Chrome is one of the best solutions for Internet browsing giving you high level of security, speed and great features.

Google Chrome 66 highlights include:

New media autoplay behavior: autoplaying content is muted by default along with other restrictions/permissions
Passwords export feature: You can download .csv file in “Managed passwords”
Site Isolation Trial: improves security and helps mitigate the risks posed by Spectre chip bug by running pages from different websites in different processes with each process blocked from receiving sensitive data from other sites
Chrome 66 will also not trust website certificates issued by Symantec’s legacy PKI
Over 62 security fixes

Download web installer: Google Chrome Web 32-bit | Google Chrome 64-bit | Freeware
Download: Google Chrome MSI Installers for Windows
View: Chrome Website | v66.0.3359.117 Release Notes

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AMD debuts new Ryzen processors, pre-orders start today

14 Apr 2018

Posted by Falkes in Community News


It was nearly a year ago that AMD debuted its first Ryzen processors, the firm is now debuting its second generation CPUs and making them available for pre-order.

According to AMD, the newly announced desktop processors will deliver high performance, new features, and will be offered at four different price points. Jim Anderson, who is the senior vice president and general manager for AMD states:

“Second generation Ryzen desktop processors take everything that made the original Ryzen so groundbreaking and makes it better – great performance combined with advanced technology to deliver an amazing experience for the most demanding users”

For the first time, AMD is going to include its Wraith cooler with each of its second generation Ryzen desktop processors. Also with a new CPU, comes a new chipset, the AMD X470, which utilizes socket AM4. As you might expect, new motherboards supporting AMD's X470 chipset will also be available, being manufactured by popular brands like ASRock, ASUS, Gigabyte, and MSI.

The new X470 motherboards will be backward compatible with current AM4 processors. AMD also notes that existing 300-series motherboards will also compatible with the new Ryzen processors after a BIOS update. Pre-orders for the new Ryzens will be available starting today and will make their official retail at physical stores on April 19.

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