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This topic is designed for users who know this tool and/or the site of the PB.

After see so many players, members and friends were put out of our servers, I reignited the desire to share this information with them all. Now I see that many really know how to do, this application or that such information is available on the website of the PB.

This tool is for all the games to which the PB supports. You can only turn into one update all what you have installed on your computer with the same tool, without having to be using the game online.
At the opposite of what normally is, many actually know that, they are using the game and taking the autoupdate enabled PB often really devastating failure of the server for several more reasons.

The why of that topic? We tried to explained to some guys online, but always, I have explained poorly or failed to provide any significant technical detail, for only my fault.
Here copying part of which is made available to all on the site of the PB, fleeing from committing the most diverse gross mistakes in my attempt to good translation.

/Stick ?

----- From Punkbuster-------
For users who need or desire to use PBSetup to manually update PunkBuster, PBSetup download links for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX are provided below. PBSetup does not modify the Windows registry. For best results, users should create a folder on the hard drive to hold PBSetup and the various files that it will create and use during operation. PBSetup should be downloaded directly into the folder or moved into the folder after downloading to the desktop but before running PBSetup for the first time. The easiest way to create a folder is to "right click" on the desktop and choose New|Folder from the pop-up menu and then type in a folder name such as PBSetup and press the Enter key.

Windows: http://websec.evenba...ows/pbsetup.exe
Linux: http://websec.evenba...nux/pbsetup.run
Mac OSX: http://websec.evenba...mac/pbsetup.tgz

Click the "Add a Game" button to bring up the game selection screen. Use the dropdown menu to select a game. In most cases, PBSetup will then auto-detect the path to the appropriate PB folder. If not, use the browse button to tell PBSetup where the game is installed on the computer.

After one or more games have been added, click on the "Check for Updates" button to have PBSetup check for new updates, install PB, and/or repair PB files that may be missing or corrupted.

For any issues related to PBSetup, please communicate directly with our staff using our web-based trouble-ticket system.


Have a GG with Fun. Enjoy!