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About the Community

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In another attempt to combine various stickies, this is a topic where you can learn much more about the community, how it was founded, current admins, etc.

The following link provides information on the Founders Council

The next topic is a wonderful information topic put together by MysticWarrior about our community, current admins, etc.

KILLERBEE put this topic together highlighting server statistics

The Membership List Of Bunker Gaming by Erls can be view here

Moderator abilities - By Erls

Forum Moderators CANNOT do the following (at least on the majority of forums)

1 - Add/remove access to private forums for a forum account
2 - Change group membership of a forum account
3 - Delete forum accounts
4 - Change names
5 - Make website changes

MODERATORS CAN USUALLY DO the following (again, on the majority of forums)

1 - Edit posts
2 - Delete posts
3 - Sticky topic
4 - Lock topics
5 - Unlock topics
6 - Raise/Lower a forum accounts warn level
7 - Suspend a forum account
8 - Remove signatures
9 - Check IP's
10 - Delete profile comments
11 - Make announcements that show on each section
12 - Limit/preview posts for specific people
13 - We are more than happy to help you if we can

Forum admins can do all those and more, moderators will help the best they can to contact the admins for changes.
Additions or changes to this list should be messaged to any moderator and will be taken care of.

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