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More bots?

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On some of the maps 3v3 seems like to few, is it possible to add a couple more? Was thinking 8v8 w/ each class represented and extra med, engi, fops or 6v6 with each class plus extra engi. I hope its not asking to much, I'm not sure the work that goes into it. Good server Bee keep it up. thumbsup.gif

See you Space Cowboy...



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Yes this is possible, 8vs8 seems nice... also can make commands like !botallallies and !botallaxis so we can have human vs bot fun emot_bigsmile.gif... Will test that out on the b6 testserver beforce loading it up to B6.

If we have 16 bots we could use some more slots (currently 20+4). I'm allowed to go up to 64 slots. maybe 32 slots? (30+2). I always wanted to make those bot dissconnect when someone connects. But was never enabled to find out how (since I don't use the normal/standard way to load bots) But having 16 bots 24/7 is fine too :]..... Maybe it's soon time to create a b6 party emot_bigsmile.gif...



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Come to B10 then.. More bots there..

@Bee. The script/ability to add/remove bots based on player counts actually sucks. Between specing players and those coming and going the system seemed to be adding/removing bots a lot..