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Hunk_AllocateTempMemory: failed on #######

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This error happens, cause Enemy-Territory has a default of using 56mb of your Memory (RAM).
Quake 3 had that setting, and seems it was kept for ET. Unfortunately there are many maps,
which require more Memory, to make ET use more memory, its best to create a shortcut.

you normally have a shortcut of ET somewhere, right-click it, open the properties,
edit the line target, well here its german so its the field "Ziel"
Attached File  hunkmegs.JPG   31.29KB   58 downloads

512 makes no sense, 256 is enough I guess.
com_hunkmegs 256

better set also those 2 cvars, instead of hilarious high hunkmegs.
com_soundmegs 128
com_zonemegs 128

you can also add other stuff like:
A shortcut for directly connecting to Bunker #1:
+connect bunker1.aaxxss.com

all together would look like that:
('+set fs_game etpub' makes it load directly etpub, hehe then yor even faster on B1)
"c:\Program Files\Wolfenstein Enemy-Territory\et.exe" +set com_hunkmegs 196 +set com_soundmegs 64 +set com_zonemegs 64 +set fs_game etpub +connect bunker1.aaxxss.com

At least 128 should be used, but if your PC has less Memory, well set it lower.. but the error will continue to arise on certain maps.

if you have 128 mb ram,
you can try 96 .. but I guess that is not enough for ET anyway,
else with 256,
com_hunkmegs 128
com_soundmegs 24
com_zonemegs 16

com_hunkmegs 256
com_soundmegs 64
com_zonemegs 64

com_hunkmegs 256
com_soundmegs 128
com_zonemegs 128

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Theres also the possibility to change the hunkmegs and soundmegs value in your et config . To do this you need to open the etconfig.cfg file in etmain , also in the profile folder inside etmain and inside the profile folder of the Mod you wanna play , fE No Quarter .

In this 3 locations open the etconfig file (do with wordpad so its not all messed up) browse to the entry :

seta com_hunkmegs "x"
seta com_soundmegs "x"

and put the value you wanna have into where the x is .

you can enter around the half or up to 2/3 of the RAM you have inside your comp , depends on how much is used by your comp .

fE : If you have 1024 mB RAM in your comp , you can put in 512 for hunkmegs and 128 for soundmegs . Shouldnt be a problem for most comps .