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Punkbuster installation guide

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This Guide is for people who have freshly installed ET, or need to reinstall it, due to problems with PB.

First you need to have the game installed, your windows clean of crap - like viruses, trojaners and so on.
Same for Linux and OSX.

The file to install PB - PBSetup*, you should make a folder for it somewhere, as it will download files to where it is, and work from there.
For example, if you start it from your Desktop, it will clutter your desktop with files you have no use for.
So make a folder and move it their, and start it then.

Download PBSetup and PBSVCDelete the folder pb, in your Wolfenstein Enemy-Territory folder.
for example
C:\Programs\Wolfenstein Enemy-Territory\pb

Then reinstall pb, by using pbsetup.exe, add the game Enemy-Territory, and let it Update it.
Then check pb, by using pbsvc.exe, Just start it, and let it do its tests.

Then PB install is complete.
Download PBSetup
  • pbsetup (You will have to enter a security Code, (CAPTCHA))
In your home folder, find this:
Library/Application Support/Wolfenstein ET/pb (thanks to Djeebs for the info)
and delete the hole pb folder.

Use the downloaded pbsetup to install PB.
Download PBSetup
  • pbsetup (You will have to enter a security Code, (CAPTCHA))
Delete your pb folder, should be @

Then reinstall pb with pbsetup.

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