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Disallowed Program/Driver [120152]

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I've been producing some tests with a old PC (P4 3.06, Intel 875PBZ, 2Gb etc) computer, each time with a different video cards, here understand how ATI chipsets and the other, NVIDIA.

I did a clean install on a HDD separately, pre-formatted for this procedure. Windows XP, all drivers that came with the hardware and an antivirus and antispyware and their required updates, so the only use for when playing online. Before installing the game after rapid tests the integrity of its operating system with minimal upgrades to be functional to provide the necessary environment for the game to function properly.
New installation also of fair play, just copied the files of the maps (not copying the files pack0, 1.2. Pk3) which are stored in the etmain.

Once that's done properly updated the PB with the tool PBSetup (more information on this program in my signature - in green).
Since there was still no MOD installed the game, started the pilgrimage to our servers to be automatically installed the MODs that they use, Jaymod, ETPub, Domination NoQuarter (the latter still wanted in this new installation).
When connecting to the B10, I had problems and I was surprised to be expelled by PB with the message above. I thought strange because everything should be OK. A few seconds I was wondering what would have generated such error. I must have been server problem and I fell. I will reconnect. So I did and shortly after connecting the same error. I was the driver of video card. I did not think 2 times, turned off the computer and changed NVIDIA on ATI that is newer. I installed MVREGCLEAN (infos also on same topic inside my assignature) to clear the records of the windows with the installation of the previous videocard.
Banavar the videocard ATI and their drivers open the game and send reconnect to the same server. A few minutes online, the server, and again I put out follow the same message, reconnect and re-send the same error message 120,152. Closing the game.
Completely disable the antivirus protection and road and send the game that connects to the same server. The problem persisted.
Thing I need to disable the Icon of the videocard. Done that sent connect and the problem disappeared. Quit the game, enable the antivirus software and connect, surprise, I had more damn error was only 120,152 now that the lag was a little more this of course after all of the functions of the resident antivirus is also the verification and processing of packets exchanged the internet, therefore understandable that moment, and here I thank the understanding of G0rt who answered the request and allowing me to use the server with high ping. So my dear friends, there are similar problems with the same error message text, even changing the number of ERROR, remember what I speak here:
Disable/close the system tray icons relevant to your video card.

If you are using the PB finds some old driver it will do the same with you.

Programs knows between the gamerplayers and can also give the same problem are: ATI Tray Tools, Nvidia Tray, AntiVirus, AntiSpyware, Fraps, Teamspeak, Xfire, Ventrillo, Jet, Xray, GSC, EVGA Precision, and finally in this list, Skype.

This happens in alot games what have PB support NOT JUST with ET. SODA, MOHAA, and many anothers. Do a search and will find alot games with seemed errors around it, just for few things outdate on system tray. OMG.

Later u read all my (alot) words come and say - if this was helpful for u: put a emoticon below, just it in your post, and we all we knows one more guy without this problem around.

So now u knows how handle with this situations and solve.
Go ahead and have fun. thumbsup.gif

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