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Want to post a script or config?

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Upload the zip, cfg, image, rar to Bunker .. use the upload function.
Images on some hosts seem to stay there, but none knows if they vanish somewhen.
Online file hosters proof to be extremely unreliable for long time storage.. if you want your config to be available be sure to post it and or upload it on Bunker forums.

Use tags, makes it much easier to read the forum,
to preserver white space and formatting, the code tag
to post a lot of lines use either codebox or hide, both are in the Quick Access on the left of the editor.
hint: if you want to give some extra info on mouse over only, use the acronym tag.
(The button 'BB Code Help' lists all with an example.)

If you want your topic to be approved ... closed and marked with solved, then pm a Moderator or me. Maybe a subforum has to be add for those, in any case we can still have a second topic as discussion to it.
If you want it to appear in wiki, pm Falkes.