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server script ideas

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Pey, you were sharing ideas for server/bot scripts and I had some ideas. I though about pm'ing but figured if open post we could get a collective 'think tank' going.

Is there any way to sort out the bots and the humans so that we could have HUMAN team balancing vs teams set at a default (bot/human mix) i.e. ignore players with pings less than 1 when a new player joins?

Dam there was a second I had an idea for but the brain's now slipping.


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There is some script in place checking for bots and humans.. it does now configure the mapvoting, so that only maps with bots are available - as long as the current map had bots playing.
I think since longer about a automatic thingy. Soon I will get a script which allows for capturing the ingame votes.. so that people could vote for botwar - for example.

Sorting out players which are connecting is not yet really possible, what I can do I think is enable "disconnected download" but that is a pain, and not needed for anything else in the moment. So I think better not enable it.
Well thinking of it.. I could count the people which are connecting and adjust maxbots - but thats a pita.
What I would like more is to extend Warmup if somebody is still connecting - and if he exceeds the extra time - he should be put spec - and warmup finished. That sounds much better :)