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CoCo's lessons part 1

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Hey peoples!

For all ze players out there who wat to be a bit better I will (try) to post a lesson here weekly :)
The reason for 1 lesson every week is so people can practise the tips i give part for part, instead of clutting your mind with too many things.
step by step :)
Im not saying Im an awesome superduper et player (my aim is quit bad :P), but I hope this will help u all!

I will start with the extreme basics and gradually give more advanced tips:)

LESSON1: Crosshair positioning

-ALWAYS keep your aim at head hight.
To do this, minimize jumping around, and keep checking if your on correct height by setting the crosshair on your teammates head, or follow the lines ingame.
(on most walls there are lines, with are exactely head hight)

- Always keep crosshair on spots where ennemy comes from. F/E if you know ennemy will come through a door, make sure you keep your crosshair on that door when u run by.
Keep tracking spots where ennemy comes from. This way you can inmiddiately tripple your ennemy when he comes through door / corridor / etc. You wont have to drag your mouse all the way there, your
crosshair is already aimed @ ennemy.

Example video: (for tracking ennemy spots watch 4:50 -5:13)

Well, good luck with this first tip and try to focus on your crosshair positioning!


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omg..coco wants to train an army of little cocos as backups for the nutz ^^



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Coco speaking of aim. Thats the end of the world :PPPPPPPPPPPP


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+1 Felix :D



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remember, keep crosshairs on the enemy (zones) not on the medic/Lut who's giving you health/ammo. I usually can score 2 kills quickly that way, you bag the medic (thats usually facing you without his gun) then the sucker that SHOULD have been covering the medic healing him. If you watch me in game I NEVER watch the medics arround me, I'll cover a danger zone when calling for them, and I play just a bit braver knowing I've got a ready supply of band-aids behind me.