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Happy Halloween!

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For the past couple of days TF2 is celebrating Halloween.
This year the MONOCULUS (the evil missing eye of the demoman) has spawned to haunt us all.
It can be found in a new map "Eyeaduct", a different version of koth_viaduct (search for koth_viaduct_event).
Beating this boss is a challenge that requires lots of teamwork from both sides.
Those that succeed in defeating it are rewarded with 2 new achievements + 2 items (bombinomicom and the monoculus).
The bombinomicom can be worn as a badge that makes the player explode after being killed. The monoculus is a hat shaped like the Monoculus.
Together with the introduction of a new boss, a whole set of new halloween costumes have been released!
These costumes are however restricted in time, meaning that you can only wear them during halloween events and full moons.
The costumes can be found in gifts that spawn randomly through out the map Eyeaduct. Each gift contains 1 piece of a costume. The costumes consists of 3 pieces and are different for each of the 9 classes.
Last, but not least. Every player is rewarded with a gift (the cauldron) during halloween. This gift gives the player a seal mask + 1 random costume item.

How to defeat the boss Monoculus:
When the boss spawns, you will notice a health bar has appeared on your screen (blue bar)
After the boss has taken a certain amount of damage, it begins to teleport around the map and leaves blue portals behind.
Go into the blue portal to enter the Underworld. In the Underworld you take damage automatically and have to rush to the other side to enter a portal again. This will take you back to the map.
Upon exiting the Underworld, you are ubercharged (more hp) and shoot critical hits for a short amount of time. Use this bonus to inflict as much as damage to the boss as possible.
Continue this proces untill the boss is dead.
After it has died, a red book will appear. Enter this book (a.k.a. red portal) and you will find yourself at the Loot Island.
Rush to the mountain shaped like the skull of the demoman and enter the red book again. You have now completed the halloween boss event and are rewarded with the bombinomicom (when you escape from Loot Island), the monoculus (when you kill the Monoculus) + 2 achievements.

Where do gifts spawn:
Gifts will appear every 5 minutes randomly through out the map Eyeaduct. Look for green boxes with orange ribbon.
Your best chances are to look at and around the checkpoint.
Keep in mind that the gifts cannot be collected immediatly. It takes about 5 seconds after spawning (this means 5 seconds after you recieved pop-up of presence of gift) before they can be collected.
You will see them turn from transparent into normal greenish boxes.
When gifts are spawned in the Underworld (you will know it when no-one has found the gift within 30 seconds after the pop-up) there are only 3 possible spots:
- in front of the little bridge
- on the little rock to the right (close to portal at end)
- behind/next the portal at the end)

How to pick up gifts:
Collecting the gift is not easy. Your enemies will do everything they can to kill you, the Monoculus will try to kill you and your own team will prevent you from collecting the gift.
However there are a few things you can do to give you an advantage:
- play as scout
- equip bong and use it about 2 seconds after you recieved the pop-up that gift has spawned
- don't go too far away, try to stay close to your side of the checkpoint untill gift spawns.
Keep in mind that the gifts may spawn in the Underworld. Gifts collected in Underworld have 'Haunted' status. Haunted costumes have the same stats/appearance as the normal ones but have more value in trading.

What is the value of these halloween costumes:
The value of these costumes are dropping daily. Some items however have reached their limit.
Costumes exist of 3 pieces: 1 hat and 2 misc. A hat is always worth more then the misc.
The price for a normal misc has dropped to 1 scrap metal.
The price for hats has dropped to 1.5 scrap metal.
Exceptions are: pyro items (hat can be sold for 1 rec minimum, misc for 2 scraps), sniper hat (1 rec), spy hat (1 rec). These are popular in demand.
Haunted items are worth the most and range from 2 rec to 2.66 ref.
Haunted misc. are worth 2 rec. Haunted hats 1 ref. Most valuable is the haunted Blazing Bull (2.66 ref minimum), this is the pyro hat.
Popular in demand: haunted pyro items and haunted sniper hat.

What is so special about these costumes:
They look nice and some of them even have special effects/taunts.
The following costumes have special effects:
- soldier (robot costume): you talk like a robot.
- engineer (human fly): you talk with a squeecky little voice.
- demoman (werewolf): you howl like a wolf

NOTE: the event will end at the 6th of November. Hurry up ;)

I hope this post has been helpfull.
Enjoy the halloween event :)

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Maybe Her Snoid can add it on TBT, should? :)
For the EUA this is good hollydays, here on Brazil we dosent have it, but sound fun to see the people around with scary and few anothers nice clothes.



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Aha now I know why that eye thing keeps killing me, why I'm being swarmed by scouts, and what that damn squeaky voice is about, thought something was up with the computer :scratch_one-s_head: .As a postscript to Lagger special events such as Halloween can also seem to result in more items being handed out in general, or at least that's what I've noticed over the years :icon_wink: