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Team Fortress 2 server changelog

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[info='About this topic']All bigger (and smaller?) changer by me (and hopefullu also by KILLERBEE) will be informed in this topic.
Just because some of you might be interested.[/info]
  • Edited a little bit the name of the server, now it can even cause some interest.
  • Test period - MOTD
    • I've changed the message of they day and every people joining the server will see our website at first.
    • Good: Random people see we have a website.
    • Bad: Our page doesn't really fit the TF2 motd area so I'll think about it and change it somehow in the future, probably showing the rotation.
  • "Instant" spawntime. In theory it is instant (spawntime = 0) but practically you need to wait about three seconds after your death to respawn.

Will be afk this weekend. I will try to stay awake the whole new year, so I will probably sleep on Sunday when I come back home, so cya next week - in 2012.