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New B2 - now with N!tmod

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Bunker 2 had been running silEnTmod, it was nice as long as it lasted - the time has come for N!tmod ... :to_pick_ones_nose3:

Unoftunately I just got some other stuff todo, and cant finish installation, afaik server is stuck on oasis - lol. Will finish later ...

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Posted Image
 N!tmod 2.2 Final has been released!

Major changes:

  • SQLite user database
  • N!tmod GUID (NGUID) - No more ETKEY required
  • Custom votes system
  • Brand new hitboxes system (linked to player animation)
  • Widescreen resolution support
  • Global player stats (see here)
  • Offline messaging system
  • New configstrings system (MAX_GAMESTATE_CHARS error should no longer happen)
  • Whole new maprecords code (SQLite)
  • New loading screen (see here)
  • Optimized entities code to reduce engine calls
  • Added lot of new options to customize gameplay
  • Improved Team Death Match gametype
  • Fixed tons of bugs
  • New "Bomb" model (see here)
  • And much more...

You can find the complete changelog since N!tmod 2.1 RC1 here

You can download it here

Cvars documentation can be found here

If you find a bug, report it on Bug Tracker

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wanted to check it out, but couldn't connect to b2.

it redirected me to b1 :)



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Looking forward to checking this out!


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Fixed few issues, map rotation works again, till some stuff left... continuing another day. Well its running now fine at least :D



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This really seems nice, get on the server people! :turtle_cavalry:


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admins powers/commands gone ? LOL ;)



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Got a chance to try it out for a little while. It's definitely great! You guys should all check it out too!



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New configstrings system (MAX_GAMESTATE_CHARS error should no longer happen)

Best Fix!!!

The Ratings thing is good but i clicked on that Link and that page has so much data that it lags.

They really should break it up into multiple pages, lol.


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A few ppl were complaining about hitboxes being messed up. Just fyi, as I have no idea how to fix. It was a little difficult to get hs, but wasn't totally bad.



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I had a chance to play a while, not bad, seams pretty good just need to get use to the hitboxes.
Had a bit of a hard time finding headshots. "Brand new hitboxes system (linked to player animation)" Not sure I understand this can anybody elaborate?



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Red: Like every other mod, these guys think they finally have made hitboxes perfect. :)

But I do like it! Scoreboard makes sense. Finally they aren't trying to make some sort of complicated mathematical formula. Just list the kills and deaths of everyone. And it resets every round.

Also I didn't check, hopefully we can't spawn with the other team's weapon anymore.



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N!tmod 2.2:


Added: New loading screen

Fixed: ET:Legacy ps->stats[] problem

Fixed: extra clips (g_weaponItems) were not added

Fixed: "Death Match" wasn't listed for gametype vote

Fixed: bullet trajectory was sometimes aborted because of the new hitboxes system

Fixed: CovertOps smoke is no longer used when calculating client accuracies

Added: n_tripmineTimeout (remove client's tripmines when disconnecting/changing team)

Fixed: poison gas mines were not removed if g_landminetimeout was enabled

Added: Poison gas landmines will now be draw on command map

Modified: UI Download screen

Modified: sv_floodprotect is now forced to 0, some major features will break if it's set to 1

Fixed: User timestamp was updated on ClientConnect() / ClientUserinfoChanged() - Now only in ClientDisconnec() / map end

Fixed: some minor issues with XPSave system

Fixed: Poison Gas Landmine now has its own MOD and WS


Added: Graphic obituaries (cg_obituary 3: killer - icon - victim | cg_obituary 4: victim - icon - killer)

Added: Ban message error code (This way admins can know if this is a GUID, IP or MAC address ban)

Fixed: abort ClientUserinfoChanged if the client is kicked inside the function

Added: Ban events are now logged

Fixed: Players will Heavy weapons skill level 4 or higher couldn't use secondary weapon after a map_restart (Thanks >>H2O|.sCar* for reporting)

Fixed: Last printed popup messages was appearing again after disappearing

Modified: Popup messages will start fading after 1500 milliseconds

Removed: g_knifeonly cvar

Added: g_war 4 - Knife War (replacing g_knifeonly cvar)

Fixed: can't pickup grenades during knife war

Fixed: g_pickAnyWeapon could allow picking up disallowed weapons during war modes

Fixed: cg_numPopups used to allow cg_numPopups + 1 popups

Fixed: FieldOps were able to call artillery in war modes (http://www.etmods.ne...ails&task_id=42)

Fixed: Players could sometimes pickup objectives when they were not supposed to, because of g_realBody 1 (http://www.etmods.ne...ails&task_id=23)

Fixed: Flying corpses should no longer happen now (http://www.etmods.ne...id=38&project=1)

Added: Lagometer now shows delay added by antiwarp, like ETPro

Modified: g_war is no longer a bitflag

Fixed: some shuffleteams commands/cvars were wrong

Modified: n_ammoPackSinkDelay can't be set higher than 60000 or server uses default value

Modified: n_medPackSinkDelay can't be set higher than 60000 or server uses default value

Removed an unused cvar

Added: Precise landmine trigger (n_preciseLandmineTrigger)

Modified: Antilag now stores up to 800ms of players' positions per server frame (ala ETPro) instead of 500ms (ETPub, for example)

Added: "DELETEALL" case sensitive argument to !delrecords to clear the whole records database.

Added: Neil Toronto's "Projectile Nudge" (Should make it easier for high pinger to dodge missiles. Cvar: cg_projectileNudge 0 - Disable | 1 - Enable | Default: 1)

Added: Debug bitflags to g_antilag (2: Show backward reconciled hitbox when an antilagged trace is done by the server | 4: Show current hitboxes whenever a bullet weapon is fired)

Fixed: Fixed physics code (g_fixedPgysics & g_fixedphysicsfps) should work correctly (i'm not sure it did in older versions)

Fixed: I'm not sure pmove_fixed was working correctly, now it should be ok

Modified: !finger command code has been optimized

Added: !userinfo now displays UsedID (NGUID's 8 last digits)

Added: "seen" information to !userinfo (time elapsed since last player connection/disconnection)

Fixed: FriendlyFire voting used to set g_friendlyFire cvar to value 1 or 0, regardless of what bitflags were used (http://www.etmods.ne...opic.php?id=648)

Fixed: NGUID was not used for ban checks inside ClientConnect

Fixed: NGUID was not used for Max Lives checks inside ClientConnect

Fixed: Duplicate NGUID checks had no effect inside ClientConnect

Added: g_misc Flag 128 - Uniform instant backsteal for level 4 and higher covertops skill

Added: cg_HUDFlags Flag 16 - Draw "Modern ammo bar" instead of ET default xx/xx ammo indicator

Added: New hitbox system linked to player animations

Added: SQlite Database file and .db sample files are now automaticly created if they dont exists

Fixed: Tripmine have a better head detection

Fixed: Don't add extra ammo during war modes

Fixed: Ammo packs no longer give grenades during war modes

Fixed: Players can no longer regenerate health during war modes

Fixed: class limits could cause problems during war modes

Fixed: Players will be forced to spawn as soldier/engineer/covertops, depending of the war type, during war modes. If the war mode is disabled, they will respawn with their desired class

Fixed: Max Health will always be 100 during war modes or Death Match gametype

Fixed: potential issue with "EventsQueue"


Pre Release 1 :

Fixed: "removereferee" and "makereferee" server commands now call ClientUserinfoChanged()

Fixed: "MISC" vote menu file (some buttons were not placed correctly)

Fixed: AutoMutes are now added to SQLite database

Fixed: "no shoot" icon was stretched in widescreen

Reworked: Missile cams - Use temp entities instead of 64 static entities.
There's no point spawning 64 entities when some servers don't even use missile cams

Modified: mod can now boot on 2.55 servers again

Added: tripmines are now activated by doors (code provided by 7killer, ECSMod)

Added: g_countryFlags flag 2: Bots will use the server's location for country flags (based on net_ip cvar)


Release Candidate 3 :

Fixed: "Dynamite is now armed with a X second timer" was wrong

Added: Handshake (server now knows when a client is fully connected)

Reworked: Whole new configstrings system, the old one had too many bugs, was too heavy and not 100% reliable (and has been completely deleted)

Fixed: g_mapVoteFlags flag 16 wasn't working at all

Fixed: Intermission mapvote list can now display more than 19 maps at a time and the scrollbar works

Fixed: Spectator flag was drawn before chat obituaries (cg_obituary 2)


Release Candidate 2 :

Reworked some parts of the "N!tmod Mail System"
- /mails: Better output, it is now easier to read
- /mailto: Better output, now tells the user if his message has been sent.
- /register: Username and Password could only contain 31 chars while maximum was supposed to be 32.
- /deletemail: There was an error in the code, it was only possible to delete messages sent to ourself.

Fixed: !disorient had no effect

Reworked some parts of the admin system to reduce server load

Fixed: sometimes g_XPSave flag 8 didn't work at all

Fixed: !resetxp and !resetmyxp now allowed during sniperwar

Fixed: "headshot" sound wasn't played during sniperwar if !n_sniperwarOptions & 2

Added: n_medPackSinkDelay cvar - Delay (in milliseconds) before dropped medpacks disappear,
minimum 5000, default 30000. If set lower than 5000, server uses default value.

Added: n_ammoPackSinkDelay cvar - Delay (in milliseconds) before dropped ammopacks disappear,
minimum 5000, default 30000. If set lower than 5000, server uses default value.

Added: If g_frienflyFire flag 256 is set, players need to use pliers as they walk on their own landmines to trigger them.

Fixed: Potential crash issues when something goes wrong with the Admin System

Added: XPSave system will log Load/Write attempts on clients with no or invalid NGUID

Modified: "levels.db" file now needs to exist or the whole admin system will be disabled

Fixed some code typos

Fixed: Disguised player names were not centred

Fixed: Some sounds were wrong (ex: objective room doors on bremen)

Added: n_dynamiteTimer cvar - Delay (in milliseconds) before dynamite explodes,
minimum 5000, maximum 60000, default 30000. If set lower than 5000, server uses default value. Clients
effects (progress bar, dlight, messages) are also synced.


Release Candidate 1 :

Added (~80%) Widescreen support

Added: Spectator chat flag

Fixed: Some MOD's had no/invalid obituaries

Fixed: New Configstring system (the one used in 2.2 beta 2) now works correctly for 2.60/b/d clients

Re-Added: ET 2.55/2.56 support (WARNING: Server uses different configstrings system for 2.55/2.56 or ET 2.60/b/d clients,
don't forget to report Client version if you find bugs)

Fixed: No more team flags in chat for pm/adminchat/server announces

Fixed: Poison gas damage can now be set through weaponscripts

Fixed: Dead players can no longer stomp (goomba)

Fixed: Bans/Mutes were not correctly saved/loaded

Added: Server version check. Real 2.55 server will shutdown (2.55+ still WORKS!)

Added: Bots will only trigger tripmines if omnibot_flags 32 is set

Fixed: username and password for mail system can only contain alphanumeric characters

Fixed: SQLite queries were broken when trying to save data containing apostrophe(s)

Removed: n_dbSync cvar. Server now instantly saves important modifications to the database, just like 2.2b2 did if n_dbSync was set to 1.

Fixed: Crash when n_SQLiteDBPath wasn't set or was invalid

Fixed: !readconfig should no longer break the admin system

Fixed: There was something wrong with !help...

Added: et.G_AdminLevelName(clientNum) LUA function (returns a text string containing client's Admin Level name)

Added: NGUID hack protection

Fixed: NGUID could be set manually before connecting to a server...

Added: n_allowDropWeapon: (0 - Disable abitily to drop primary weapon | 1 - Players can drop their primary weapon
using "dropweapon" command (can be used in console or bound to a key))

Added: g_friendlyFire flag 256 : Players don't trigger their own landmines

Added: n_mapRecords: (0 - Disable Map Spree/Frag records | 1 - Enable Map Spree/Frag records)

Added: Spectators can see the team flag of the player they are following. They will also see the class icon near the flag,
replacing the old [classname] that was printed after the player name.

Added: Adminchat messages and private messages now use a different background color. Also, color codes are now stripped from these messages.

Added: On-Map-Load expired bans auto cleanup

Added: On-Map-Load expired mutes auto cleanup

Fixed: Sprint bar when following a player

Fixed: Spread indicator position was wrong when using widescreen resolutions

Reworked: /tdminfo command

Fixed: Some players had no NGUID (this fix is experimental and needs to be tested on a large server)

Added: On-Map-Load invalid users auto cleanup

Fixed: All the new configstrings system bugs should now be fixed (going to test it ASAP)

Fixed: Mutes were duplicated in SQLite database

Added: MAC Address based mutes (mutes now rely on NGUID and MAC instead of NGUID only)

Fixed: Crosshair is no longer stretched in widescreen

Added: n_forceSinglePistol CLIENT cvar, for players who want to use single pistol even when akimbo are available (http://www.etmods.ne...opic.php?id=192)

SQLite bugs with strings containing apostrophes should definitely be fixed now

Rewrote map records code, old one had a few bugs

Added: SQLite queries Logs (n_SQLiteLogs cvar)

Added: "Event Queue" - Server can now handle up to 64 events at a time without calling G_Spawn, this should reduce server load

Added: Bots now have the ready icon in scoreboard

Added: Client side effect for !slap command (sound and screen shake)

Added: Goomba kills are now displayed in "alt stats"

Added: n_UserDBSync: For use with multiple servers on a single DB. If enabled, server will re-load the user from database when he connects
to avoid corrupted DB. If the DB is used by a single server, set it to 0 to avoid useless ressources usage.

Fixed: 'Connection interrupted' when dead and following the last bot of your team and this bot dies

Fixed: Empty player names in DB

Added: g_misc flag 32 to enable real lean

Added: n_sniperWarOptions cvar ( 1 -Players will spawn with binoculars | 2 Scoped headshots instagib the target | 4 Players will spawn with 40 grenades )

Added: g_misc flag 64 (Players who drown can't be revived)

Fixed: reduced trap_S_RegisterSound() calls inside trap_S_StartSound() to avoid client "freeze" (Most sounds are now registered on map load)

Reworked some parts of the entities code, reducing G_Spawn(), trap_LinkEntity() and trap_UnlinkEntity() calls

Fixed: "SP_team_WOLF_objective: exceeded MAX_MULTI_SPAWNTARGETS" error should no longer happen

Fixed: Player view was strange when poisonned because of damage feedback

Added: Even more configstrings saving

Fixed some small issues with new ConfigStrings system


BETA 2 :

---- November 17th 2011
Fixed: !help crash on servers with no custom commands

Fixed: custom commands were not cleared when loading commands.db (!readconfig)

---- November 16th 2011
Modified: /checkmails command is now /mails

Added: /mails now inform the client if he has no message.

Added: /deletemail now prints an error message if an invalid mail ID is specified

Reworked: New configstrings method. Old one was causing servercommand overflows, this one is faster and safer.

Fixed: (Mail system) users had to login every map

Fixed: (Mail system) little bug with the /register command

---- November 15th 2011
Fixed: SQLite database was never closed, one new thread to the file was created at every G_InitGame call...

Fixed: !help output was incredibly wrong for custom commands

Fixed: SQLite bug causing database lock after a few queries...

---- November 14th 2011
Fixed: et.G_shrubbot_permission LUA crash

Fixed: Damage feedback was wrong or missing most of the time

Fixed: Muted players couldn't be unmuted after a /reconnect or a map_restart

Fixed: !dbsave was not displaying anything when used ingame

Added: /callvote without any args now displays Custom votes (votes.db)

Fixed: Spawpoints infos were wrong in limbo menu


BETA 1 :

---- November 14th 2011
Added: ETXreal maps support

Added: cg_tracers 2, Display other players' tracers only

Updated menus

Fixed: compass icons were not clipped correctly

---- November 6th 2011
New: SQLite Map Records

Merged latest OmniBot fixes (from ETPub SVN, credits: crapshoot)

New bomb model

Added: g_misc 4 : Disable medpack XP

Added: g_misc 8 : Disable ammopack XP

Fixed: Depending on server settings, flakjacket was available in DM

Fixed: "Prepare to fight" announced correctly

Fixed: Old bug not giving grenades during Sniperwar and RifleGrenade war

Fixed: Binoculars now available in Sniperwar

New: skill_* cvars now accept -1 values to disable a skill

Fixed: Muted status was lost when reconnecting or restarting map

Fixed: !banguid cannot be used on players with higher admin level

---- June 24th 2011
Fixed: "novote" flag now works correctly

Fixed: Flag 16 of 'g_goombaFlags' (Instagib) should now work properly no matter what g_goomba is set to.

---- June 10th 2011
Added: SQLite support (~85%)

Added: PostgreSQL (~45%)

Fixed: SQL tables size

New: Real gravity. (Items now use server real gravity (g_gravity) instead of default (800))

Fixed: "MOD_POISONGAS" was missing in modnames

Fixed: Players could use "say_teamnl" while muted

Fixed: Poison gas damage code reworked. No more damage through walls (except map bug?)

Fixed: some prediction errors (including the most annoying: weapons needing charge fired when charge was empty)

Fixed: Player model lighting at long range

Modified: Built in LUA API. No more additionnal DLLs needed on Windows servers

Fixed: Don't allow callvote mute if player is muted by admin (Thanks to LSD Wol for reporting)

Fixed: G_shrubbot_tempban wasn't copying MAC Address. (Thanks to LSD Wol for reporting)

---- May 18th 2011
Fixed: Sten was sometimes not drawn in limo

Added: Progress bar for Poison Landmine when arming

Added: Cursor hint for Poison Landmine

Fixed: Animations were broken when holding a Poison Landmine

Fixed: Smoke bomb and Poison gas bomb not thrown when leaning

Fixed: Objective popups used to crash the server when the attacker wasn't a client.

Fixed: Weapon switching delays are now the same as ETMain/ETPro

Fixed: Custom weaponscripts now work for Tripmines.

Fixed: shrubbot "incognito" flag had no effect, should be finally fixed now.

Fixed: It was possible to vote mute players with the "immunity" flag

Modified: 0 bandwidth hitsounds

Fixed: "novotelimit" had no effect on disabled votes. Admins with this flag can now call votes even if they are disabled.

Fixed: Ticket #31 (http://nitmod.com/tr...ails&task_id=31) Dropped K43/GARAND had no ammo.

Added: Flag 4 to g_poison > Jaymod style damage ratio for poison syringes

Fixed: cursor health was broken for spectators

Added: New Configstrings system. "MAX_GAMESTATE_CHARS exceeded" error should never happen again.

Added: Tripmines are now slighlyt visible by enemy (level 4 battle sense and higher).

Fixed: Centerprints were sometimes not received.

Fixed: /callvote poll now returns an error message if poll voting is disabled.

Fixed: Body and Head hitsounds not working in TDM and DM

Added: Flag 8 to g_TDMOptions > Enable Intermission Map Voting during Team Death Match

Modified: Loadpanel can now accept up to 7 MOTD lines, new chargebar, server name now displayed in place of mod version.

Added: server_motd6 cvar

Modified: TDM Score Box (progress bar, score blinks when changed, "COD" style Time bar when TDM is timelimit based)

Added: Flag 16 to g_TDMOptions : Round will end when timelimit is reached

Added: NGUID (N!tmod GUID). N!tmod now uses its own GUIDs. PBGUID is no longer used by the mod.

Fixed: Don't allow duplicate bans with !banguid

Fixed: Don't ban localhost/ with !banguid

Fixed: !banguid now instantly drops the client if he's connected

N!tmod custom votes system:
Server admins can now create custom votes on their server.
These votes don't take any arguments.
The specified command will be executed if the vote passes.
Nothing happens if the vote fails.
Votes have to be defined inside a "votes.db" file, located in the "nitmod" folder of your server.
Here's the "votes.db" structure:

********** //Delimiter (10 stars "*") Must IMPERATIVELY be placed BEFORE every vote.
name = //Vote name (ex: "splata")
cmd = //Command sent to the server if the vote passes (ex: !splata)
message = //Message displayed on players screens when the vote is called.

This file will be loaded everytime a map is loaded by the server.
New Admin/XPSave/UserMail/Map records system :
What's new ?

N!tmod 2.2 comes with a whole new SQLite database system.
Starting from N!tmod 2.2, the usual "shrubbot.cfg" disappears!
XPSave, Admins, Bans, Mutes, Mails (if enabled) and map records will now be saved into a SQLite database.
A mail system has also been added in order to let users contact each other, a sort of "offline PM system".
If enabled, users will be able to register and send mails to other registered users.

Some SQLite errors will be printed in the server console and written to logs (if logging is enabled).
These errors are needed if you report a problem on our forums !

New cvars:
Absolute path to the SQLite database file.
Must include filename (ex: C:\nitmod.sqlite) !!
Database file will automaticly be created.
Admin System, XPSave, Mails and Map Records will be unavailable if this cvar is not or not correctly set or if something went wrong while opening the file.
0: Latched SQLite queries. Only sent when using !dbsave or when map end/restarts.
1 : Real time SQLite queries, to allow multiple servers using the same database.)
0 : Disable N!tmod mail system.
1 : Enable N!tmod mail system.

Deleted cvars:

New commands:
Deletes an user from the server database.
Database will be automaticly saved and reloaded when used.
Deletes a level
"levels.db" will be automaticly saved and reloaded when used
Adds a level "levels.db" will be automaticly saved and reloaded when used.
Levels order in !levlist and inside the "levels.db" file may be incorrect, but will not cause any problems

N!tmod mail system commands:
Following commands requires "n_userMail" to be set to 1 on the server, and a valid SQLite database!
Register on the server.
This command will link an username and a password to your NGUID on the server.
Login to your account to use N!tmod mail system.
NOTE: If the login doesn't match the NGUID it is linked to, login will fail.
Display user's inbox.
Requires user to be registered and logged in to his account.
Delete mail by ID.
Use "/checkmails" to find the correct mail ID.
Sends a mail to another user on the server using his login.
Ex: "/mailto user_21 Hi there, what's up?".

Config changes:
Levels have to be defined inside a "levels.db" file, located in the "nitmod" folder of your server.
This file uses a different structure.
Don't copy/paste level entries from your old "shrubbot.cfg", it will not work.
Here's "levels.db" structure:

********** //Delimiter (10 stars "*") Must IMPERATIVELY be placed BEFORE every level.
level = //Level Number
name = //Level Name
flags = //Flags
gtext = //Optional Greeting Text (user's greeting text overrides this value)
gsound = //Optional Greeting Sound (user's greeting sound overrides this value)

Commands have to be defined inside a "commands.db" file, located in the "nitmod" folder of your server.
This file uses a different structure.
Don't copy/paste level entries from your old "shrubbot.cfg", it will not work.
Here's the new "commands.db" structure:

********** //Delimiter (10 stars "*") Must IMPERATIVELY be placed BEFORE every command.
name = //Command name (ex: "test")
exec = //Command sent to server (ex: chat "^3Test command")
help = //Text displayed in !help cmdname (ex: "Test command")
levels = //Levels having access to this command, delimited by spaces (ex: 0 1 2)

These 2 files (levels.db, commands.db) can be reloaded using !readconfig.
They are also loaded everytime a map is loaded by the server.
The "levels.db" file will be saved everytime !levedit, !levadd or !levdelete commands are used.


N!tmod 2.1 RC1:

Fixed: Menus bugs (unmute/mute & makereferee/unreferee)

Fixed: XP and Ping positions were wrong on the scoreboard if the player was muted and another icon had to be displayed before the class icon and player name

Fixed: Delay when switching to pliers

Fixed: Ticket #6 : ALT stats broken in DeathMatch (Bug was server side, but visible on client only)

Fixed: If cg_pingColors was set to 1, ping was displayed white for players with 201ms

Fixed: No more "Out of stock" sten in limbo, don't display at all if it doesnt carry over to medics and fieldops

Fixed: cg_noAmmoAutoSwitch was broken

Fixed: Ammo Packs texture was wrong when reaching level 5 Signals (See Tickets #3 and #10)

Fixed: Players randomly gibbed in DM

Fixed: Last frag of the round announce should now be correct in DM

Fixed: Crash when walking on <world>'s landmine

Fixed: "duplicated guid" kick for players with "unknown" guid

Fixed: No activity warning for shrubbot admins with the "inactivity" flag

Fixed: rcon can now setlevel higher than 64

Fixed: Warmup shuffle bug (moving spectators into teams)

Fixed: Head hitbox when prone

Fixed: Fixed: Bomb not thrown when leaning

Fixed: "novote" and "incognito" flags had no effect

Fixed: Ignore goombaflags for teammates in DM

Fixed: Typos in shrubbot help strings

Fixed: Typo in losing spree announces

Fixed: Forcecvar conflicts if the cvar was forced 2 times with 2 different values

Added: Tripmines (Engineer, weaponbank 7, see g_weapons)

Added: Poison Gas Bombs (CovertOps, weaponbank 5, see g_weapons)

Added: Poison Gas Mines (Engineer, weaponbank 7, see g_weapons)

Added: Axis and Allied Tripimines beam have a different color (Red or Blue)

Added: Shoutcasters can see Tripmines beam (free spec and following)

Added: A lot of sounds were not cached. We are now caching them during map load

Added: Started working on an experimental workaround/fix for the "MAX_GAMESTATE_CHARS" error

Added: Construction and Destruction announces ("construction name" contrusted/destructed/damaged by "player name")

Added: "Anti /team Spam" : Prevent server crashes/heavy load (see g_teamChangeDelay below)

Added: g_teamChangeDelay cvar : Delay in millisecond before letting a player change team (they can move spec if they were Axis or Allies. Value of 0 disables the "Anti /team spam")

Added: !delrecords shrubbot command : Erase records for the specified map (flag : "delrecords", usage : !delrecords mapname. Ex: !delrecords oasis)

Added: Flag 128 g_weapons : MG42 can get HS

Added: Flag 16384 to g_weapons : Enable poison gas landmines

Added: Flag 8192 to g_weapons : Enable poison gas canisters

Added: Flag 32768 to g_weapons : Enable Tripmines

Added: Flag 32 to g_damageweapons : Tripmines can be damaged

Added: Flag 64 to g_damageWeapons : Poison gas canisters can be damaged

Added: Flag 32 to g_DMoptions : Disable Artillery Support during DM

Added: Flag 64 to g_DMOptions : Disable health cabinets

Added: Flag 128 to g_DMOptions : Disable Ammo cabinets

Added: Flag 4 to g_TDMoptions : Disable Artillery Support during TDM

Added: Flag 128 to g_friendlyFire 128 : Teammates don't activate Tripmines

Added: team_maxTripmines cvar : Limit the number of tripmines that can be placed at the same time by each team

Added: g_spectatorNames cvar : Display player names above their heads when spectator

Added: g_misc bitmask cvar

Added: Flag 1 to g_misc : Don't let teammates disarm dynamite near objective (only the dynamite owner can disarm it)

Added: Flag 2 to g_misc : Don't give XP to the attacker if the victim has been AFK for 30+ seconds (Sort of Anti "Raters")

Modified: Allow timerset and resettimer during warmup

Modified: Reset timer when map restarts

Modified: g_dropAmmo and g_dropHealth will now work in DM

Modified: Players can now join allies or axis team in Death Match (Used to be axis only)

Modified: Increased max maps for gametype 6 from 32 to 64


N!tmod 2.0:

Added : "makeshoutcaster" and "makesc" server commands

Added : "removeshoutcaster" and "removesc" server commands

Fixed : rcon !showbans crash

Added : Client checks to verify N!tmod integrity (Clients will be disconnected if test fails)

Added : Server checks to verify N!tmod integrity and installation validity. (Server will shutdown if test fails, reason will be written in logs)

Fixed : Level 3 battle sense will not spawn with 85HP anymore during DM

Fixed : MOD_FALLING deaths were not added to the client's death counter

Added : DeathMatch mapscripts for : Adlernest, Frostbite and Braundorf_b4

Removed : MP5 weapon. It was exactly the same weapon as MP40 or Thompson. Also, it was NOT more accurate neither making more damage, as many players thought.

Removed : Flag 16 for g_medics and flag 128 for g_weapons will have no effect (because of MP5 removal)

Modified : Spree announces now use less bandwidth when sent to clients

New : N!tmod style spree announces. Not using top center banners anymore. Use less bandwidth.

Added : Killing/Losing Sprees will be logged in client console

Fixed : Crosshair health wasn't always drawn when following a player

Added : If a class in unavailable, a red cross will be drawn on the class buton in the limbo menu

Modified : Using a different and lighter method to send Map End Stats.

Fixed : Clients were sometimes receiving another client's stats in Map End Stats

Fixed : HUD Stats were sometimes invalid

Added : g_TDMOptions cvar

Added : g_TDMOptions 1 : Kill based rather than XP based

Added : g_TDMOptions 2 : Disable selfkill during TDM

Added : g_DMOptions cvar

Added : g_TDMObjBonus cvar : Bonus points given when objective is completed in Team Death Match

Added : g_DMOptions 1 : Gives (max) 20Hp when killing someone

Added : g_DMOptions 2 : HP Regenerates for every classes

Added : g_DMOptions 4 : Disable selfkill during DM

Added : g_DMOptions 8 : Shoutcaster status granted to every client when they connect

Added : g_DMOptions 16 : COD4 Like Martyrdom, clients drop a grenade when they get killed. The grenade timer is set to 2.5 seconds

Modified : Reduced the size of a few server commands

Modified : Saved a few characters in clients userinfo

Modified : No timelimit warnings during TDM or DM

Fixed : Clients were able to pass rcon commands through custom shrubbot commands (if the command was using arguments)

Cleanup : Removed a few unused fuctions and many unused vars

Modified : No mounted MG42 during Death Match

Fixed : Round Timer will not be drawn if gametype is Team Death Match or Death Match

Fixed : Player's head (3rd person model) could move when playing dead

Fixed : Sort players by Kills instead of XP in the scoreboard during Death Match

Added : Flag 16 to g_medics : Level 5 First Aid skill allows players to regenerate HP in all classes (will not work for medic class if the flag 32 is set).

Fixed : Reinforcement time wasn't drawn in TDM or DM

Modified : Even more Configstrings size reduction

Fixed : AdminChat and Private Messages now allow up to 250 characters

Fixed : Multikills/Spree announces were sometimes displaying the followed player's name

Fixed : !help command output was broken if too many commands were available

Added : Flag 32 to g_announcer : Killing Sprees End anounces

Added : Flag 64 to g_announcer : Death Sprees End anounces


BETA 8 :

Fixed : Dead (or Playing dead) players were able to capture flags (when flying after being killed by a grenade for exemple).

Fixed : Playing dead clients were able to escort tanks/trucks.

Fixed : Spotting a lot of landmines was causing a big voice spam.

Added : flag 4096 to g_weapons . Allow firing underwater (except Panzer, Flamer, Mortar, Mounted MG42 and Rifle Grenades).

Added : New scoreboard for DeathMatch GT.

Modified : Players will always spawn as Axis during DeathMatch.

Added : Shrubbot timestamp.

Added : !seen command.

Modified : !userinfo will display the player's timestamp.

Added : g_DMFragLimit cvar.

Added : If a level 5 CovertOps gets a scoped headshot, the target will be sent to limbo (not reviveable).

Made some security fixes in the shrubbot code.


BETA 7 :

Added : Shoutcaster support (Shoutcasters will see player names, dynamite timers, landmines, revive sprites, and speclock will have no effect on them)

Added : sclogin client command

Added : sclogout client command

Added : shoutcastpassword server cvar

Removed : g_spectator server cvar (due to new shoutcaster feature)

Fixed : map frag records date was wrong (was printing map spree record date)

Fixed : missing dynamite icon in popups (since 2.0b6)

Fixed : some global sounds were not played on the correct channel

Added : Objective announces - Popups will announce who planted/defused/stole/returned/captured objective.


BETA 6 :

Fixed : some shrubbot flags had no effect or were ignored in !useredit and !leveledit

Reduced some configstrings size

Reduced bandwidth usage when server sends sounds to all the clients

Fixed : random server crash on Win32 servers

Reworked two map end awards

Fixed : Don't print /m X Y in chat if the command is typed in chat box

Added : g_IPChecks and g_GUIDChecks cvars to enable/disable IP and GUID validity checks when a client connects

GUID checks adapted (due to the recent "NO_GUID" problem caused by PB Auth server being down)

Fixed : ClientUserinfoChanged was sometimes called too many times


BETA 5 :

Fixed : MacOSX crash introduced in BETA2 (Special thanks to Robynhub and JamesPlock for performing the tests)

Fixed : Clients were not parsing skill levels correctly

Modified : Allow negative sprees in HUD Stats

Fixed : forcecvar wasn't working correctly since beta3 or beta4

New : Started adding new gametype : Death Match - Free For All (Not fully implemented yet)

Added : "team_ctf_greenspawn" for "create" mapscript action (Gametype 8 only)

Fixed : Spectators were able to /kill

Fixed & Reworked : Centerprint "1" when arming,disarming,constructing... Now uses less bandwidth

Fixed : Scoreboard -- "CONNECTING" "SPECTATOR" XP and Ping were not always at the right place

New : AdminChat, players with the "adminchat" shrubbot flag will be able to use adminchat using the /ma command

Added : "adminchat" shrubbot flag

Added : cg_TDMScorePos (client side - 0 : top center / 1 : left, near lagometer etc...)

Added : g_TDMScore value will be displayed under team scores if cg_TDMScorePos (client side) = 0.

Lagometer position isn't static anymore. Just like FPS, Ping, Time etc...

Fixed : !leveledit [remove] and !useredit [revoke] were broken and had no effect.

Added : /tdminfo client command. Will print g_TDMScore value and explain TDM rules.



Modified : If g_dualSMG is enabled, only Medics, Enginners and FieldOps will be allowed to spawn with a secondary SMG.

Fixed : Game trackers such as SplatterLadder were not displaying the good info. "P" string was corrupted

Removed : flag '2' for g_dualSMG.

Fixed : Soldiers were not able to fire weapons that use charge

Modified : New scoreboard

Added : An icon will be displayed near muted players on the scoreboard

Fixed : Stamina was recharging way too fast

Slightly reduced configstrings size



New : Whole new method to send messages from server to clients, thus server bandwidth usage will be reduced



Fixed : team_maxRifleGrenades had no effect in 1.5

Fixed : K43/Garand models were wierd if the player had no Grenade launcher because of team_maxRifleGrenades

Increased max number of shrubbot levels to 64 (was 32)

Fixed : Respawn time wasn't drawn in TDM if timelimit was over

Added : Server and client version will be printed in clients console when they connect. A warning message will be printed if server is improperly installed.

Added : g_DJHeight, to control double jump height

Fixed : Prediction errors near players. Player collisions will probably be less "jumpy" now.

Modified : flag 64 of g_medics - Medics will regenerate normal HP at 2HP/secons and extra at 1HP/second

Added : flag 128 to g_medics - Medics will regenerate normal HP at 1HP/second and won't regenerate extra HP at all

Fixed : Players will now be able to prone closer to boxes, walls etc... (more ETPro'ish)

Modified : Now using ETPro like hitboxes



Added : Omnibot 0.8 Support

Added : Alternative HUD (cg_altHUD & cg_altHUDFlags)

Fixed bugs with fireteam menus

Optimized fireteam related code (client & server side)

Reworked fireteam overlay

Added cg_locationMaxChars to limit location lenght in fireteams

Charge usage fixes (now based on the player's class charge instead of the class "supposed" to use the specific weapon)

Picking up binoculars wont dropWeapon anymore

Fixed : forcecvar could cause client crashes after a few maps

Fixed : it was possible to bypass forcecvar by changing values in the menus

Many code optimizations

well from reading and looking at hit boxes looks pretty lame to me..but ill give it a try ..lol



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was sind die Probleme mit Hitboxen

what are the problems with Hitboxes

You shot at the enemy and hopefully you hit them:)

Like all game try to do the object.

We wanted it a little harder than ET-Pro, but they did not agree to it. After they gave us a bribe so we accept their demands. So it's a little easier :)

If you think about it do you whant 4 servers that are equal? I know they do not unfortunately is so crowded but I think we are trying and that goes for anyone playing at Bunkers. Welcome all new players and be nice. Inveted them to your fire team, Say if doing something nice. Be a Frend.

JEC fix B1 and i always have fun there even if someone says otherwise. Sad that the prem time is not my time but thats not hes fault. I like to play before that but then it is empty and if not then I must destroy my sleeping time. And that is no complain I only I live in the wrong time zone.
Also B10 is great. PunkBuster on, Why not on all servers?
B4 Owen stay manny hours and makes lot of work to keep it going and doing a great work. I have hard to play there. They are to good fore me. Noob Mongo:)
B2 is Peyote work i am only a Party anouncer and maybe some more :)

Best Regards




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Thanks Mongo and Peyote.

The game engine is slightly different, and yes the hitboxes take a little getting used to in B2. But like anything new to me I take ages improving. But I think that an equally big performance set back for me (and I'm sure many players that are not so talented as the really good natuaral players) is the need to build up XP. For me this takes a long time - and during the first hour or two I had more and more of a downer with nearly always lasting just a second or 10 out there.

With player numbers good on B4 often daily from late afternoon to late night (Europe times), and then maybe a short migration to the great B1, then the second European server - B2 - may (as usual) struggle for numbers. Reasonable numbers is so important in many maps - as many maps need a certain number of team players to take away the work load and number of dissapointing short sprees out there from spawn to death. The optimum number of players is fantastic at about 8 players each side, and more than 10 to 15 players each side is very hectic :tomato2:


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I'm looking forward to testing the mod out with a full server. Hopefully we get a good turnout for the next B2 party.

...and hopefully soon we won't need parties for good turnouts on B2




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could someone maybe upload some screenshots of actual gameplay for me since i cant get onto the server to play...im really interested in this mod and would love to view some S/S's of it in action on b2...
btw what is this "bomb" model thing, what does that mean..is it a new weapon, nade? what exactly is it..
thanks to anyone who posts some shots for me i look forward to seeing them

oh yeah, the hitboxes... how are they..in comparison to nq/pro/pub? whats the difference in them..from what i could gather on the internet they are a lot "realer" (if thats a word hahaha)...but meaning u cant just aim in a direction and get a hit u actually have to hit someone's face..and if they are moving it becomes even harder?

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The bomb is like a nade but you can place it (Throw) and later shot at it and it go off. Boooom.
I dont get it at B2 but other server whit N!tmode so i think it is the same:)



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Why cant you join?



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dont have internet at my house yet and i need a new pc anyway



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Is it so hard to send a message so i Know it is you?
Allways be in this way and i can do it know.

Best Regards


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