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The Gauntlet


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File Name: The Gauntlet

File Submitter: Jecoliah

File Submitted: 04 Jan 2013

File Category: Maps

Map Objectives

Allies Need to Destroy the Axis Communications and Flak 88 to Clear the Way for the Convoy

Allied Objectives

Destroy the Axis Radio and Flak 88.

  • Destroy the Axis Communications Radio
  • Destroy the Axis Flak 88 #1
  • Destroy the Axis Flak 88 #2
  • Construct The Command Post
  • Capture the Forward Spawn
Axis Objectives

Protect the Radio and the Flak 88.
  • Protect the Axis Communications Radio
  • Protect the Axis Flak 88
  • Protect the Axis Flak 88 #2
  • Construct The Command Post
  • Capture the Forward Spawn
Special thanks and Credits to:

The |>B<|unker Gaming Community! Thanks for All the Years of a Great Gaming Environment!
Web Site: bunker.aaxxss.com

Detoeni for the Jeep and Halftrack and several other Models.
IndyJones for the Flak 88 Models and the Flags.

Also want to thank the guys over at Splashdamage.com for all the useful information located on their forums.

And last but certainly not least I.D. Software, Splash Damage and Activision for this Great Game and also for releasing and updating the GTK Radiant application which was used to create this map.

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