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Fireteam with bots

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Following commands can be used with the bots in a fireteam, you need to use Firteamchat.

Once a bot joins your fireteam they will automatically follow you.

Those commands do only change the priority of a goal.

Depending on the map and situation, the bots might have another goal with higher priority - like defusing or planting dyna.


camp <slot number>
the bot at the given slot number will camp at leaders current position / facing
same as above but all bots will do it ( not recommended )
formation <front | random>
bots that get close enough while following will offset to whatever the current formation is
release <slot number>
sets the goal priority to 0 for the given bot
same as above but for all bots
each bot will say their slot number since the ET overlay is retarded
follow <slot number>
the given bot will be set to the default state of following the leader
same as above but for all bots

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This should be interesting!  

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