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Old laptop problem

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I have an old laptop that I'm having an issue with. It's an old Gateway running windows vista. I used it recently in my shop. It had an s video connection that I could hook up to an old Phillips CRT TV. I would stream from my TV in my living room. So, here are my problems. First, my old Gateway laptop is not working. It'll bootup, I see the windows logo like it's loading. Then I get a black screen with a cursor. That's it. Can't load in any of the safe modes. Normally I would just chunk this one and use my new laptop, but I have another issue. My new laptop has not s video ouput, just a vga. I have purchased multiple cables to try to hook up to the tv, but still can't get anything from my new laptop to the old TV in my shop. Hooked it up and did the function f4 key. windows key P. Chose all the options, duplicating screen, extended desktop....still can't get a picture on the old tv with my new lap top.


Any suggestions? Thought about Linnux on the old laptop. I don't have a system disc for it. So I can't reinstall windows.


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Yes try Ubuntu for the old Laptop, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32bit (Long Term Support).

You could also try fixing your laptop, but dunno if its worth the trouble to fix a windows Vista.


For the new laptop, I have never used s-video or anything .. lol :) 

But I found this info

Most TVs have an S-Video connector, so you need an S-Video to S-Video cable. The cable is cheap.
Please note that there are 2 types of S-Video cables: 4-pin and 7-pin. Make sure to use the right one (refer to your user guides for more).


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Hyo EZ this problem sounds like a currupted OS (windows). As u said u have try load in safe mode (normally using shift + f8 key) will show up the startup options. IF this dosent help, i suggest call some1 to helps u with a data backup to storage it in a safe place .

If there has something what you dont want lose.


All the drivers u can download again from gateway home page http://us.gateway.co...US/content/home

Format this HDD when u do the backup and try use windows 7 , its really better than vistasux ;


U can also run a OS from CD/DVD as a portable windows/linux what will helps u to acess these data and make a backup (if is not all currupted the files). Ya Vista is sux.

Normally when u buy a brend new laptop has few cd/dvd inside the box whats helps u if is necessary restore the system as default as was builded fromom manufature.


Meanwhile u can try buy something like these http://www.newegg.co...=9SIA0U008V6210 there is a cheap option to you use the news laptops on your old crt-tv. For 5 pins connection ;)






The Newegg site have a lot stuff to make your connection s video/vga TV works fine http://www.newegg.co...N=-1&isNodeId=1




If these steps dosent help u, please give us a feedback ASAP. we will try a better step by step to try help u a lil more.


Well for now is all. I hope this helps a lil bit, cya




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sounds like the old one overheat one to many times or is very dirty. cuz all you do is stream from old lappy to tv how could you have corrupt files. if it was corrupt fiels you could load in safe mode....  if is hardeware faluire which i think it hdd  it wont go past load screen. and wont boot to safe mode becuz hdd is failing. hence where your os is loaded from.lol




in your new lappy you must set it up in your video driver settings to work do you have it set to 2 montiors? i had this problem once.


 i had to adjust in my video driver settings for it to work.


if it powers on its not psu.


 if it wont load  windows it could be  softwaare but i doubt it .


 i bet its hdd failure.


do you have the recovery software for vista. a fix cd?


you can run in dos and see what issues is?


just a heads up ezy i mess with this stuff alot and old ass pcs dont work with new tvs with out act of god and new pcs dont work well with old ass tvs .. with out a act of god. how ever it is possible it is hit and miss.


  keep me posted on this problem ill get on ts we can chat about it..k  just not when im in the middle of fragging andy over and over .lol :yahoo: good luck sir.


oh yeah one more thing what gpu  and driver are you runnig on new lappy.


Windows Vista does not have DOS



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put a little dos in your salad...


heres a wet finger for your ear  ... :shifty:










nt kernel .

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