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Cannot connect to B4

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Hey guys & gals of Bunker!

I am actually having a problem connecting to the b4 server, I get this error that it cannot open some file, now I followed Jec's advice before about moving the NoQuarter file to my desktop, and I get the same thing, then deleted my NQ folder, same thing, and then I deleted the pk3 which I then saw was in my ETmain, same thing, here is the screen shot after doing some steps of what I said I did.


Attached File  etnqprob.JPG   43.13KB   0 downloads

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Hi :)

Sadly this screenshot is so low reso, that im not able to read it.

But clearly seems, that something is missing indeed ..or ET just f*'ing with u ;)

What i can suggest is - copy ur etkey, cfg/cfg's and install new ET.


Im not sure, maybe in aaxxss are all thous files too, but i have used

http://www.dark-alch...?name=Downloads  stuff.

There is aslo PB installer - pb can be tricky to manage.


And if u get this new ET run as u like (cfg works, settings like they need to be) , make

a copy of whole game. To other hdd, dvd , memstick.

Then u never have same problem again. Just copy/paste to C:\ , and run it ;)

ET dont need installing actually , u can run copy from anywhere -even dvd ( tho it lags then badly :) )


I hope it helps.

See you




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Fugi, as he said this screenshot is too low resolution. Contact me on xfire and I can walk you through fixing the problem or do it for you on teamviewer.


I'm sure alot of people use those tools but sometimes they actually add their annoying ads in the client or delete things that you want to keep. I know how to fix ET errors without ruining your client (just ask winnie I've fixed over 9,000 things for her).


xfire display name: rG*sneak

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Its the forum which does rescale the image. I changed that now.
Although he will have to reupload the image. Its already rescaled.

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looks ase tho you have a rewriten pk.3  not loading correctly.