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March 2014
Community News & Information Vol. 121

Written, edited and published by:Snoid

Regular contributor:Bean



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Note from the Editor:


I want to thank Wolf for his contributions to The Bunker Times over the last several months. He will be leaving the staff due to increased demands on his time... school work etc. I am therefor looking for someone who has the ability and the desire to research topics of interest for posting in TBT. I would like this to be a monthly commitment, but will certainly entertain ideas for one time postings as well. Please contact me if you'd like to give it a try.







Rules. They’re a major part of modern life. They govern the way we drive, the way we shop, and the way we get paid. And of course, the way we play games.


All Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory servers have a minimum number of rules. For example, no team-killing or team-bleeding on servers with the “Friendly Fire” option activated. Some servers have other types of rules, such as various varieties of spawn-killing and spawn-camping rules.


But what about real war? What kind of rules were in place during World War II, the historical backdrop to Wolfenstein?


Modern war, including World War II, was governed by various international agreements, the details of which are boring, to be perfectly honest. For example, the Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907, and the more well-known Geneva Convention of 1929. Rather than setting out policies for combat, most of the rules stemming out of these agreements dealt with the humane treatment of prisoners of war (POWs).


For example, prisoners could not be abused or killed. Nonetheless, there were countless incidents of extreme maltreatment of POWs during World War II, in particular by Axis forces. The Nazi slaughter of American GIs at Malmedy in 1944, part of the Battle of the Bulge, is one example. Their murder of Canadian troops at Abbaye d’Ardenne, near Normandy, is another.


As for rules governing actual combat, two things come to mind. First, medics were not supposed to be targeted by enemy troops during combat. This was discussed in an earlier Bean Files article, in The Bunker Times Volume 118 (http://bunker.aaxxss.com/forums/topic/28918-tbt-118/).


Second, chemical warfare was officially forbidden. But that did not stop nations from stockpiling poison gas, and planning for ways to protect their soldiers against its use by the enemy.


One interesting aspect of the rules of war during World War II is closely connected with a common occurrence in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Soldiers disguised in enemy uniforms, when caught, were executed as spies; they were not accorded the usual protections of POWs.


German troops under Otto Skorzeny found this out the hard way in 1944. They were part of a small German force who disguised themselves in captured US uniforms, riding in captured jeeps, who caused a degree of havoc behind enemy lines during the Battle of the Bulge. As illustrated below, they were executed.




But this does not stop covert ops troops in Wolfenstein from trying their luck, in nearly every match!




Q: What is your name, how old are you and where do you live?

A: I am Alex, I am 21 years old and from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, I am half Polish and half Ukrainian, and I was born premature at 1lb (pound) 11oz (ounces) September 17th, 1992. I was supposed to be born on Christmas, but I guess I did not want to get ripped off on Christmas presents, hehe! But I spent from September till Valentines day 1993 in the hospital fighting for my life, because I was not supposed to live or EVEN make it, and if I did, the doctors said I would not walk, talk or learn, but we proved them wrong! Also born very sick too, born the 2nd worse lung case in over a century according to my doctors. I am an "only child" as I had a stillborn sister that I never got to know, she was born before me (March 7, 1991).




OH, AND I LOVE cats! I have been living with cats since I was a baby, I had a black one named Maggie who REALLY loved me, when I was in grade 1 (2001-ish or something) she passed away sadly, and I didn't have one for a bit, I was crying for another one, and then late in 2001, I got a black kitten, and I named her Magic, because she was one place to another quick! Then in 2005 or so, we adopted a Mane Coon named Tasha! They are both now 13! I love them both! =^.^=




Q: At 21 years of age I'm going to assume you're in school, already working or both... right?

A: I am in an Adult Learning Centre currently for upgrading for my college skills and so on, the program is free, and I attend Monday to Friday. I have not done well or been the best in college as I have suffered from seizures of unknown cause. I am also autistic and have asperger's syndrome, a learning disability, am hard of hearing and need to wear hearing aids and glasses 24/7. I am really working on things! I used to work at a taxi company as a call taker part time just taking calls from customers, did that for a while and even though I am currently not doing that, I am looking forward to that again to save some money, and I am really good with the customer service since I started working at 16!

Q: Are you looking to get into a certain field of work?

A: I am looking to work in the computer field.

Q: When did you first learn about and start playing Wolfenstein ET?

A: I just started playing someday in early 2006 while I was still in high school. Played, made new friends (WHO I HAVE on Facebook but they do not play or use xfire anymore.

Q: I see by your profile you've been a Bunker member since April of 2013. When did you learn about the Bunker servers and what other communities/clans did you belong to?

A: I learned about Bunker in sometime in early 2013. I was in Qubenet, which was I think more of a clan, but Qubenet was dead mostly, and so I just left. That's when I joined Bunker as I see as I said my friends are here, and I do have a lot of fun and laughs and it just helps talking with the people I love, and just have fun with!

Q: Why did you join our community?


A: I joined the community because it has more people, plus friends were on here, and people that really mean a lot to me (You know who you guys are)! And I just enjoy everyone on here, and that's about it!

Q: Many people your age get tired of video games fairly quickly and constantly look for new ones. Why have you stuck with ET?

A: Well, before I started playing Wolfenstein, ET, I used to play Counter-Strike 1.6 and a few other games. I found Wolfenstein, and I found it to be a fun and interesting game! It's an interesting and gives your brain a good way to think of what to do to get the objective, and know if someone is coming from right or left. I always try help my team in any way I can.

Q: We have four servers. Which ones do you play on? Why?

A: I play on Bunker 1 because mostly that is where everyone is at night, I talk to the people via teamspeak, have good laughs, a good night, and fun playing! Yes I join specs and take a break or may not return at times and when I do most are gone, but overall I enjoy the people, the gameplay, and the environment! Also, I know it may help for some to play with bots, but I am social and like to play with others, and make new friends and just have a good time in general! I have also played on Bunker 4 with some of the European members too!

Q: What are our servers doing right and what could use improvement?

A: The servers are doing pretty good / okay! I cant see anything needing improvement. Except for maybe as I have heard, some people in the siLeNT server have been getting some lag spikes or such, but it might just be them, or something from the server, but I overall see nothing else wrong, and if i do I just post in the Bunker forums to let anyone know of the situation or if they have seen it or agree.

Q: I know I ask this question of most of my interview subjects but... I'm interested in what you think are the characteristics of Wolfenstein that make it such a unique and rewarding experience for you so many other players?

A: Overall, I think the game is just fun, and really it helps others if or if not they need help on teamwork, or socializing with others about how a match went or how a map is or was etc. I think it benefits for learning, thinking, and using your brain or improving your thinking skills.


Q: Bunker 1 is experimenting and recently switched from the pub to silent mod. Do you think B1 is better now or should it be returned to the pub mod? Why?

A: Well, I don't really have anything to say about either mod, except for I see more SilEnT mod servers lately, but I think both mods are good, and whatever mod is chosen, is okay with me.

Q: Are you surprised at the wide age range of Bunker members? Was it like that on the other servers you've play on?

A: Well, normally I don't ask players their age, I have asked a few, and yes some in their 60s or 50s but it doesn't matter really, as long as you play, have fun, communicate, then its all good! :)

Q: How important to you are stats and ranking among other ET players?

A: It is not REALLY that important, It might be to some SERIOUS players, or people who think they are "good" when really they are trying hard to gain first place somewhere and think they are "King of ET" or something like that, but overall to me, it doesn't really matter, as long as you have fun, it's all that counts!

Q: Do you have a favorite soldier class?

A: I do play Engineer and like to build to help win, sometimes I am unsucessful, sometimes NOT, but I play medic at times, as well as field ops, or engineer. (I have played Covert ops and stole some pants but was told that they didn't look good on me by others killing me to tell me! :P (Just like Sakura tells others about her dress!)

Q: What is your least favorite soldier class?

A: I really do not have a LEAST one, I just play them and just select whatever class is available if one is full.

Q: What are some of your favorite maps? Least favorite?

A: My FAVORITE maps: Goldrush, Marrakesh, Chicken bucket, Steelplant, Tower, Panzerarena (Noobish of me to say, lol!), Railgun.. (Basically most old school maps, but I do NOT like when they get rushed!) My least favorites: I have a few of them, just can't think of the names, THOUGH there are many more and big maps I MAY have to learn, I will get it eventually and see if it will be my most or least favorite!


Q: What is your weapon of choice? Do you ever use other weapons?

A: I use BOTH Thompson and MP40, and yes I have used Mortar, Panzerfaust, and other various weapons.

Q: Do you think the admins that run Bunker are doing a good job?

A: Yes, I would say that they are! I have had no complaints about any of them whatsoever! They are doing a good job keeping Bunker clean, and safe, and a good environment for everyone to play in! I respect the admin's hard work that they are doing for everyone!

Q: Do any of your close friends play ET?

A: Close from Toronto (Nope) but close friends from the states and in Europe that I have kept in touch with: YEP! :)

Q: Have you met any Bunker members face to face?

A: No, but I really do hope to one day!

Q: Do you have any hobbies? What?

A: My hobbies are playing ET, having a few drinks (but carefully), make some puns (funny ways for me to have fun and use my sense of humor!)

Q: What do you do with your spare time... if you have any?

A: Take pictures of some things, spend time with my cats and my mom, and listed above too.

Q: If you could travel anywhere in the world for a ten day vacation... where would it be and why?

A: Well, I HAVE traveled to the Caribbean, and places in the USA (New York City) etc. I have been EAST out of Ontario (Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia) etc. But in April, I will be going to the Bahamas, Florida, and across places in the USA! I would like to visit some places in the North of Canada (Nunavut, Yellowknife etc.) ALSO places in Europe too!


Q: Do you think ET will cease to be or will there be loyal players for many years to come?

A: I am not sure how to respond to that as I heard stuff like "ET is dying" and this and that, but you never know, and as I said, people I met YEARS AND YEARS AGO don't play, I have just had 1 friend that stopped and came back and is on and off. But I am happy to see people still play the game!

Q: Any final words of wisdom to pass along to your fellow players and TBT readers?

A: I would just like to say that I love everyone that is in the Bunker Community, you all are great people. Keep fragging, and I will see you guys on the battlefield! :) Much love to all and hope you guys will continue to have a great 2014 year!

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I didnt see a single thing about putting ice in your beer fugi. I am disappointed.  ;) 

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Great stuff again - Thanks for sharing -

Oh ! FUG!T!V3 likes friendly little cats does he :-)

What type ? Sore, Wet, Hot, Tight, Bald or Free Kitties ?

Just for you my friend http://youtu.be/nJ0UfziNTBE

If your very good ( Read very unlucky ) I will sing it to you on TS :-)

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I didnt see a single thing about putting ice in your beer fugi. I am disappointed.  ;)

GFY - Good For You! :P

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Very nice to meet you Fugitive. Nice job Snoid & Bean!
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Thanks Snoid, Bean and Fug!t!ve.

I also like katter (cats) but have no at this point.

Best thing whit them is that they do there own life, you think you have control but they have :)


About War rule i don´t  think we can talk about.

Yes there been some rules at War but witch country stick to the rules?



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Polish cow tipper

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I didnt see a single thing about putting ice in your beer fugi. I am disappointed.  ;)



I also was waiting for this!  We still love ya Fug!(!)


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Fug!t!v3, I think your story is quite inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

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Good stuff.  I enjoyed reading about the rules of war.  Its definitely an intriguing thing to think about.   Interesting that medics were not to be shot at.  Can you imagine in ET?   LOL


Fugitive, nice to learn more about you.   As long as there are still people like you around, ET isn't going to die anytime soon IMO.  

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Good stuff. I enjoyed reading about the rules of war. Its definitely an intriguing thing to think about. Interesting that medics were not to be shot at. Can you imagine in ET? LOL

Yeah, it's one of those aspects of the game where realism or historical accuracy is sacrificed, willingly, for increased playability and entertainment. It's the balance between those two poles that makes games like ET great.
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