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hi everyone my name is bomber iam gonna try to post my config if anyone can help me with a team selector binds allies axis and spec and also can help me find out y it says things like oops wundabar wenever I use my mouse 5 and 4 wich have my primary and sec weapon plz help

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Hi :)

Im not sure i can help much. 

Im using currently just this cmd for go spect

bind PGUP "team s"


Also got this in cfg ( as u see, this are  // - so not active)

//bind INS "team b 2 8 37;echo ^0> ^tALLIES engi^0/^7Thompson"

//bind INS "team r 2 3 38;echo ^0> ^qAXIS engi^0/^7MP40"
//bind DEL "team r 4 10 38;echo ^0> ^qAXIS Covert^0/^7MP34"

Double "insert" ..indeed. Its related to ADER10's made ctrl+ cfg . I can use same buttons twice, by pressing ctrl or not.

Some reason i prefer using old-school "L" and select team.. no hurry anymore , or so :D

But this cmd-s may give direction.. maybe.  nr's : 2, 3, 38  means class and weapon . Google helps, i dont remeber anymore :/



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NO offense bomber, but where did you get this config?  Its kind of a mess IMO, it also seems to bind default things to default buttons, which I suppose is okay if people want them in different places.  But it makes it kind of hard to read and contains so many unnecessary things IMO.


Are there any other configs or .cfg files or anything in your etmain folder that may be overridding this?  I see references to allies.cfg and axis.cfg in here.  Those must exist or who knows what's going to happen with your team toggling.  Also, I'm no expert in configs, but I don't even see where those commands are bound to a key.  You've got this:

set menu "echo ^0>^9 G1^0: ^0ALLIES/AXIS ^9| ^9^9: ^0CLASS; echo ^9>^9 G2^0: ^9WEAPON ^0| ^9G3^0: ^9SPECTATOR" 
set teamb "set teamtoggle vstr teamr;exec allies.cfg;echo ^9> ^9********** ^9ALLIES ^9**********;vstr menu" 
set teamr "set teamtoggle vstr teamb;exec axis.cfg;echo ^0> ^0*********** ^0AXIS ^0***********;vstr menu" 
set teamtoggle "vstr teamb" 

Do allies.cfg and axis.cfg exist?  Also, where is teamtoggle bound to a key?  (or is this a special value, I honestly don't know).



This may be a dumb question, but did you actually exec this config?   Simply having it doesn't do it, I've found that with autoexec.cfg as well (maybe?).   Bring down console, and type 'exec bomber.cfg' to ensure these actually take effect.  

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I think Beck is spot on, exec bomber.cfg.  Also make sure it is in your etmain folder.



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you cant just put a cfg in your folder and bam it works.lol


you have to first write cfg. then you have to execute cfg.



your cfg is junk start over sorry bomber.











double space



a cfg?






no sense



plus put each category of the cfg in order


your video settings are all over..



could you explain how you came about with  this cfg.?


was it a auto cfg maker .. or did some one give it to you to mess  with,


our is this suposed to be the original one et wrote for you..


a simple 3 mins can fixs  a auto written cfg. thats all i do.. ihavent  executed a custom cfg in long time. your  cfg you already have.

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