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Having Problems Connecting to B4 :-(

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When I try & connect to B4 it comes up with the message "Hunk_Allocate Temp Memory:failed on 1764040"

& then goes on to suggest I alter the memory in the etconfig.cfg at etmain & nq profile - folder ?!


Now when this sorta thing has happened to me before - I have just deleted some Old disused & surplus Map Pks outta the etmain Folder

& I've been good to go again - But this time - No Joy - The Joy was killed :-)


Two points of interest - I can connect to B1 - no problems !

                                   - When the message is flagged up on the ET main screen - It has a ( GOC ) headed banner trying to redirect me to

                                     their servers - Heaven forbid !

Any ideas Guys & Girls - I'm a proper Luddite who will need some very simple Instructions for this :-(

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Hmm yes, many people had problems like this yesterday Killjoy :(

There were some new halloween skin installed, but I dont know if that was the cause of the problems.

From your error message it sounds like you should take a look at the >>seta com_hunkmegs "X"<< line in your etconfig file. Mine is set to 128 and I could connect and reconnect without problems. Make sure you edit the setting in the config file in both the etmain and the NQ folder. Setting it higher (to 160 or 512) would probably also be nice. But if I connect with "56" I get the same error as you.

If this works, let hope the other ones with this problem reads this. Otherwise we might just have to ask mr. o-0 to remove this haloween fun. It would be a shame, cuz it was pretty cool, but 8 vs 8 (which I believe would be the numbers if I included the people connecting/disconnecting in my count) could also be fun :P

And thanks for the error message ! When i'm in the game and see people connecting/disconnecting I always wonder WTF is happening ;)