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Bunker Improvements


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i said almost due to the range of factors ^^



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what is multi - clanning ?


....read all the posts... ok solved I guess...


I still play and ET only if I play so I am dedicated to the game.  I never understood why Bunker servers has gone so empty and probably there is no quick restore. For sure people still play the game. I Think best way to get it going is that we whom still play actually do it on our servers. So from now I will hang around B2 when ever there is time over....lurking in the dark for pray.  



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well sense we only know what we want right ..


 and we dont play at our servers right..   so im guessing we dont get what we want right.????


as  a et player the only solution left  as a admin who wants a populated server.. is   ding ding ding go to places that are populated and  see what the et population is in love with an   bing binbing  give it too em......




!  make it fun ..



i like  fun .. we all do   how we get there is our own way... no one elses..



i really like a challange in et skilled side .. and i have always got that here.. so that is simple.... im a shoe in.



  an in bunker we  our group has never liked playing the style of et we all must adjust to now to keep it fun and alive.


now u can arty panzer and  ram ass  at any spawn on any map in just about every server..


learn it do it welcome it or ur screwed.


its not about maps ... maps over all on b1 are pretty well ran...


its that we dont play on the server ... bottom line. its not the server   we all need to  just play together.. thats all  as far as the servers go they are ran just fine......



we  here at  bunker are not organized in any fashion   sure theres a few lords with the power of the oh no . but  no organized groups.   


maybe we need to break down in to smaller groups and get organized.


if ur not playing et or  anytime soon   ur  not gonna help unless u have the skills to organize us into a group.


anyone can make a forums get people to post and say there this or that..


one time when i joined there was  some structure  and organziation to this place.


there is none now... this is the  only issue i have had with my expierence. in bunker.




we have now been typing  in here for almost 2 yrs and nothing has been done.. becuz a dont like b c plays with  with b  , b know f who hangs , with l who worships p.. bla bla ..


lets go ring some ass at our server .. or not thats ur call but if  u want to see bunker u must play there. play  at  the server....an if u dont like me all the more reason to come kick my ass on b1 .. thats right come get some.lolololol



who gives a rip what tag u wear ..


u play et i like u  why cuz u play et .. and i get to shoot u..


! play on the server....lol



we must   invite  others to join. 


play on there servers and be friendly ull get ur chance to shine an they will come check us out.. in b town.



have parties 1 a month   with other clans  or communities.. spread the et joy and  leave the drama for ur mama ..


that is  some funny ass shit comeing from me .. i like u all in ur own et fun...



organize form times to play show up pplay   to get more people you will also have to set times to play together on other servers.. to get ur name out..


 be nice   have fun.. it is ever so hard some times   but we must..

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