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Operation Tower Night

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File Name: Operation Tower Night

File Submitter: old-owl

File Submitted: 08 Feb 2018

File Category: Maps

Allied : You have to search the secret technical manuals and transmit them through the axis radio placed in the bunker

Axis : Stop the allies from stealing and transmitting the manuals

:allies: Allied objectives

1 Primary Objective: Destroy the tower gate.
2 Primary Objective: Destroy the tunnel gate.
3 Primary Objective: Contruct the assault ladder.
4 Primary Objective: Reach the top of the water tower and steal the secret manuals.
5 Primary Objective: Transmit the secret manuals through the bunker radio.
6 Secondary Objective: Construct the command post
7 Secondary Objective: Capture the advanced spawn flag
8 Secondary Objective: Contruct the assault ramp to gain a secondary way to the objective

:axis: Axis objectives

1 Primary Objective: Don't let allies to breach the gate.
2 Primary Objective: Dont let allies to destroy the tunnel gate..
3 Primary Objective: Allies want try to construct the assault ladder. Stop them.
4 Primary Objective: Stop the allies from stealing the secret manuals.
5 Primary Objective: Dont let allies transmit the manuals through the bunker radio.
6 Secondary Objective: Construct the command post
7 Secondary Objective: Capture the advanced spawn flag
8 Secondary Objective: Prevent allies to contruct assault ramp



From the map Operation Tower beta 6a

New map name : Operation Tower Night

Changes :

- Adjusted bug in the garden fences, where bulles pass only in one direction, now bullets
pass through fences in both directions.

- New sky (Thanks Avoc)

- Removed the grass on the terrrain to improve the FPS (Lot of players asked me that)

- Added windows in the tower, cool for snipers and other uses.
Water around tower is less high, almost impossible for allies to jump down without crush.
Added a new door (axis only) in the wall back to the tower.
(Enogma suggestions)

- Added a building and few details
(Wutangh suggestion)

- Fixed some lights around

- Thanks to Lammert for his nice command map

- Added columns in the tunnel underground, good to hide and escape.

- Thanks to all members of Dark Alchemy for the help in searching bugs and giving advices.



My first map.

Alpha trees by Rayban
Sky shader by Amethyst7
Alpha shaders by Sock's terrain-tutorial-map
2Bit Tutorials
Ktrees by Kic

Thanks to Arnowar, UJE Niek, UJE C for their patience and helping,
Alchemy members + players for testing and finding the bugs,
to ID software, Splashdamage, Splatterladder,
Stinkybeaver for it's artwork "Lil' House on Hill",
everyone that helped in some ways.


Last fixes:

Fixed missing textures. Thanks to Berzerkr (GER) for the feedback.

Fixed the allied spawn bug.
Added a double axis door to the Tower gate.
Added a constructible wooden barricade to the wall breach near flag.
New underground tunnel.
New water shader, clear and shiny.
Reduced the tunnel entrance from the tunnel gate to avoid players to fall down and die.
New trees planted, new furnitures in axis spawn.



New trees from Kic models
New spawns script, flag is owned by allies due to objective success.
A roof protect the flag spawn from the artillery.
Better textures for some buildings.
Command post moved to a better location.
Small door near tower tunnel is neutral and not axis anymore.
Few cosmetics details improved.


Click here to download this file