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FG Warzone Final

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File Name: FG Warzone Final

File Submitter: Marko

File Submitted: 22 Feb 2018

File Category: Maps



- Destroy the Sewer Exit Gate
- Rob 3 gun parts and take them to the gun
- Build the gun, rob the ammo crate and fire the gun
- Destroy the Power Generator to release the Basement blast gate
- Rob the Armory Keycard and open the Armory door
- Take all explosives to the rocket bomb
- Destroy the rocket !!!!


- Protect the Sewer Exit gate to crush the invaders
- Defend the gun parts
- Don't let axis build the gun, load it and fire
- Defend the Power Generator that seals the Basement Gate Magnetic Field
- Don't let axis rob the armory keycard
- Defend the rocket. Don't let the explosive charges get close to it
- Don't let axis blow the rocket

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