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Ubuntu 18.10 will be called Cosmic Cuttlefish


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Canonical quietly announced the name of its upcoming version of Ubuntu 18.10. It was already known that the first part of the alliteration was Cosmic, and now we know the full title will be Cosmic Cuttlefish, according to a blog post from none other than Mark Shuttleworth himself:

“With our castor Castor now out for all to enjoy, and the Twitterverse delighted with the new minimal desktop and smooth snap integration, it’s time to turn our attention to the road ahead to 20.04 LTS, and I’m delighted to say that we’ll kick off that journey with the Cosmic Cuttlefish, soon to be known as Ubuntu 18.10.”

With Ubuntu 18.04 LTS out of the way for the development teams, Ubuntu 18.10 marks the beginning of the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Shuttleworth also outlined that he wants the next cycle to heavily focus on improving the security situation, which is probably a good goal in a world which is seeing growing cyber attacks, with Linux having seen triple the number of malware threats in the last few years.

Shuttleworth also mentioned:

“If I had one big thing that I could feel great about doing, systematically, for everyone who uses Ubuntu, it would be improving their confidence in the security of their systems and their data. It’s one of the very few truly unifying themes that crosses every use case.

But security is the one thing that every community wants – and it’s something that, on reflection, we can raise the bar even higher on.”

It’s way too early to guess at what features may land in Ubuntu 18.10 which is due for release in October, however, quite a few inter-LTS releases have been known to be quite lacklustre and this could shape up to be another of those releases. If the cycle is going to be oriented towards security, the entire cycle may actually be quite uneventful with the majority of changes taking place under the hood, but only time will tell.

Ubuntu 18.10 won’t have a huge number of new features.


1. GNOME 3.30

GNOME 3.30 will be released in September’18. This makes it an ideal candidate for Ubuntu 18.10 release. Most of the visual and under the hood changes in GNOME 3.30 will be seen in Ubuntu 18.10 as well.


2. New default theme

Ubuntu 18.04 was supposed to have a new look with the community developed Communitheme. This theme could not be completed in time for the 18.04 release. Now my guess is that Ubuntu 18.10 will have the Communitheme installed by default, giving it a ravishing fresh look.


3. Linux Kernel 5.0

This is another prediction. Linux Kernel 5.0 will be released in a few months. Ubuntu 18.10 should have the new Kernel 5.0.


4. 32-Bit support diminishing from flavors

The default Ubuntu GNOME has stopped providing 32-bit ISO since Ubuntu 17.10 release. Some other Ubuntu flavors like Ubuntu MATE, Kubuntu etc still provide 32-bit iso download.

But it seems to be changing now. Ubuntu MATE has announced that there will be no 32-bit image for Ubuntu MATE 18.10. Ubuntu Budgie has also announced that it is dropping 32-bit release. Existing 32-bit users will still get support though.


5. Faster boot with new compression algorithms

Working with new compression algorithms like LZ4 and ztsd, Ubuntu 18.10 is supposed to have around 10% faster boot. Which is definitely a good news for all Ubuntu users.

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