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Rainbow Six Siege Operation Para Bellum has holograms, laser turrets, and more

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Ubisoft is readying to launch Rainbow Six Siege's second major update of the year, Operation Para Bellum, and today, the studio fully unveiled the two new operators, the map, as well as the other changes that will arrive with it.

The previous operation, Chimera, brought along two operators for the attacking side, and this time the roster is being balanced by the introduction of two defenders from the Italian Gruppo di Intervento Speciale (GIS): Maestro and Alibi.

Maestro comes equipped with a bullet-proof laser turret that can be mounted on surfaces, which he can then remotely control and rain down low-powered lasers fire upon enemies. Meanwhile, Alibi brings along deployable hologram devices that display fake versions of her, and any enemy that mistakenly shoots one gets their position revealed on the map.

Quirks, uses, and counters of both these operators as well as some gameplay of the new Villa map that is set in the Italian countryside, can be seen in the video above. To those who don't want to slug through multiple matches to finally play a round on the new map, Ubisoft is also introducing a new playlist that will only have Villa on rotation. This playlist will be available for four weeks following the operation's release.

In addition to a new pick and ban system for players to try out in custom games, the following features and changes will also be a part of the update:

Deployable Bullet Proof Cameras
New Counter Defuser Animation
Dropshotting Adjustments
Weapon Sight Misalignment Adjustments
New Observation Tool Management
Operator Speed Adjustments
Echo Buff
Clubhouse Map Buff

Operation Para Bellum does not have a definite release date just yet, but it will be available in Rainbow Six Siege's PC test servers starting May 22. The full changelog will also arrive alongside it.