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Quake Champions opens its doors to everyone, goes fully free-to-play

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After a long testing period which began last year, id Software's Quake Champions has finally gone completely free-to-play. The transition has been in the cards since the beginning, with the arena shooter even being temporarily free to claim during E3, but now, everyone can join in.

The game still offers the Champions Pack upgrade for those wanting to unlock all the available playable characters (named Champions) immediately but they are also unlockable by just playing the game. Although the latter method may take a while.

In addition to an array of new characters as well as those from previous Quake games, the new entry also features some faces from other games published by Bethesda, such as B.J. Blazkowicz from Wolfenstein.

Those interested in jumping into the fast-paced world of Quake Champions can do so via Steam and the Bethesda.net launcher for free. Also, the aforementioned Champions Pack is currently discounted by 34% on both services, dropping the price from $29.99 to $19.79, in celebration of QuakeCon.