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Doom (5) Eternal

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At the current QuakeCon, alot of material for the upcoming Doom Eternal has been shown.



- It will basically play on something that used to be our earth, but also Phobos, hell and some unknown places.

- For those interested in investigating, there will be a lot of background stories - they are about to create a whole doom universe (I hope for some thrilling stories about the ancients that populated mars milennia ago).

- It sounds like Dark Souls 3: You can play co-op, you can invade another player's campaign and group up with demons.

- It sounds like Prototype: "Most powerful character" they "ever created". With a flamethrower hardly mounted to your shoulder, melee weapons attached to your guns and parcour-/ET-/Prototype-like movement (doublejump, swinging around pipes, shooting ropes into demons and dragging yourself up to them), you simply slay throughdecaying worlds populated with demons.