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Shadow Warrior 2 is now free to claim on GOG, beats Firewatch and Superhot

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Earlier this week, the GOG store began its celebrations for crossing the impressive 10 years of service milestone, refreshing its look, beginning a storewide sale, and even giving a history lesson about the company. What it also kicked off was a vote that decided what game would be given away for free today, and that has finally come to a close, deciding the winner to be Shadow Warrior 2.

To take the top spot, Shadow Warrior 2. had to beat out Firewatch and Superhot, two massively popular titles on their own, but it seems people wanted to get their hands on the co-op shooter just a bit more this time.

The winning first-person title has the franchise's lovable mercenary ninja Lo Wang returning after what transpired in the 2013 reboot, and this time he can bring along three ninja friends to help him in his new adventures. The hectic guns and blades fighting system is back as well, letting players decimate demons however they choose while doing plenty of acrobatic and deadly maneuvers.

Shadow Warrior 2 would normally cost $39.99 on the DRM-free storefront, but right now it can be claimed for free just by creating a GOG account and heading here. The promotion will run for 48 hours straight. Note that the co-op multiplayer activities are only accessible via GOG's Galaxy client. Be prepared for some slow loading of the website, however, there will be plenty of people lining up.