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Hey guys!

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Hey all you beautiful people. How has everyone been doing? I hope you all are doing well and living life. Sending love and positive vibes!
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Hi you beautiful person! Hope your fine, how are you?


I am slowly losing weight - due to needing to do this to help my diabetes. I could do with losing at least 2 stones in weight. Feeling tired, but coping.


I lost most of my hearing a few days ago for 2 days! I have no hearing in my left ear (maybe from birth), and my right ear lost most of its hearing for 2 days. It's not wax,as, this happened on a number of occasions over the months - and most of the hearing in my right ear comes back. I should see a specialist about this sometime in the near future - see if something can be done about the problem..


I see my relatives once every 4 or 5 weeks and enjoy. Christmas is soon to happen, so looking forwards to that.


All the best.

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the sexiest voice in et .. hope life is blessing u as well sweetie ..


defender i miss u buddy hope  u get better.

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