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You can now watch YouTube on the Nintendo Switch


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Last week, we heard that YouTube would be coming to the Nintendo Switch on November 8, which would make it the second media app to make its way to the hybrid after Hulu launched its app last year. Well, the day is here, and sure enough, the YouTube app is now available for download on the eShop.

The app has some limitations, however. You can't actually navigate the interface with touch interactions because, while tapping an item to select it works, you can't swipe to navigate the list of videos, so you'll need to use the controller buttons to make your way around the app. This makes some sense since the console also connects to the TV and the touchscreen wouldn't be usable in that scenario either way.

The release should be good news for many owners of the hybrid, especially those who don't have a smart TV just yet or want an easy way to move between the small and big screens. Hopefully, other services, such as Netflix, also make their way to the Nintendo Switch sooner rather than later.

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