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Happy Thanksgiving to you my |>B<|unker Fam!

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Happy Thanksgiving to you my wonderful Bunker family! I am thankful for each and every one of you! Sending you all lots of love!



    Postin Ain't Easy

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in what moment this account will be deleted ?

And created new, with all new "each and  every one of us"  ;)

Soon, i bet :D


But indeed, humans dont count.

At table u sure thank god for food, Not ur mom, who shopped and made it .

there is no written proof about mom (only some seen) , but there is a bible .


I very much do not like ppl with this figured out friend . How dumb u must be in our time for this story ?

Its ok, if they believe this nonsense him/herself, but if u take time to write and convince me bout that- u get exactly what u deserve .


Love sees no colour , u96