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PUBG brings back the Huntsmen and Marksmen event to Xbox with new rules

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The Huntsmen and Marksmen Xbox event mode for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) started late last week until over the weekend as a variation on War Mode, which was initially announced for the Xbox One at Microsoft's E3 conference in June. Now, the popular video game is running the same event mode again, but this time with new changes and rules.

PUBG's developer announced in a forum post today that the new Huntsmen and Marksmen event will be generally similar to the last event, except for the following changes:

Increased max match time and max points
Care package drop time has been increased, but frequency remains the same to retain the importance of care packages
Decreased revival time (when knocked down) and increased the default HP when revived - Don’t wait for your teammate to respawn, save them when they are knocked down instead!

The event's rules include:

The mode is limited to 30 maximum players (3 teams of 10 players)
Vehicles do not spawn
Red zones are disabled
Weather is set to “Overcast”
Friendly fire is disabled
When revived, players will have 85 HP (Was 50)

More event details can be found on the developer's forum post. It will run from November 22 at 7 pm PST (or November 23 at 4 am CET) until November 25 at 7 pm PST (or November 26 at 4 am CET).

Already one of the popular video games on Xbox since arriving on that console in September, PUBG is expected to further grow its player base with its recent addition to Xbox Game Pass.



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Since i have issues with back , i started to play pubg - well, u can lay down, use headphones  and play.


Its nothing like  ET . If to compare, its actually sht :)


But since its not so easy to control  via phone ( console- alike  controls) , it is interesting and challenge.

I use my own name for sure.  Just it has "  ' " before - some f*** already uses blank ququ  :)

Add friend or as u like  .. add as enemy  ;)


If u have any decent hardware andrioid, u can run it.   Maybe we meet one day there  :)


But i hope i can sit more then 30 min without issues soon  . I miss very much to play in B4 with my ppl :/  

There is nothing to replace Et so far  :D: D 

U are in the best place it can be