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Ubisoft is giving away a free Rainbow Six Siege operator to all players

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Rainbow Six Siege players have a gift waiting for them in-game from today until the new year, as Ubisoft has decided to celebrate the holidays by giving away a free operator to everyone.

Siege players across all versions and platforms can log into the game right now to find a special Holiday Pack in their Alpha Packs section. Opening it will unlock a single random operator that hasn't been acquired yet by the player, which can even include one of the brand new operators that just arrived as a part of Operation Wind Bastion.

Those who already own all 44 operators aren't left out either. The special pack will give these players 25 thousand renown instead, the exact amount they would have needed to unlock a new character. Note that the renown bonus seems to be bugged at the time of writing, but the studio is looking into the issue.

The holiday promotion will be available until January 1, so any interested Rainbow Six Siege players should try to log in and grab their free operator or the renown before then.