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GRIP: Combat Racing gets a major bug-fixing update


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GRIP: Combat Racing is getting a significant update on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Titled Big Ass Update, this new patch introduces a huge list of bug fixes and gameplay improvements that serves as a preparation for new content that will be added in the coming weeks and months.

The Big Ass Update is arriving first on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch version should be close behind. The changelog is massive and it features over 100 bug fixes and improvements to just about every aspect of the game, including multiplayer, AI, vehicles, achievements, language, and much more, we noted some bugs in the game's menus, so this array of fixes will undoubtedly be welcome.

Among the highlights for this patch are an overhauled multiplayer lobby, more competitive driving by AI bots, fixes for bugs that prevented players from customizing their vehicle in split-screen multiplayer, improved guidance for the missile weapons, which often hit the floor or a wall after being launched, and much more. Here's the list of the most significant changes:

Lobby overhauled with new simplified voting mechanics and count down timer
Catch-up assistance has been rebalanced and can be toggled during the game’s campaign
AI bots now drive more competitively even when catch-up assistance is turned off
AI bot vehicles are now selected to be comparable to the player’s vehicle
Bug fix for AI bot catch-up in MP games
Resolved issue when displaying split-screen results
"View to a kill" battle arena is now rebalanced and redesigned
"Magmatic Core" battle arena now has speed-pads and has been redesigned to prevent insta-death
Improvements to various tracks’ collisions and performance
Fixed issues around vehicle customisation
Improved stability for split-screen tournaments
Fixed bug preventing players 3 and 4 selecting vehicles in split-screen
Resolved issue where achievements were incorrectly unlocked when spectating a MP game
Improved calculations for leaderboard statistics
Improved how the player’s overall average speed and position are calculated
Electrical sounds volume is now set correctly
Improved missile targeting when the target is maneuvering hard
Improved missile guidance – missiles now avoid the floor much more often when launching
Vehicles are now allocated correctly to human players in split-screen events or tournaments

As mentioned above, there are over 100 fixes in this release, and if you want to check out the full detailed list, you can head to this blog post. There's no new content, but the team promises that it will arrive with future updates, including new vehicles, tracks, team modes for multiplayer, and even some unannounced new content.

If you haven't tried the game yet, it's currently on sale on Steam if you'd rather play on PC, and can be had for $22.95 until February 4. If you want one of the console versions, it will cost you $39.99 on either the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch. If you're on Microsoft's console, the game is also part of Xbox Game Pass, so you can have it at no additional charge if you have a subscription.



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