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Nvidia 419.35 WHQL driver optimizes Apex Legends, Devil May Cry 5, and The Division 2


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Nvidia today released the GeForce Game Ready WHQL-certified 419.35 drivers, bringing optimizations for the 50-million-strong Apex Legends, Devil May Cry 5, which is releasing in three days, and Tom Clancy's The Division 2, which is due for a release on March 15. This driver also brings three more monitors under the G-Sync Compatible umbrella.

There's also added support for CUDA 10.1 and an update to version 8.1.951.0 of the NVIDIA Control Panel bundled with this update.

A few major issues have been fixed with this update, some of which have been around for a while, including one that caused the 'NvDisplay.Container.exe' process to have a consistently high CPU usage. Here's everything that's fixed:

[G-SYNC]: With a G-SYNC and G-SYNC Compatible display connected in clone mode, flashing occurs on games played on the G-SYNC display with G-SYNC enabled. [200482157]
[Apex Legends]: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG error message may appear and then the game crashes.[2503360]
[Hitman 2]: Pixelated corruption appears in the game. [2504274]
[Batman: Arkham Origins]: PhysX fog renders incorrectly [2451459]
[GeForce RTX 2080][PhysX][Assassin’s Creed 4 - Black Flag]: Smoke dispersal appears accelerated. [2498928]
Microsoft.Photos.exe randomly crashes. [200496899]
NVDisplay.Container.exe causes high CPU usage. [200496099]

There are, as always, a bunch of known issues as well, some of which come with notes and workarounds that we have highlighted:

Windows 10 Issues

[SLI][HDR][Tom Clancy's The division II]: The game screen becomes unresponsive or goes blank when in-game HDR options are toggled. [200496967]
[HDR][Far Cry:New Dawn DirectX 11]: Desktop brightness and color gets overexposed with ALT + TAB when Windows HDR is disabled and in-game HDR is enabled. [200495279]
Workaround: Enable both the Windows HDR and the in-game HDR.
[ARK Survival]: Multiple errors and then blue-screen crash may occur when playing the game. [2453173]
[Shadow of the Tomb Raider][Ansel]: Invoking Ansel in the game causes the game to slow down or crash. [2507125]
[Turing][Star Citizen]: The game flickers and then crashes to the desktop. [2518104]
[Firefox]: Cursor shows brief corruption when hovering on certain links in Firefox. [2107201]
Random desktop flicker occurs on some multi-display PCs [2453059]

Additional Issues

2523309-Apex Legends: Screen gets corrupted when switching from windowed mode to full screen mode when Windows HDR is enabled
Note: Will be Fixed in next driver.
2449346-The Witcher 3 will BSOD with Bad Pool error randomly during gameplay
200494429-Metro Exodus: Random game crashing in DX12 mode
2512505-Metro Exodus colors look over saturated and blown out when DLSS is used together with HDR

These are the three monitors that are now certified as G-Sync Compatible, with the complete list available here:

Acer ED273 A
Acer XF250Q

Additionally, these drivers bring new or updated 3D Vision profiles for these titles:

Devil May Cry 5 - Not Recommended
Total War: Three Kingdoms - Fair

The 419.35 WHQL-certified drivers can be downloaded via the GeForce Experience app on Windows or via the links down below. The complete release notes are available here.

Desktop GPUs:
Download: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 | Windows 10 – Standard / DCH

Notebook GPUs:
Download: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 | Windows 10 - Standard / DCH

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