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Civilization VI gets cross-platform cloud saves across Steam and Nintendo Switch

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In a surprise announcement, Firaxis Games revealed today that its popular 4X turn-based title Civilization VI now supports cross-platform cloud saves across Steam and Nintendo Switch platforms. For now, at least, the iOS version isn't part of the new cross-platform festivities.

There are a couple of requirements, however, one being that this capability is only available for those playing the base game, so PC players with Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm expansions will have to disable the addons to get access to the feature. Moreover, players will need to link their 2K account across both platforms.

Following today's game update on both Steam and Switch, creating a new save file in a single-player Civilization VI round now gives players the option to make it a "Multiplatform Cloud" save. Once a multiplatform save is successfully synced to the cloud through a 2K account, it can then be accessed on either of the platforms to continue on from where the user left off.

Civilization VI players keen on using this feature will need to be on version or newer on the PC side, while the Switch version needs to be 1.0.3 or newer. The version number can be found on the bottom left of the main menu after launching the game.